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ASUS TOUCHPAD ISSUES SOLVEDTHE PROBLEM- Jumpy mouse, poor interface, and iffy scroll, especially when typing... Intermittent Freezing and sometimes TOTAL loss of touchpad functionality.THE CAUSE- Poor shielding on the underside of the touchpad, making it way more sensitive to outside interference, and static interference from within when pressure is applied.THE FIX- I opened my laptop, removed the flimsy metal shielding from the underside of the touchpad, covered the entire touchpad area with electrical tape (cleanly done, of course), put the shielding back in place and then cover that with electrical tape as well.

There is plenty of room, and there is no bulging after reassembly.THE RESULT- I have complete responsiveness, functional palmcheck, no jumpy mouse, put a couple drops of water on my touch pad and ran my finger around (still works!), and I simply cannot recreate the pressure related touchpad problem. **(Removing the metal shield may or may not apply to you depending on the type of laptop and model.

.. I have Asus Q500A, and it has no metal shield, I simply taped up the entire backside of touchpad only leaving the Connector visible. I then taped the metal bar that controls the left and right click... then I re-set the METAL strip of tape that bridges the touchpad to the laptop, Once set... I placed some tape over the METAL strip as well. I even went as far to tape some of the connection ribbons inside before closing it all up.


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The first intent of contemporary laptop display screen savers is amusement and occasionally even, stability. Even so, they were to begin with created to avert phosphor burn-in on plasma laptop screens as well as CRT equipment. Screen savers served to stop these damaging effects by mechanically altering the pictures when the computer was not being used.

Let me explain to you of the brain maximizing method I had stumbled on immediately after loading a really huge range of visuals into My Pictures file, which was routinely hooked, possibly like your personal computer established up, to my screen saver plan. Just after sitting and watching it one day, I pointed out the way it spurred on my mind and enhanced my spatial reasoning before building classes. It definitely served and i was amazed.

Thanks GrampaJohn. I will try this on my new Cambio that is 1 month old and having the same non-working power button problem too. I will post if it fixes the problem after I know more. I also wanted to note that I did NOT select the fast start-up as an option...it must be a factory default setting, but it was "checked" when I went to my power settings, so I un-checked it and hope this fixes it.One other item I noted when I was checking out the power settings is: there are default settings for what pressing the power button accomplishes (there is a separate setting for power button response in battery-mode versus plugged-in mode).

For some reason, the default setting for both these were "hibernate", which supports your theory that the computer is hibernating instead of powering down. The only issue, in my case, is I don't turn off my computer using the power button, I use the windows menu to shut-down my computer, but the result appears to be the same, meaning the computer appears to turn off (even though it might only be hibernating, as it turns out), then the power button doesn't work next time I try to power on.

So I changed those default settings to "turn off the computer" when the power button is pressed (whether I am on battery or plugged in) instead of having the power button "hibernate" the computer.Anyone else having this problem might try these fixes too.

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