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Ever since the release of the Moto X last year, Motorola has been hitting all the correct notes and taking the right steps to please its customers. Now, in another such move, one of Motorola’s customer representative has revealed that the company would gladly replace the screen on your Moto device for free for the first time. The offer is valid on the Moto X, G and E only for only the first time.

Also, the policy is only for the devices that have been directly bought from Motorola’s website or via its Moto Maker website. As a bonus, the policy will also be applicable on the upcoming Moto X +1 and other future devices from Motorola. Keeping in mind that the Moto X, G and E severely undercut the competition in terms of price, it is commendable to see Motorola offering a policy like this. HTC offers a similar policy to its users in the United States via its HTC Advantage program where it offers them one time free screen replacement.

Interestingly, Samsung and Sony also offer a similar policy for a limited time in India and other surrounding markets but do not pass this benefit to their users situated in the United States. [Via Android Authority] Like this post? Share it!

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It will last for a day & a half if you are a normal user. I don't play much heavy games on it. The phone is on 4G mode for the whole day & I turn off the data before I go to sleep. Full day of Facebook, WhatsApp, some other apps & you are left with some juice the next day as well. Its always recommended to not let your phone gets completely dry. Its always good to put it on charging when your phone has at least 10% to 15% of juice left.

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By Vikas** Mark Helpful (255) Assuming you have disabled device administrators and location history , the battery drops to 45? at night with moderate usage like games,news,calls,WhatsApp,Facebook etc after 100? charge in the morning...But if location history and device administrators are on then battery drops to 30? with same usage and drops to 8? overnight in idle state as well.. By Vvsrn** Mark Helpful (212) With wi-fi, gps and mobile data all switched on it lasts about 16-18 hours on a full charge.

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