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Rapid Drug Screen (RDS) is a test for the simultaneous detection of 2-10 drugs of abuse in a urine specimen. The RDS drug test kit includes a clear plastic collection cup with temperature strip, a slotted lid, a standard lid, and a test card. Simply insert the drug test card into the slotted lid, and watch the test results develop through the clear cup. The RDS system is completely self-contained, and results are obtained in 3-5 minutes.

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An on-site drug screen that's inexpensive and easy to use. Volume pricing available. Test for up to 13 drugs simultaneously. Multiple configurations to fit your exact needs. Drug screening results in minutes with proven laboratory accuracy. The iCup Drug Screen proprietary test strip is proven to correlate with results generated by the SYVA EMIT II standard laboratory drug screen. Additional Products Available: Onsite Testing That's Inexpensive and Easy to Use:Just peel off labeland read results.

Results can be photocopied.Forms provided with each order. The iCup Drug Screen Kit is Today's Drug Testing Choice... Why?   Low Cost   Results in Minutes   Simple to Use and Read   Proven Laboratory Accuracy   Reviewed and cleared by the FDA   Non-Invasive   No Specimen Handling   No Clinical Personnel Required   No Technical Training or Certification Required   No Reagents to Add   Built-in Quality Control   Long Shelf Life Ideal Screening Applications: Employment Screening:   Pre-Employment Screening   Post Accident Screening   Random Screening   Remote Site Screening   Reasonable Cause Screening Occupational Health/Clinical Screening Rehabilitation/Substance Abuse Recovery Screening Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement:   Probations   Work Releases   Drug Courts   Juvenille Justice For volume price quotes please contact: BioScan Screening Systems, Inc.

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