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Windows Screen Capture Tool is a free screen capturing tool designed to work on the Windows operating system. With Windows Screen Capture Tool, you can capture full screen, selected screen area, windows, webpages and more. In addition to this you can also add watermarks to your captured screenshot or edit the image using its basic image editor. Windows Screen Capture Tool The tool has a Modern or Metro UI with the main menu being into panes.

On the left is the Options pane and on the right is the Preview and Status pane. In the Options pane you have the image capture settings offered in the form of Tiles. One you capture the image, the captured content can be previewed. You can also come to know if your clipboard holds an image or not. The program comes with some unique feature such as the option to add cursors or not. You can capture screenshots either ways, including the mouse cursor or excluding the cursor.

An icon is placed in the system tray or the notification area to give the user easy access to its options. There are pre-defined keyboard shortcut keys which allow you to perform actions with ease. You can always change them to your requirements from the Options menu. Full Screen Capture The program can easily capture your computer screen as an image, whatever your screen resolution is. The program doesn’t include itself in the screen capture.

You can capture full screen from the notification icon or you can use shortcut ‘Alt + F’ when the program window is active. Area Capture When you click on this option, a new translucent window appears. You can drag and resize this window to select the desired area to capture. Once you are done, click on the capture button and you will be returned back to the main window, with the selected area as captured in the preview pane.

The shortcut for this option is ‘Alt + A’. Window Capture Once this option is clicked, a new list appears which has all the active windows, you may select the desired window and click on the capture button. The window will be captured to the Preview pane! To use this feature you can also use the keyboard shortcut, ‘Alt + W’. Webpage Capture Capturing webpage snips and the joining them is a difficult task.

With this feature in our program you can capture a complete webpage/website. You can choose the desired dimension or you can also go for full scrolling capture. The shortcut for this option, ‘Alt + I’. Watermarks Easily give copyrights to your images by adding custom text watermarks to the Image. You can customize the text font, size and color. There are two pre default locations available, that are Top and Bottom and you can also go for custom location by entering the location of the point.

Its shortcut: ‘Alt + C’. Image Editor The freeware includes a basic Image Editor that lets you add some simple effects and rotate/flip the captured screenshots. You can rotate the images either ways Left or Right and you can also flip the image horizontally or vertically. You can also sharpen/diffuse/smoothen your image. The changes you make to your image can be undone by clicking on the Undo button.

The keyboard shortcut for the Image Editor is ‘Alt + E’. Windows Screen Capture Tool v1.0, yet another freeware from the TWC stables, has been developed by TWC Author, Lavish Thakkar. The application has been coded in .NET and requires .NET Framework 4.0 installed. This freeware tool is available as a setup or as a portable tool and has been tested on Windows 8 and Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit, but may work on other Windows versions too.

If you wish, you may download the stand-alone portable version by clicking here. If you wish to remove this tool, then if you have installed this freeware using the Setup, you can uninstall it via the Control panel. If you downloaded the Portable version, then you have to just delete the Program folder. This is the version 1.0 and we would love to introduce more features in the next versions too.

If you wish to give feedback, please use the comments sections and its developer Lavish will happy to talk to you.

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Microsoft’s latest Office tool will be a blessing if your work involves taking screenshots regularly. Microsoft Snip is a drool worthy tool for Windows 10 users like myself for whom taking screenshot is part and parcel of the work. Windows does include the Snipping Tool but  Microsoft Snip is an improved and a more powerful screen capture tool. Microsoft Snip Screen Capture Tool Once you download and install Snip, you will see that it is always present on the screen thus letting users create a capture almost instantly.

  One can access Snip, using the hover menu which will be present at the topmost center of the screen. The main menu is divided into three primary functions – Capture, Whiteboard and Camera. The plain captures are copied to clipboard and if you add audio to the file, then it will automatically be converted to a MP4 file. The converted file can be embedded on websites and can also be viewed as a standalone video from Microsoft’s servers.

We took Microsoft Snip for a spin and listed below are some of the interesting features it offers. The Capture button can be used to capture screen shots by either cropping the desirable section or by capturing the entire screen by pressing enter. Once the screenshot is captured, Snip navigates to the Snip Editor, which consists of several tools to make your screenshot better and more intuitive. The Record button will not just record the annotations and the other actions you carry out on the screenshot but it can also record your voice allowing us to explain better.

The screen is saved locally by default and it can also be shared through email. Whiteboard is more like an extended paint tool and it will let you scribble your thoughts and simultaneously explain them through voice recording. Last but not the least is the Camera capture button, which simply switches on your webcam and allows you to take a picture of yourself. We have to note that editing options are same for Capture, Whiteboard and Camera.

The new Snip tool is doubtlessly more intuitive and is packed with powerful features, which elevates it to a level above as opposed to the usual run of the mill screenshot tool. That being said we would have loved an option to record the screen, in-built in to the Snip, something similar to how Camtasia functions. Microsoft Snip is still in beta but make no mistake, it is not just any ordinary screenshot tool.

Go get it here.

Wilma Lawrence

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