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Aluminum Deck Railing Ideasfor Your Front Porch An aluminum porch railing, often called an aluminum deck railing, is the first thing you see. Railings define your porch's style so choosing the right design is very important. Advertisements Advertisements Choose porch railings that are durable, low maintenance, and can hold up in adverse weather conditions whether on your front porch or deck.Aluminum railings are available from manufacturers and distributors like Dekorators, Tek-Rail, Deckdepot, Rockler, Home Depot and more.

Arc Baluster Style available at Whether looking for aluminum balusters to attach to wood rails or aluminum railing kits, there are plenty of options from which to choose.We really like the look of an aluminum porch railing; it is one of our most favored deck railing ideas. You can achieve the exact look you want,from very simple to quite elegant, to complement your home and outdoor decor.

Simple designs using wooden 2x2 inch balusters may be quite appropriate for many porches. But you can make an ordinary front porch or deck extraordinary with aluminum railings; they come in so many different styles.Colonial style aluminum balusters available at Colonial style balusters are ideal for many front porches. They resemble turned wooden balusters but due to the diameter of each spindle, do not obstruct the view.

If view is an issue, you might also want to investigate stainless steel cable railing options.Classic style balusters available at The classic style, and probably most popular aluminum porch railing, offers a clean look mimicking round wooden balusters. Advertisements Advertisements An advantage of using the classic style is taking advantage of's connectors, specifically their duo connectors.

This device allows you to attach their round balusters in pairs to create a unique look.Architectural aluminum railings style (baroque) available at Use architectural balusters to create some real curb appeal on your front porch. These are sure to be noticed. Easy to install; just attach to your upper and lower railing and spaced appropriately.Traditional baluster style The traditional style is reminiscent of wooden balusters but without the bulk.

This definitely will give your porch a nice clean appeal. Easy to install and maintenance free, you will enjoy these for years to come.Estate or square baluster style The estate style mimics square wooden balusters. They would work well on a wide range of porch styles, from country to Victorian. If using on wood railings, you could position two or three closer together (leaving no more than a four inch gap between groups) for a more designer look.

Aluminum Deck Railing - Go for Elegance It is a also possible to mix and match materials to achieve a very distinctive and beautiful look for your front porch. Decorative items like baskets, collars, and center pieces can be added to your aluminum porch railing to create a very unique appeal.Aluminum railing with baskets and center piece by Add baluster baskets (at right and in photo above) to your square aluminum railings to achieve a sophisticated look relatively inexpensively.

Baskets are secured in place with set screws after sliding them over square balusters.They are maintenance free and should last the life of your porch or deck. Available through Home Depot. Incorporate baluster ring collars in your railing design. You can use one or more on a baluster to add interest and appeal.Use them in conjunction with baskets and center pieces or just place them strategically throughout your railings.

Available through Home Depot. Centerpieces attach to classic designed balusters and add yet another dimension to your porch railing system.Combine these with collars and baskets to create a very unique aluminum porch railing design.Available through Dekorators.comAluminum Railing Kits Railing kits, like the one pictured above from, are perfect for those who want easy installation along with the look of complementary porch rails.

Aluminum porch railing kits also come in several colors, typically black, white, and bronze.Normally, aluminum porch railing kits include all of the rails, balusters, and hardware necessary to assemble a stated length of balustrade. However, I've noted that in some cases, you'll have to order special brackets that are not included so be sure to read all of the ordering information.This short video explains how to install aluminum railing kits.

See how easy it's done![embedded content]Also note that there are usually two distinct railing kit styles. One is post to post meaning the rails extend between the aluminum posts. The other is over-the-post where the rails extend over the top of the posts and connect at the columns or walls.Most satisfy both 36 inch and 42 inch railing height requirements and usually come in 4, 6, or 8 foot lengths.

We located railing kits at and Tek-Rail.comAluminum Porch Railing Sections Another option is to purchase DIY porch railing sections like those shown below by the Fence Center.They are almost maintenance free and come completely assembled in several styles and dimensions. This is an excellent option for those who want the simplicity of aluminum railings without having to assemble and install railings.

Installation of Aluminum Porch Balusters on Wood I've found that installation is fairly easy and in some cases a lot easier than standard 2x2 wooden balusters. They attach easily to your top and bottom rails although I discovered it went a lot faster with four hands than just my two!Mine have been easy to maintain. In fact, I just wipe them down after I restrain my boards from time to time. No muss- no fuss!Watch this short video that shows how to attach aluminum balusters to your wood rails.

[embedded content]I used these two products when installing my aluminum balusters and they worked really well. The first is for installing round aluminum balusters and the second is for installing the actual rails. For my project they worked fine for 2x4s.If you are building a porch or deck and installing a wood floor, this tool is ideal. I've use clamps but this tool makes the job far easier.Aluminum Porch Railing Accessory What can I say, I like feeding birds.

The RailHookz makes it easy to hang bird feeders or planters from your railings.Product Information Resources Advertisements Advertisements The Amazon ads are our affiliate links. Thank you.

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