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DIY screened porch kits range from the very simple (anyone can do it) to those requiring a bit more skill. Many also give you the option to easily turn them into 3-season rooms to extend your outdoor season. Advertisements Advertisements Get DIY screen kit options for your porch, deck, or patio One of the easiest we've seen is a screen room/sun room combination DIY kit. Kits come with everything you need for assembly.

These work best on decks and patios to turn your space into a screen/sun room in a short time.Be sure to also see our four season porch ideas. Advertisements Advertisements Our Suggestions When Considering a DIY Kit Try to use a standard size. Sizes depend on the manufacturer. For most people a standard size works fine and reduces your costs. Measure your area well to make sure your selected kit will fit.

Most manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure you order the correct size. If the standard sizes do not work for your space, modify the existing site. Some people have multi-level decks, chimneys, bump-outs, small decks or patios to work around. It may be less expensive to modify your existing area than to have the manufacturer modify the DIY kit. You will pay for scrap material, retooling, labor, etc.

Expand the deck or patio, incorporate knee-walls for multi-level decks, or build conventional framing around obstacles. Your last option should be requesting manufacturer modifications. This is usually the most expensive option. Time: Most DIY kits are fairly straightforward to assemble. Plan on it taking more time than you anticipate. Read the instructions through at least once to familiarize yourself with the process - it helps to know what comes next.

The kits do not come with extra spare parts. Make sure you understand the directions first before "snapping this into that"! Skills: Most anyone can assemble these units. You will have to anchor it to your home. Depending on your home's exterior (brick, clad, siding, wood, etc.) the method of attachment varies. It helps to know the tricks of the trade before you begin assembling the unit. Another great feature we've seen are roll-up screens.

These make it great for "opening" up your screened porch when the screens are no longer needed.Screen Kit from Custom Screened Porch Kits Another option is to have a custom made DIY screened porch kit manufactured to meet your specific needs. These usually come in different color options and offer other amenities like electrical and security door lock options. You contact the manufacturer and they will send someone to work directly with you to create your own specific screened porch kit.

Screen Porch Kit Suppliers Family Home Plans offer a great selection of both porch and DIY screened in porch plans. Although not kits, most plans can be modified to fit your exact requirements.See the pictures of screen kits we have to show you. Advertisements Advertisements The Amazon ads are our affiliate links. Thank you.

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  Screened Rooms, Patio Covers, Pergolas,  Porch Enclosure Systems, Awnings and  Modularized Sunrooms Call Toll Free... 1.844.404.0484   *Some exceptions may apply.  Click for details Stay Connected! Check us out on...               Our Company Our DIY Kits             Our manufacturers                     belong to:           Accredited by:   Open: Monday-Friday | 8:00 am to 6:00 pm ET* Saturday | 10:00 am to 4:00 pm ET* Sunday | Closed *Except for US & CAN holidays Call Toll Free: 1.

844.404.0484 Doing it yourselfdoes not mean doing it alone! We are always ready with information and advice to help with your selection. Please call toll free or email us with your questions. Welcome   Within these pages you will find a number of manufacturers, carefully chosen, to provide a wide variety of both  materials supplied and modularized kits, each specifically designed to create an indoor space outdoors.

Screen in existing roof lines with our screen walls only, porch screening systems. Cover your existing deck or patio with a retractable fabric patio awning or choose from 4 styles of a permanent aluminum patio cover installation. Do it yourself'ers will find the modularized screen rooms or sun rooms with an insulated roof, walls and low-e windows an attractive alternative to expensive contractors.

Window awnings, door canopies and a large selection of bulk screening will help you confidently finish of those home beautification projects you have been putting off.  From Innovation to Transformation... Doing it yourself does not mean doing it alone! Offering complete and easy to assemble DIY kits, we work with you from design to installation. A full line of screened enclosures, patio covers, sun rooms and awnings provides everything you need for sun and bug protection that works! ==================================================================== ========================================   The Entire Line of Home, Porch & Patio DIY Kits     Kick-back and relax, protected from the sun’s harsh rays and annoying flies and mosquitoes.

Only the finest quality materials are supplied to you. This Porch Screening System is accomplished using up to 4 profiles of extruded aluminum framing. Choose from white, bronze, or clay colors. Perfect for enclosing front porches, or patios and decks with existing roof lines. Do you have an existing patio roof structure that you would like to enclose? Now you can turn that wasted space into living space by adding an insulated wall & window system.

Your porch and patio can now become an office, workout room or simply a nice place to retreat away from the elements.Our insulated wall systems offer the benefits of a sunroom and can easily be installed under your existing structure. Modularized polystyrene core structural walls with a variety of windows and doors to choose from. Perfect for the DIY homeowner... and their wallet! No existing roof? No problem! We can use flat pan roofing systems or our snap-lock insulated roofing systems over top of the screen walls application.

All roof structures are designed to conform to your local load requirements Create a new outdoor space while enhancing your property value. Each cover is custom designed and fabricated to your particular needs and load requirements. Choose from  W Pan or Flat Pan aluminum roll-formed covers which have a baked-on enamel finish or from our Insulated Panel patio covers with all extruded aluminum profiles, posts and beams.

Perfect! Now you can finish off the area you just screened in with a set of lip frame vinyl windows! This is a versatile porch & patio enclosure system that you can install and take out with the turn of a clip! Attractive, strong and easy to operate. The 10-mil vinyl is as transparent as glass without the cost or the weight. They come with a lifetime warranty on frames and 10-year warranty on the vinyl itself.

This is your chance to turn that deck or patio you can't use because of the hot afternoon sun into an inviting outdoor oasis! High quality marine weave fabrics on an extruded aluminum retractable frame allows you to control the sun! Retractable Deck Awnings come in a huge selection of colors and sizes! These temporary screen rooms are perfect for summer time installations in campgrounds and backyards throughout snow belt areas! Designed to go up in the spring and come down in the fall, these screen rooms keep you in the shade and bug free for 3 seasons of the year.

They are here! Fully modularized insulated roof and walls with functional high quality windows. All components are engineered and everything is sent to you so that you and your team can easily put on a new addition at a fraction of the price of traditional stick built construction. These sunrooms are designed to be beautiful, durable, and energy efficient, and are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty Check out all the details We carry a large variety of outdoor window awnings all partially assembled and delivered directly to your home.

All of our window shades styles are available in both aluminum and fabric and are backed by a 5 Year Warranty! We have provided a great selection of bulk screening (100' rolls) all supplied by the world's largest screen wire manufacturer of quality screening - Phifer Inc. Doing it yourself does not mean doing it alone! Toll Free: 1.844.404.0484

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