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HIGH SPEED DIGITAL PRINTING SOLUTIONS Deco Tech is proud to announce the new & innovative line of high speed digital printing systems from Martinenghi of Italy. The new Martinenghi KX48P digital ink jet system is a high-speed system (200 tubes per minute) with extreme color registration & precision, and this system allows you to print fully customizable & personalized graphics at 1,200 dpi.

The KX48P is composed of multiple piezoelectric printing heads, and the digital inks are UV cured in-line and auto camera inspected. The KX48P digital printing system has been designed for 360° of printing on; aluminum tubes (rigid & flexible), aerosol cans, aluminum cans and bottles and plastic tubes (both rigid & flexible). Please contact us at (800) 300-DECO for more information and be sure to watch the exciting product video.

Deco Tech is the exclusive sales agent for the Martinenghi digital printing systems in North America. Read more   PAD PRINTING MACHINES microPrint builds precision pad printing machines at their world headquarters in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and Deco Tech sells and services their pad printing machinery throughout N. America.  microPrint has developed an extensive line of standard pad transfer printing machines with 21 standard machine models in their line-up and microPrint pad print machines are built with world-class components and feature process control innovations such as; automatic pad cleaning device and the VISCOMATIC™ ink viscosity control system, which constantly measures & adjusts the pad printing inks viscosity and mixes the ink while it is inside the closed ink cup, which keeps you running perfectly throughout your production runs.

  Furthermore microPrint are masters at designing & building high quality automated pad printing systems for a wide variety of applications & industries. The automotive, medical, appliance and consumer electronic industries are the primary customers who demand microPrint quality.With microPrint pad printing technology you get Swiss precision and true craftsmanship, coupled with high speed performance and precise color to color printing registration on all of their pad transfer printing machines & systems.

 Still want great microPrint quality but are on a tight budget?  If so, check out their low cost SMART SERIES of pad printing presses.  If you need top speed and ultra-precision, then look into their MODUL SERIES of linear motor driven pad printing machines for unmatched performance.  Take a look and check out the full line of microPrint single and multi-color pad printing machines herein. Every microPrint pad print machine is backed with a limited 3 year factory warranty and Deco Tech stocks a full range of spare parts and accessories for the microPrint machine line.

Give us a call to discuss your application!  We’d be honored to assist you. Read more   Clean-up of pad printing machine tools, parts & accessories has never been easy and has always been most labor intensive… this is until Osmeco of Switzerland changed this laborious & dirty task into an automatic (hands-off) and green cleaning process to quickly and thoroughly clean your ink cups and printing plates in just 10 minutes! Just load the cups into the basket, push the start button and walk away.

The job is now 100% automatic and earth-friendly. The newly updated ecoCLEANER 540AC & 740AC series of pad printing parts washing machines are truly revolutionary, as these systems use a water based cleaning agent & a natural filtering technology to separate ink from the cleaning agent. Continually the dirty cleaning agent is filtered, reclaimed and recycled and is used over and over again – year after year (greatly reducing your consumption of “cleaning chemicals” and hazardous waste).

New in 2012 is the “AC” on the 540 &740 name; which means “Auto-Changing” of the filtering medium aka the Adsorber paste. No longer do you need to periodically change out the Adsorber paste – this is now done automatically. You simply pour fresh Adsorber Paste into the filling chamber and the machine discards the waste into a SS bin/ drawer. These ecoCLEANER pad printing parts washing systems are dramatically changing how industrial printing companies wash/ clean up ink from their pad printing machinery/ parts.

Rely on DECO TECH as your team of All-American pad printing experts. Give us a call discuss how the ecoCLEANER can save you money on consumables, labor and time… With the ecoCLEANER you can get your people back on press and printing, where you make money. Read more PAD PRINTING SUPPLIES Do you need quality consumable supplies from a company that really cares? DECO TECH provides our customers with a full range of pad printing consumable goods and we are competitively priced and we ship things to you quickly! Check out the latest consumable products in our full line catalog.

Call us now and we can email you one in PDF format!We’ve got the items you need such as; Silicone transfer pads, Photo-polymer & 0.5mm and 10mm thick steel clichés (aka pad printing plates), Cliché plate exposure units, Pad printing inks (ISO Certified, Automotive Specs and Medical grade Class VI) & a full range of thinners, retarders, cleaning agents, eco-friendly cleaning equipment, replacement doctor blades and much more.

Also check out our (American made) DURA PRO and DURA LITE silicone rubber transfer pads. Both pad formulations come in hundreds of pad shapes and various durometers and the economical DURA LITE series of pads require virtually no break-in period. Check out our on-line pad catalog which is now sortable by sizes (smallest to largest or visa versa). Now it’s even easier to shop for our silicone pads!Do you need doctor blade rings or ink cups? We got a massive variety, so don't forget to get you ink cups now from DECO TECH… They're in stock in many sizes!Call us at (800) 300-DECO to request our latest PAD PRINTING CONSUMABLES SUPPLY CATALOG on CD Rom or we can email it to you even faster.

Read more SCREEN PRINTING INKS & PAD PRINTING INKS Printcolor brand screen printing ink and pad printing inks are available in UV cured (500 Series), water based (400 Series) & conventional solvent based ink formulations (300 Series). For modern day pad printing results check out our newly developed 747 Series UV pad printing ink which is a medical grade pad printing ink (Class VI approved) and it also meets several manufacturers automotive specifications.

With Printcolor all of their high quality inks are crafted and formulated in their World Class Swiss manufacturing facility. If you want to take your screen & pad printing results to a higher level and greatly improve your printability, ink adhesion and quality results then Printcolor brand inks are just what you need to produce great prints. Printcolor is both ISO 9001 certified and Pantone® licensed and our inks meet many worldwide safety standards including California's Prop 65 and both European and American toy safety standards.

DECO TECH is the master North American distributor for Printcolor brand inks which are particularly well known performers in the pad printing and screen printing marketplace. We specialize in several niche market ink applications such as; automotive components, medical devices, MIL spec inks (A-A-208B), children's toys, cell phone housings and bezels, home appliance panels, shampoo bottles, flexible tubes, aluminum water bottles, stainless steel coffee mugs, pens and so much more.

We stock a wide range of Printcolor brand inks and we provide fast turn-around (usually the next day) on custom color matched inks in both UV & Conventional screen printing & pad printing ink formulations. Read more CORONA TREATING SYSTEMS SicaTech corona discharge systems are perfect for corona treating (also called plasma treating) or pre-treatment on your plastic parts. SicaTech provides corona surface treatment solutions for flat, round and 3-D injection molded parts.

It doesn't matter, we can tool-up and provide corona treatment solutions on virtually any odd shaped product! These innovative and modular corona treating systems are easily integrated into an automated pad print or screen printing system, and they can be run as a stand-alone corona treating system with or without linear conveyor. Corona treatment of plastics is our specialty. Read more HEAT TRANSFER DECALS DECO TECH has the expertise & supplier connections to get you set up with the "right" heat transfer decals.

By "right" we mean that we offer the following types; screen printed, gravure printed or digitally printed heat transfer decals. And which printing method is best for you is highly dependent upon your annual volume and your artwork/ design needs. We work with most of the leading heat transfer decal manufacturing companies in the industry and we can provide you with the right solution at the right price to fit your budget.

If you have short runs & need variable information or multiple part numbers in small quantities, then digital printed heat transfer decals would be a great option for you. If you have mid-sized runs (500k and up), then screen printed heat transfer decals are probably the right choice, and if you have very high volume production runs (20 million or more) then high-resolution roto-gravure printed decals may be the best solution and price point for your heat transfer decaling needs.

Each of these 3 printing methods have their own set of unique characteristics and here at DECO TECH we work closely with you to ensure that we put you into the right decorating method/ technology for your specific needs. Work with DECO TECH and we will get you going in the right direction!We also provide our clients with turn-key systems where DECO TECH does all the R&D work including; hot stamping machinery selection, tooling & die development, heat transfer selection and pre-production sample runs.

Read more SCREEN PRINTING SOLUTIONS DECO TECH provides solutions for flatbed screen printing machines for industrial nameplates, overlays and graphic panels, as well as other industrial and commercial screen printing applications. We offer both small format screen printing presses & medium format screen print machines, as well as large format & jumbo four post screen printing presses and production lines.

We provide solutions for screen printing on; flat architectural glass panels, Plastic (Lexan) graphic overlay panels, mirrors, membrane switches, plasma TV display panels (PDP), graphic banners, concert posters & billboards, real estate and other signs/ signage, PCB boards, flexible circuits, circular saw blades, plastic display boxes, flying discs and much more. If you need a real "stallion" workhorse of a screen print press then you found the right equipment supplier.

Be sure to check out our newest DT line of DC motor driven screen printing machines with vertical screen lift.In addition to flat-bed screen printing machinery we also provide screen printing equipment for round and oval plastic bottles, single and double-walled cosmetic jars, flexible or rigid plastic tubes, lipstick and mascara tubes, glass beer & wine beverage bottles, as well as specialty servo-driven screen printers for graphite coating of engine pistons.

We provide container UV screen printing equipment such as: semi-automatic bottle screen printing machines and fully automatic UV bottle screen printing machinery with our industrial strength workhorse DT-767 Series which is a UV screenprint machine for cosmetic & personal care packaging.For your ink drying and curing needs we provide solutions in IR dryers (Infra-Red drying) & linear UV curing conveyors for a wide range of applications.

Standard or custom drying solutions are both available for flat or 3D objects. Call us to discuss your specific needs for a top quality screen printing machine. Read more SEMI-AUTO SCREEN PRINT MACHINERY RokuPrint of Germany builds high quality semi-automatic screen printing machines that are controlled with DC motors, fully programmable and feature vertical screen lift, keeping the ink always in the "strike zone".

Also the RokuPrint machines are fully modular and are easily customized. If you need small or long graphics screen printed… RokuPrint has a solution for you. RokuPrint machines are used is many industries and are perfect high-tech screen printers for; Automotive, Aerospace, ASI goods (Advertising Specialty Industry), Medical Devices, Painted Metal chassis & Housings, Golf Shafts, baseball bats, hockey sticks and much more! At Deco Tech we provide an innovative & systematic automation approach to your silk screen printing equipment needs.

If you need a top of the line high-tech small format screen printer backed by our 25 years of great customer service, then you've found the right technology partner for your next screen print press!Read more CUSTOM DECORATING SERVICES Here in Orange, CA we provide high-quality custom printing & decorating services for a growing number of satisfied clients. We primarily specialize in pad printing, screen printing & hot stamping/ heat transfer decal applications and we print or stamp on a wide range of products like; injection molded plastics, glass containers, stainless steel & plastic water bottles, ceramic parts (flat & round), powder coated metal panels, plastic graphic sheets and much more… So if you have flat, rounds or odd shaped items made out of plastic, glass, ceramic, metal, wood, etc….

give us a call to request a quote. We primarily service these industries; Injection Molders, Medical Devices, Advertising Specialty (ASI), Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Health & Beauty/ Cosmetic packaging, Sporting Goods, Point of Purchase Displays and the Packaging Industry. Give us a try… you'll likely become a customer for life! We will not disappoint and our quality & commitment to our customers is superb.

Read more SCREEN PRINT SUPPLIES & PREPRESS SOLUTIONS At DECO TECH we provide a full range of screen printing supplies including: polyurethane squeegees, RKS brand Fiberglas backed squeegees, Printcolor brand UV screen printing inks, and much more. For your pre press equipment needs we offer solutions in screen room pre-press equipment from the industries leading manufacturers and we can custom tailor a screen making room to your specs.

We also sell QC (quality control) instruments for screen making like moisture meters and fabric tension meters to ensure that your screens are made to high standards. Need staff training for your screen making personnel? We can teach them how to manufacture high quality screens in our state-of-the-art screen making facility here in Orange, California. If you need a complete screen room or just need to replace an aging piece of screen-printing pre-press equipment in your "yellow room", give us a call at (800) 300-DECO to discuss your silk screen processing equipment needs.

Read more SCREEN MAKING SOLUTIONS Are you looking for a high quality Screen Making Service Company that can turn screens around quickly? If you answered “yes”, then you have found the right partner with DECO TECH! Each week at DECO TECH we produce hundreds of custom screens and we always provide the absolute best quality custom silk screens from our facility located right here in Southern California.

We manufacture tight-tolerance custom polyester, nylon and stainless steel mesh screens and we fabricate welded aluminum screen frames for customers all over North America. Mainly we provide the following screen making services; 1) Complete Imaged Screens (CIS); screens that are stretched & glued, emulsion coated and imaged onto your existing frames or onto brand new frames that we provide, 2) Stretched & Glued (S&G) screen prep services and 3) Pre-Sensitized (PS) screen manufacturing services whereby we provide you with quantities of pre-sensitized camera ready screen frames shipped to you in light-safe black poly bags for imaging your own artwork film on-demand at your location.

4) CMYK custom color separations and stochastic dot artwork prep for 4 color process screen printing. It doesn’t matter; large or small sized frames/ orders, we produce them all and we deliver quickly with high quality results. Give us a call! We look forward to discussing your screen supply & screen printing consumable needs. Read more THERMAL TRANSFER LABEL CONVERTING PRESS MPrint builds these digital 2 or 4 color Thermal Transfer label printer and converting system.

Using thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) this 400 dpi digital roll-to-roll label printing and converting press is FULLY CAPABLE of competing with traditional printing methods in short run label production. This is the highly upgraded digital label press which replaced the Markem 8410. It's a FULL FEATURED short run digital label printer that you must see to appreciate! 400 DPI QUALITY 2 & 4 COLOR MODELS PRINT VARIABLE INFO ROTARY DIE CUTTING LAMINATING, SLITTING, ETC.

Read more DECO TECH is a long time distributor of Trekk Equipment Group, who are industry leading (domestic) manufacturers of quality hot stamping equipment for heat-transfer machinery. TREKK makes vertical hot stamping machines as well as roll-on hot stamping/heat transfer equipment in a variety of sizes and configurations. Check out the new CD/ DVD printing/decal application machinery from TREKK.

Call us at (800) 300-DECO to find out how heat transfer decal solutions will benefit you for your plastic & textile decorating applications.Read more DECO TECH HEAT TRANSFER PRESSES Check out our newest Deco Tech line of heat transfer decal presses. The first heat press to be released in our new line-up is the highly versatile Magpie and this sweet Magpie is available for a mere song (call us for pricing, you’ll be sure to crow)! The Magpie is well suited for t-shirt decals, tote bags, mouse pads and other hard and soft goods.

In the near future we will be releasing more models of heat transfer presses for baseball hats & trucker caps, as well as heat presses specifically for tee shirt pockets & t-shirt sleeves, sublimation transfer presses (large format) and specialty presses for applying sublimation decals onto ceramic mugs. For a full service package turn to Deco Tech for all your heat transfer decal application needs.

Don’t see what you are looking for here… just give us a call and we can assist you promptly.. Read more   VISIT US WE'RE IN ORANGE CALIFORNIADiscover our…FULL RANGE ofSOLUTIONS inDECOrating TECHnologyDECO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, INC.749 N. Main StreetOrange, CA 92868Tel: (714) 639-3326or (800) 300-DECOFax: (714) 639-2261 DECO TECH is the exclusive North American distributor (USA, Canada & Mexico) for our full range of machinery & products.

DECO TECH manufactures our DT line of pad print and screen print machineryDECO TECH manufactures consumable goods for screen print & pad print customersDECO TECH provides solutions for IR & drying equipment for pad printing & screen printing applicationsDECO TECH provides digital solutions for industrial label printing/ converting & direct part markingDECO TECH fabricates custom screens with stretch & glue service, screen coating services & fully imaged screensDECO TECH fabricates welded aluminum screen framesDECO TECH distributes microPrint pad print machinery & automated systemsDECO TECH distributes RokuPrint screen printing equipmentDECO TECH distributes Printcolor inks that are crafted in SwitzerlandDECO TECH distributes SICATECH corona treating systems for pretreatment of 3D itemsDECO TECH distributes Trekk Equipment for hot stamping foils and applying heat transfer decalsDECO TECH builds custom nesting fixtures & related tooling for our pad print & screen print clients

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