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TV issuesBrand: ElementModel No: ELEFT502 50"Long problem short, my TV wont turn on. I've had the TV for two years and yesturday when trying to turn it on it began flashing on and off over and over. When the screen would stay on it would freeze as soon as any screen was actually reached. After this, we tried removing all the imputs and the tv seemed to work again until we plugged the cable back in which caused the tv to freeze and the off and on problems to begin again even after completely changing the outlet the power came from.

Now the TV will not even turn on. We were told this could be the power board and I was curious if this is true and if it is, would I be able to change it myself. (And maybe some search terms to look fir directions if its not much hastle.)Thanks to anyone that reads and/or responds  

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Element Electronics is one of the newest television manufactures to enter the marketplace, having produced its first television set in 2006. Customers are rightly apprehensive when it comes to buying a television manufactured by the company, as their reputation is hardly proven. After all, it’s easy for a television to survive six years — but what about twenty? For those interested in the low prices offered on most Element television sets, it’s largely a gamble and experiment as to how well the product will hold up, and how durable it will prove to be.

But there are some pretty strong clues as to just how well the company’s products can be expiated to perform going forward. Element TV Review Contents: Searching for a specific Element TV review? Element Overall Brand Review There’s no getting around it: Element is a low-end, discount television manufacturer. Their primary customer is one who is both extremely budget-conscious and extremely discerning.

For this reason, the company has been partnered with JBL, a highly-regarded manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, virtually since its inception. This allows Element to offer televisions that sound as good as they look, and convince new customers that they won’t be sacrificing quality for affordability. And, indeed, Element has received numerous positive reviews from both customers and industry professionals since it began manufacturing its television sets in Detroit, Michigan, in 2006.

Both groups of people love the company’s entry-level pricing and commitment to quality, as well as the fact that Element is one of the few electronics companies which manufactures its products domestically, in hard-hit Michigan. Its commitment to quality, and to American buyers, has contributed to its rise among other, competing low-end brands. Element Product Quality Most customers tend to associate a lower price with worse product quality, but that is not entirely true with the HDTV sets produced by Element.

Instead, the company has made a name for itself by providing high-quality television sets at some of the lowest prices anywhere in the home entertainment industry. Customers have, time and again, reviewed the company’s television sets in glowing terms. The display panels used in the company’s sets are second to none, and industry professionals love that these sets do not use the same cheap plastic and shoddy construction as competing generic brands.

Element Pricing & Value When it comes to pricing, Element is competitive with every other major manufacturer of generic home entertainment brands. Often, the company is the leader on price in this market segment. That makes them a hit wit budget-conscious consumers who need a new television but simply cannot afford to pay top dollar for a new set. It also makes them a top choice among early adopters who are looking to see if new technologies — such as LED-LCD sets — are worth all the hype before they spend the big bucks on a major brand.

Because the sets are as durable as they are affordable, their high value is essentially inherent. But contributing to their value is the fact that these sets are actually manufactured domestically, in Detroit, Michigan, by American workers. It’s hard to find anything that’s still manufactured by American workers, much less a consumer electronics item that is competitive with major overseas brands and even bigger-named competitors.

That should make any buyer feel good about their purchase, and it will add value to the set for many Americans who are proud to support their fellow man. Element Customer Service Unfortunately, the company is not exactly easy to contact. Their customer service options are largely limited to those available online on the company’s website. That’s fine for more advanced users, or those who simply never have a major problem, but other issues may require some intense digging.

The company does offer a warranty on all of its televisions, and operates a warranty hotline, but that phone number cannot be used for basic technical and operational questions. While Element’s product quality is good, and none of the company’s sets are considered low-quality or short-lasting, it would be nice for the company to commit fully to its customers using a traditional, toll-free hotline for any issues they might have.

The support section of the company’s website does offer software updates, user manuals, and an area that elaborates on frequently asked questions. For basic concerns or questions, it will certainly suffice. As Element becomes more successful, it will hopefully flesh out its customer service options more fully. Element Overall Rating Purchasing an Element HDTV isn’t as much of a gamble as one might think: the company’s television are manufactured domestically, they’re reviewed highly, and they’ve so far been quite durable and long-lasting.

The only area where customer should exercise caution is when considering the small size and scope of the company’s customer support resources. This may present problems for those who are not well-versed in the TV’s functions, or those who have a rare problem with their television set. Most Recent Element TV Reviews

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