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iPhone 6Apple (company)TelevisionApple Products and ServicesiPhones (product)SmartphonesHow can I connect an iPhone 6 to a Samsung LED TV? Also how to do screen mirroring of iPhone to samsung smart tv ?Den Watsons, A jun dev, teaching from my mistakes!Answered 102w agoYou can connect via an AirPlay mode and mirror just the device's server on TV or use wireless applications to stream not only the iPhone's media but also the Server's (like OC Windows Media Player, NAS, HDHomerun, etc.

)I use this application for videos MCPlayer HD  Video player to play videos of various formats like mkv, avi and vob directly on TV. No conversion or copying is needed. Dolby Digital Plus mobile sound official.Aashish Agarwal, Die-hard Apple fan and userAnswered 56w agoWell there are only 2 ways to mirror an iPhone to any TV- wired medium or wirelessly using AirPlay technology.

To use AirPlay technology you can buy an Apple TV that can mirror your iPhone really seamlessly. I personally use Apple TV to mirror my iPhone, iPad and Mac and trust me its really the easiest and the fastest way. Apart from that Apple TV comes with plethora of features such as Apps and Gaming etc.For further details on mirroring iPhone to your TV check out : How to Mirror the iPhone or iPad to Your TVHope this helps :)Mark Gillespie, Post Grad Diploma ESL English, Flinders UniversityAnswered 42w agoThe best way is to buy an Apple TV and connect that via HDMI to the Samsung, then use AirPlay to stream over WiFi from the iPhone to the Apple TV.

The cheapest way is to buy a Lightning to HDMI or composite video cable and switch on video mirroring on the iPhone.Hope this helps.You can also visit the Apple user forums at Official Apple Support where you will find a knowledgeable community of users who can answer questions like this.Shekh, lives in Winnipeg, MBAnswered 2w agoWell there are only 2 ways to do this,Using AirPlay technologyUsing airplay Is fairly simple as long as your tv will support it.

Or physically connecting your phone with an adapterPhysically connecting your phone to your tv with an hdmi adapter(you can get from apples website) will work with any HDMI tv.Hoots Woodson, works at The Krusty KrabAnswered 55w agowhen u open youtube app, or any other app that supports video mirroring, u will see a rectangle icon on the video(check the picture attached with this answer for exact location), just click on it.

and if u have multiple devices that support google cast, then u will see those devices and would need to select one of them. Thats it.for this easy, no app required method, your tv must support google cast. Give it a try.Steven Zeh, Supervisor at CVS Pharmacy (2015-present)Answered 18w agoThere are cables available that can physically connect an iPhone to any tv with an HDMI port (which your TV definitely would have).

For wireless connectivity there are a multitude of devices available, the simplest would be a Google Chromecast. If your TV is 4K, I'd recommend the Chromecast Ultra so that any device you connect that supports 4K will be seen in 4K. Other options would include having an Apple TV connected and wirelessly connecting your phone to that. Hope this helps.

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