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Do you need a new replacement LCD screen or a glass touch digitizer screen to repair your cellphone's or tablet's broken screen? Browse the categories below to purchase cellphone or tablet screen replacements, including iPhone, iPod, and iPad glass touch digitizer and LCD display screens and assemblies, plus, HTC, Blackberry, Samsung and LG glass touch and LCD screen replacements. Once you order the replacement screen you need, we'll ship it to you fast and include repair instructions and a free and safe open pry tool.

Plus you can use RepairsUniverse's popular YouTube repair videos too. Fix cracked, shattered, smashed and other damaged cellphone touch glass and LCD screens. If you're not sure what screen you need, you can ask our Live Help chat representatives or contact RepairsUniverse and we'll help you get your cellphone back in top shape quickly and easily. The Best Online Cell Phone Repair Parts and Replacements While you're browsing for the screen you need to fix your cellphone or smartphone - either using the image menu above, or the text links below - if the part you need is displayed on a page, that means it's in stock and ready to ship the same day (M-F) for orders placed before 4 pm PST.

All replacement screens and battery orders come with a free repair guide with step-by-step instructions, and most orders also include a free pry tool for safe opening of your phone. Thousands of our customers have fixed their own phones because we provide almost everything you need. However, if you're not comfortable repairing your phone yourself, learn more about our professional Repair Service specials.

Our specialized technicians can fix any cellphone, Zune, PSP or Xbox. Just follow the steps on the Repair Service page to get your phone or device on its way to being fixed quickly and inexpensively.

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RepairsUniverse has prepared for months ahead of the iPhone 5 release to locate and stock up on the best iPhone 5 LCD and glass touch screen digitizer replacement screens and repair parts available anywhere online. If you accidentally cracked, shattered or damaged your iPhone 5's glass touch screen, you need a safe, reliable and affordable way to replace your iPhone screen quickly. Our iPhone 5 replacement screen repair kit is the perfect solution.

RepairsUniverse has established a reputation as the No. 1 place online to buy high quality, 100% compatible iPhone replacement screens and parts at the lowest prices available anywhere. In addition to brand-new iPhone 5 LCD and glass touch screen digitizer screen combo assembly parts (available in black or white), we also carry the iPhone 5 dock port and headphone jack replacement, power button flex cable, vibrate motor replacement and the Sim card replacement tray.

We will have other quality iPhone replacement parts, including batteries, cameras, mid-frames, cases and covers, speakers, buttons and a selection of iPhone 5 accessories. Think of the money, time and hassle you will save buying the part you need and repairing your iPhone yourself. Are you unsure that you can replace the screen or some other part on your own? Together with our step-by-step written guide that comes with most orders, our popular how-to repair videos and the free plastic pry tool, thousands of customers just like you were able to repair their iPhones to a like-new working condition.

Everything you need to repair your iPhone 5 is provided with your order. And we are here to help. During regular business hours, you can click on the chat icon at the top right of any page to speak with a customer service representative, or after hours, you can click the Contact link to tell us your issue and we'll reply within 24 hours, often times sooner. When it comes to ordering iPhone replacement parts, nobody beats our quality parts, low costs, fast shipping, helpful guides and videos, and our commitment to all of our customers.

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