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The screen protector is firm. The screen turned dark when I looked at it from the sides, but its content was not completely invisible. Maybe I didn't put my eyes far enough? It was quite easy to apply but pretty frustrating to get rid of the air bubbles. There are two tiny little bubbles on the two left corners that wouldn't go away no matter how hard I tried. I don't know if it is the protector but my touch screen became a little bit less reactive.

At first I gotta use my pen because it didn't react to my fingers at all. After a while, the screen started to react to my wet fingers (fortunately my hands are always sweaty). It's kinda weird because normally, I have to dry my fingers before using the touch screen (of my smart phone). Despite some drawbacks, I like this product because I know it's gonna protect my surface book screen and, hopefully, my privatecy.


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The key reason of latest computer system display savers is amusement and at times even, security. Nonetheless, they had been initially designed to avert phosphor burn-in on plasma computer system screens at the same time as CRT devices. Screen savers helped to stop these destructive consequences by automatically altering the images once the laptop wasn't being used.

Let me notify you of the brain boosting tactic I'd stumbled upon soon after loading a very big amount of illustrations or photos into My Pictures file, which was automatically hooked, possibly like your laptop or computer established up, to my monitor saver plan. Immediately after sitting and observing it someday, I noted how it spurred on my mind and elevated my spatial reasoning before developing sessions. It genuinely helped and i was surprised.

It blocks people next to you from seeing what is on your screen. That is sometimes inconvenient (when you are looking at websites together for example) but it only takes a second to move you computer so it is visible to the other person. This was also easily installed. Everything is in the box that you need. High quality - relatively thick and stiff - but does not create any problem with 'touch' functions. More

Wilma Lawrence

If you’re prepared to personalize your desktop or monitor saver, or are prepared on a regular basis than the usual photo wallpaper, a awesome screen saver is perfect for you.