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S  I  N  C  E    1  9  8  3  Screen-print artists, pre-press teams, and owners are our customers. Art reproduction on a screen-print press is a serious business. Our customers benefit from pre-press that is fun, easy, reliable and highly profitable. Start-ups to monster-sized production facilities, understand that… It’s Good to Know Freehand! Must view links…Zombie promotion: on-going deals…Zombie Print: view our featured tee shirt…Gallery of Spot Process Sep Studio prints to view… Enter to Win a Golden Image AwardFreehand customers win awards thanks to Spot Process Separation Studio and AccuRIP software.

Enter your best work. Impressions Winners      For decades Spot Process Separation Studio users are winners of top prizes and more. You’re a winner when you deliver the very best to your customers. 2017 was another great year for our users. Plus, check out the Winners of the ASI 2018 Counselor Distributor Choice Award Winners that use Freehand solutions! Educator’s ChoiceWe’re the choice of almost 300 Universities, Colleges, Tech Schools and High Schools teaching the next generation.

Global ReachOver 100 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe plus all 50 states of the U.S. make up our diverse user-base and customer list. SupportLive Agent Support delivers FREE access to product and screen-print industry experts. No one delivers better support than Freehand. Chat with Us!Reaching Freehand is easy simply select the “Chat With Us” icon at the bottom right of the computer screen.

Our sales team is knowledgeable and attentive. M-F 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Publication LinksThe size and scope of the industry can be intimidating. Publications put information in your hands with a magazine, or online with a digital publication. Your customer’s passion, our products, your printing.It’s a team effort!    Like us on Facebook!          Follow us on Instagram! © 2017 Freehand Graphics, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.

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Upgrade: $179.00 Add to cart New User: $495.00 Add to cart Note: Purchasers, select the Upgrade option in the cart if you have the previous version. Select the New User version for a first-time purchase. LATEST ACCURIP BLACK PEARL released June 2017! The answers to the questions below and more are provided, just scroll down. •  What does AccuRIP do for output?•  Why two versions: Black Pearl and Black Pearl SE?•  Which version works exclusively with the P800?•  When am I eligible for an upgrade discount?•  Where do I purchase (U.

S. and International clients)?•  How fast is my return on investment? AccuRIP Black Pearl™ is screen printing software for making film positives efficiently and affordably. The software drives the film output process. Film output results determine screen exposure quality and ultimately on-press success. Check out the latest release (June 2017) delivering greater efficiency to the film output process.

 Features List! Users of the previous AccuRIP Black Pearl receive this upgrade for FREE. Still using AccuRIP and not a Black Pearl user? Now is a great time to upgrade in the SHOP. First-time users should enjoy the FREE, fully-functional trial so the purchase is a confident one! Want to know what the best inkjet printer for screen printing is? You can be sure it’s a compatible printer of AccuRIP Black Pearl software.

From the Epson Artisan 1430 to the Epson T-3270 and many others, we support the most efficient Epson inkjet printers for producing the films that make t-shirts and other products. AccuRIP Black Pearl Commercial We’re known for delivering the world’s best “t-shirt making software” to the industry because more screen-printers use AccuRIP to make the films to expose to screens and go to press.

Whether you’re producing garments or other products, you need the best graphic file PostScript translator. –  Windows 10 • Windows 8.1 • Windows 8 • Windows 7–  High Sierra • Sierra • El Capitan (10.11.6) * earlier operating system versions are not compatible AccuRIP Black Pearl... Support for over 4 dozen printers! Above is the popular Epson Artisan 1430 desktop inkjet with Freehand's Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder attached for added output efficiency.

ALL AccuRIP Black Pearl users receive the latest version uprade released June 2017. Don’t fall behind. What is a RIP? NEW FEATURES of AccuRIP Black Pearl Cost Perspective (chart) Why Upgrade?  Which Models work with All Black Ink? AccuRIP Black Pearl™  supports the T-3270, 4900, 1430, 1400, as well as dozens of other popular Epson printers. For a full list click the link above. The Artisan 1430 is the number one selling and best desktop printer for screen printing clients.

The T-3270 is the top choice for wide format users. We love the 1430 for all users… whether it’s your main printer or a backup or secondary printer, everyone should have an Epson Artisan 1430. The price is great and it’s a native dye ink printer that works with the All Black Ink™ system too! NO, AccuRIP Black Pearl does not connect to the P-800 (see the SE version info below). This is the one printer model that you would need the SE version.

Users switching from a Black Pearl printer to the P-800 MUST purchase the P-800 ScreenPrint Edition bundle (printer/ink/film/software). Contact an Epson Screenprint Edition (SE) reseller (including Freehand). There is NOT an upgrade path from BP to BPSE. AccuRIP Black Pearl is available for purchase through this site’s web store and from an Authorized Reseller of Freehand software and products.

Yes, there is an upgrade path from older AccuRIP versions (1.03 and earlier) to the latest AccuRIP Black Pearl version . The warranty for AccuRIP 1.03 expired in 2014. Upgrade to work the latest version, and reset the warranty. AccuRIP Black Pearl SE…Support for 2 select Epson printers and sold exclusively through Screen-Print Edition (SE) Authorized Epson Resellers in a bundle with the printer, film and ink.

In the United States, contact an Epson Authorized Reseller to get the SE version bundled with the printer, Epson ink and Epson film. The SE version was engineered by Freehand for Epson America, therefore support for SE is available through Epson. No, there is NOT an upgrade path from older AccuRIP versions , or AccuRIP BP to the SE version. The SE version is a lite version and delivered through a bundle with hardware.

Additional valuable info for T-3270 and P800 users is below. Scroll down. Already purchased the bundle and have questions or need help? International clients: the bundle package is ONLY available in the U.S. therefore International clients who purchase the P800 inkjet printer are authorized to purchase the SE software via bank wire transfer directly from Freehand Graphics. Contact the sales department for wire information and requirements.

U.S. clients are NOT permitted to purchase AccuRIP Black Pearl SE software outside of the bundle. Do not purchase the P800 printer separately and then look to purchase the software. This is not an approved path. Description and Value:Costing just pennies a day, all AccuRIP versions perform a critical task in film output production by translating the PostScript data of a graphics file to a non-PostScript device (Epson Inkjet).

An Epson Printer Driver does NOT have the capability to manage PostScript graphics files or to control ink lay down. As always, AccuRIP Black Pearl and SE are engineered for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems and includes a comprehensive support policy including the Parachute Plan. Your return on investment (ROI) is so fast – users frequently report they make enough profit to cover its cost during the free trial period or soon after purchase.

Note: AccuRIP Black Pearl has a free, fully-functional trial, the SE version does not. Software provides one of the greatest values to a business. Like your Adobe and Corel software, AccuRIP Black Pearl is an integral part of your business success! We know you use software for all the right reasons and count on it everyday, that’s why we engineer software that’s easy to use, while delivering the finest results.

Imagine your business life without software…you’d be living in decades like the ’70s and ’80s (we remember it well). It’s 2017 and Freehand Graphics remains your industry go-to resource, incorporating decades of unprecedented screen-print knowledge and experience into expertly engineered pre-press software and solutions priced for your quick ROI. Be smart, use AccuRIP Black Pearl or the SE edition, All Black Ink, D-Max Dye Ink, Separation Studio, the Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder, and Amaze-Ink.

Incredibly easy to setup using the Auto Wizard, AccuRIP provides accurate PostScript Level 3 RIP translation from file to film through an Epson Inkjet. Your Inkjet is an efficient film output device thanks to software that delivers the critical controls. One of the greatest features of AccuRIP Black Pearl (not available in the SE edition) is the All Black Ink™ (Multi-black) software feature. This ability is the brainchild of Freehand’s CEO, Charlie Facini, and like all Freehand products brought cost saving efficiency and quality to pre-press.

Already an AccuRIP 1.03 or earlier user? Upgrade to AccuRIP Black Pearl from this web store. There is NOT an upgrade path from AccuRIP 1.03 or earlier to the SE version. The AccuRIP Black Pearl SE edition was engineered through a partnership with Epson America. Epson bundles this solution with the SC T-3270 and SC P800 (screen print edition) printers, so from the moment your hardware is delivered, the film output software is on hand and ready for setup.

Since the software is bundled with the printer, make your purchase through a select small group of Epson Authorized Resellers (not all Epson Resellers will bundle AccuRIP SE). The number one question about which version to select comes from users interested in the P-800 or T-3270. This info will help… T-3270(AccuRIP Black Pearl and Black Pearl SE) You already own a T-3270 and AccuRIP 1.03 or earlier:You already have the ability to connect to the T-3270 – simply select the T-3200 during connection setup in your existing software.

You can also upgrade for just $179 to the latest version AccuRIP Black Pearl which is an enhanced version and supports the latest operating systems. Upgrade may be required based on the operating system you wish to use AccuRIP Black Pearl on. You have not purchased the T-3270 yet. You can select either software as both connect to the T-3270. AccuRIP Black Pearl offers multiple resolutions and droplet weights which has the flexibility needed for users that select non Epson consumables.

The AccuRIP SE version comes bundled with the T-3270 Inkjet printer in a screen-print package available through 5 select Epson Authorized Resellers. The SE version is dialed in to one resolution just right for quality Epson consumables. P-800(AccuRIP Black Pearl SE ONLY) AccuRIP Back Pearl SE software comes bundled with the P-800 Inkjet. You can not connect to the P-800 using AccuRIP Black Pearl. There is not an upgrade path from AccuRIP 1.

03 and earlier to AccuRIP Black Pearl SE for the P-800. What if you purchased the P-800 that was not bundled with AccuRIP Black Pearl SE? Return the hardware to the store and contact a screen-print edition reseller of the P-800 bundled with AccuRIP Black Pearl SE.  

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