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A patio screen is most commonly used for a front porch design, while other materials such as glass and curtains work just as well. Fiberglass screens are the most popular material to use for closed in porch remodeling because it is strong, dent resistant, and does not unravel easily. When picking a back or front porch screen material, consider using fabrics with thick threads. These types of fabrics are the best to use in outdoor living areas because they are the most durable types of screens and are designed specifically for outside use.

Another option to consider is plexiglass panels. Plexiglas is the top rated material amongst do it yourself to use on porch and patio screens in colder environments because they allow the warmth of the sun to pass through, but not the cold weather.

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Ideas to Make Your Porch Sizzle Welcome to our Screened Porch Design topics - an extensive hub from which you can plan, design, build, and decorate your porch enclosure. Advertisements Advertisements In collaboration with custom screen porch builders, Mary and I have assembled an array of information and pictures to give you oodles of screened porch design ideas.The two of us love screen porches - so much that we actually bought a home just for the porch.

A screen porch not only gives you additional living space but also allows you to enjoy the outdoors in courtesy of The Porch Company, Nashville, TN Screened Porch Design Topics and More From screened porch design to screen porch kits, decorating, building your own, and more, we have covered about every aspect of fine screened porches.A screened porch design can range from the simple to the very unique.

That's what makes it such a great addition to any home. Add a few additional features and you can use your screen porch almost year round depending on where you live. Screen Porch WindowsWonderful option that turns your porch into a screened porch /three-season porch. Less expensive than glass. Porch Enclosure OptionsChoose from a wide variety of porch, deck, and patio enclosure options for amazing outdoor living .

.. Advertisements Advertisements Screened In Porch IdeasDetermine how your screened porch will be used; instrumental in designing a screen porch you can enjoy many years Four Season Porch OptionsFour season porch options are ideal for added living space while simultaneously creating an amazing outdoor room. Interior Screen Porch Design IdeasUse this photo gallery and these ideas to plan the interior of your screened in porch - from furniture ideas to features like fireplaces and other amenities Screen Porch Plan ConsiderationsThings you should know if building a screen porch from a plan.

Includes info on electrical wiring, floor and roof plans, plumbing and more. Screened In Porch PlansScreen porch plans that are popular with our readers. Create an amazing screen porch for your family. Sunroom IdeasSee how you can easily convert your existing space into a fun light-filled sunroom. Listen to Our Audio Programs Love screen porches? Listen to our audio programs with leading experts on screen porches.

The Porch Company We interview Nancy Moore, owner of The Porch Company, to learn how to design the perfect screened porch!You'll learn why you must think about water, why choose an experienced porch builder, and what one factor should be used to determine the perfect size of your porch. Screen Porch Kits In need of a screen porch kit? Listen to Glenn Smith of Screen Houses Unlimited, who shares information about all kinds of kit options.

PCA Products Want to update your screen door? Steve Pfeffer, President of PCA Products, explains the advantages of their aluminum screen doors.Don't make this screened porch design mistake...The major error most people make with their screened porch design is size. Most people make them too small and wish later they had made it a just a "little" larger once they begin placing furniture.Planning makes all the difference.

Whether you are building your porch yourself, using a kit or hiring an architect or contractor, start with pencil and paper. Your screened porch design should be given thoughtful planning. photo courtesy of The Porch Company, Nashville, TN The screen porch pictured below called for a 16' X 18' screened porch with cathedral ceilings. Note the ceramic tile flooring and wainscoting on both the walls and ceiling.

Multiple power outlets were installed in the walls and ceiling in addition to a cable hook up. Skylights were installed in the roof. These are but a few of the many things you can have on your screen porch.You can convert an existing patio slab, brick, or deck to screen porches easily. Enclose your existing porch or portion of your porch into a screen porch. Or, start from scratch and build it to your own specifications.

Another great screen porch design idea is to use existing screen porch plans and modify them to suit your specific needs. You can usually easily adapt your screen porch to a sun room by adding glass panels and perhaps a space heater depending on your climate. We did this in Nebraska and were able to use our porch almost year round! Another option is to have an architect draw your screen porch plans to your specifications.

They will ensure it blends with your home's architecture to make your screen porch the envy of the neighborhood. Video: Screened Porch Trends [embedded content] With thanks to our friends from The Porch Company Advertisements Advertisements The Amazon ads are our affiliate links. Thank you.

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