Samsung Tv Screen Goes Black No Sound

Picture of Samsung Tv Screen Goes Black No Sound

Yesterday I made the stupid mistake of cleaning my TV with Lysol, and now it's not working correctly. When I turn it on, the screen seems to illuminate just a little, but it stays black. The audio works fine coming through the satellite TV. I tried some different outlets, and tried changing channels and stuff. I can't even see the Menu screen come up when I hit that.Can this be fixed somehow? It's a 54" inch Samsung LCD. I'm hoping it can be repaired cheaper than buying a whole new one.Thanks

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You should determine if the problem is hardware related or software, does the screen give any sligh light? Like when you turn the phone on and it is black just a little bit lighter you know? Did that happen suddenly? You could (shouldn't of you have no knowledge on that) open the TV and check connections and the capacitors on the boards, IF you have knowledge on that of course... If the screen really gives no sign, it probably is a hardware rated problem.

If it gives a sign like "turning on" but only showing black, could be a system problem, anyway that should be fixed by a technician, because there is not much to do on a TV, for someone that doesn't understand about tvs.

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