Water Spots On Iphone Screen

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melted chocolate seeped into iphone 5s screenI was putting my phone in my pocket, camera side down, but i forgot that there was some melted chocolate in my pocket. I didn't realize until about 3 minutes that my phone had melted chocolate on it, and by then it had covered most of the top right hand corner where the camera is, except on the front. I looked at my phone, and there weren't any water marks on it that were noticeable.

so i wiped the chocolate off, and put it in my other pocket. About a couple hours later, I took out my phone, and I could see water marks all over the top right hand corner, as if the melted chocolate had gotten into the screen. There were darker splotches all over the corner, and it was darker as if the colour was fading, even when the brightness was 100%. It seemed to be getting worse as the hours passed, as I didn't have any rice to put it in.

When I finally got home, I put it into some rice, and let it sit for 3 days. Now, it hasn't gotten anybetter, and it looks as if the splotches are just spreading down my phone. I don't know what to do, as i have no access to an apple store, but I am taking it to a phone shop place hopefully tomorrow, to get another point of view as if a screen replacement will take the chocolate out, and fix the screen discoloration.

My questions are, will a screen replacement fix the water damage on my screen? How much will it cost to get it fixed without a warantee with apple? and Will apple replace my phone even though I don't have a warrantee?Thanks, and if you have any questions, just ask.

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Ok here's my problem. My iphone 4 has home button problem since the last 2 months. So, since then I have known a solution from google saying rub it with a little alcohol around the home button. I do not have any, but I use the iKlear apple polish to do it. It works will, until today, it stop working. Stop working as it is not responding at all. So i add more of this iklear, BOOM my screen is watery :( I pour too much and it gets into it via home button.

Below the screen, i can see the screen is not the same as before, and i believe it is iklear thats get into it. I was wondering, is my SCREEN spoil??? Or that water stuck in between the glass case and above screen board? As for now I do not dare to switch it ON.. so its OFF and i put it in a container with RICE... Update OK after 2 days... i hardly see my screen wet.. just 1 small white dot at the corner.

now another problem is, my iphone didnot make any keypad, keylock, no sms tones, no sound playing any game/youtube.. but the phone is still ringing over phone call and sound notification. i can hear everything with headphone, but not without it. why?? is it because i soak in rice??? Update I end up sending my phone to a shop for repair, since warranty void for water damage.. Got my home button fix.

.. as for the no text sound, no keylock sound, and no keypad sound, it has nothing to do with headphone jack... BUT the problem is with my dock connector error which recognize my iphone in dock speaker mode so it mute all that sound except ringtone. so i fix home button & dock connector. My display do have a little bit white spot, which the shop cant even detect it, but i already know where it is.

So i dont change it since it is like to little. Thanks for all the respond here, it really helps :)

Wilma Lawrence

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