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Report Rent Payments : Reporting Rent Payments benefits tenants who pay rent on time and negatively impacts delinquent or high risk tenants. The Notice to Tenant that is shown below makes an impact statement. Late payment of rent, non-payment of rent, damaged rental property, results in most part, because there is no consequence for it. When landlords and property managers' network to identify tenants with good rent pay habits and those who use landlords as a revolving line of credit, the renting business becomes more profitable, and the renting experience for landlords and tenants becomes a much better one.

Tenant screening and tenant background checks should include a tenant check from TVS. Reporting Rent Payments is easy, it's simple and it's effective in getting tenants to pay rent on time. Read more Tenant Fraud Includes delinquent tenants who use landlords as a revolving line of credit. They never pay rent and often cause thousands of dollars' worth of damage to one rental unit. Not much of this rental income loss is ever recouped, nor is it reported.

Tenant background checks should be incorporated in the tenant screening process. calling verified current or previous landlord, establishing employment and obtaining a current pay record, obtaining evidence of bank account with a positive balance, goes a long way to establishing credit worthiness and tenant worthiness. Read more The Relationship Between a landlord and tenant should be a healthy one so that both can enjoy the benefits.

In many instances this is not the case. There are various reasons for this, but some of them might include: The terms of the lease didn‘t properly spell out what the landlord wanted or expected. The tenant didn‘t read or didn‘t understand the terms of the lease. Proper tenant screening wasn‘t applied and “Mr. I don‘t follow rules“ was given a key to the rental. Neither landlord nor tenant know their Responsibilities.

In any event, whatever the reasons ... tenant screening that includes tenant background checks with current and previous landlord and current employer to determine employment stability and character, are very important. A question to be asked perhaps is, how did you get along with “Mr. I don't follow rules“? Read more Tenant Screening Includes Tenant credit check, eviction record search and criminal record check to help landlords and property managers determine if the prospective tenant meets the criteria for tenancy.

High risk tenants target unwitting landlords using counterfeited documents, friends for references and little fear of any consequence. The income loss from unpaid rent over the time it takes to evict, can have a tremendous negative impact on a rental business. The tenant pays for the above noted checks with TVS ... so why not do it? Read more A Credit Reporting Agency that serves the needs of the Residential Rental Industry by providing fraud prevention tools which target delinquent tenants and benefits good tenants.

Tenant screening should be an essential component of a landlord or property manager's criterion for tenancy. It is vital that the Residential Rental Industry networks to identify high and low risk that is associated to tenants. High risk tenants negatively impact the rental business, and in many instances they have a negative impact on the low risk tenants who make up the majority of a tenant community.

Identifying good risk and bad risk benefits landlords and tenants. Read more

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National Tenant Screening Company - Since 1987How to Sign up? /Questions ?/Why choose us? Online Tenant Screening - Tenant Credit Report $15.95.   CtCredit.net offers complete, accurate and thorough tenant screening services to property managers, landlords, and others in the real estate & rental industry. Our highly advanced software offers instant, online results (10 seconds) and the system is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—providing you with valuable background screening information that is entitled to you by law.

   CtCredit.net gives YOU, the Landlord, complete control: Instant Results, No email required for Applicant and NO WAITING for them to fill out a questionnaire.  Best of all, there are no membership fees, set up fees or account fees. You pay only for the reports that you purchaseSite Inspection Guideline How We Work: After going through an account registration you will receive a User ID and Password via email.

The login information allows you to log in to our system. Type in the Applicant's information (i.e legal name, ssn, address) Receive Instant Results!Our trained professionals can help you select the best products for you, feel free to call customer care at 800-710-2484.  REGISTER HERE ..     A+ Better Business Bureau Rating Tenant Screening Report Price. 1. Tenant Credit Report $15.95 Credit score, payment patterns, history, open accounts, balances, monthly payment amounts, tax liens, bankruptcies, judgments, collections.

2. Prior Address Locator $9.95 National search listing all name variations and addresses associated with the social security number. Goes back up to 20 years. 3. Eviction Report $9.95- Statewide court database search. Lists evictions, filings, etc. . 4.Bank Check (Tele check) $6.95- Indicates if a person has a negative history of bouncing checks. 5. Landlord Verification $10.95-Contacts landlord for a rental reference and verify essential rental history information.

3 attempts are made. 6. Employment Verification $10.95-Contact current employer to verify status and income information. 3 attempts are made.  * verification completed if employer does not charge 7. Criminal Record $19.95- Statewide court database search reports can show misdemeanors, felonies, and some driving information. *this search requires a Date of Birth 8. Decision Making Consultation $19.

95- (via e-mail) Credit Advisor helps analyze and evaluate the report, thereby providing guidance in making an informed decision. 9. Applicant Fraud Protection $7.95-Verifies legitimacy of social, issue date, who the ssn was issued to and Year of Birth. *Package Price* .... "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" Basic Package $19.95   Tenant Credit Report Prior Address Locator Eviction Record Free decision making consultation, by email.

(save $35.85) Essential Package 1 $24.95   Tenant Credit Report Prior Address Locator Eviction Record. NEW  Tele Check Free decision making consultation, by email. (save $42.80) Essential Package 2  $24.95 Tenant Credit Report Prior Address Locator Eviction Record. NEW Applicant Fraud Protection Free decision making consultation, by email. (save $42.80) Value Package $29.95 Tenant Credit Report Prior Address Locator Criminal Search Free decision making consultation, by email.

(save $40.85) Full Tenant Package $34.95 Tenant Credit Report Prior Address Locator Eviction Record Verification of Landlord Verification of Employer Free decision making consultation, by email. (save $42.75) Basic Plus Package $39.95 Tenant Credit Report Prior Address Locator Eviction Record Criminal Search Free Sex Offender Search Free Applicant Fraud Protection Free decision making consultation, by email.

(save $50.75) Complete Tenant Package $45.95 Tenant Credit Report Prior Address Locator Eviction Record Criminal Search Verification of Landlord Verification of Employer Free Sex Offender Search Free Tele-Check Free decision making consultation, by email. (Save $68.65)   "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" A good and thorough pre-screening may cost you a few extra dollar initially but it can save you hundreds, if not thousands, in the long run.

If you have any questions, please email us at Info@ctcredit.net E-mail response available 24 hours/day 7 days a week Hours of Operation: System Available: 24 hours/day 7 days a week Account Set up/processed: 7 days a week Phone Operators Available: Monday thru Friday 7am to 5pm (PST) Phone:1-800-710-2484 or 1-949-851-7719 Fax 877-369-1727 or 949-748-5208 Tenant Screening / Tenant Credit Report / Tenant Credit Check / Tenant background check / Tenant Check.

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