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I bought a 55 inch curved 4K TV on 7/1/2017. On 12/29/2017 I was watching my TV at 3:30 PM and had to leave to pick my wife up from work. I arrived home approximately at 4:50 PM and immediately turned on my TV. I immediately noticed a crack on my screen. I then called Samsung customer service to explain the situation. The only thing they were concerned with was if it was physical damage. I told them that nothing happened on our part to cause any physical damage.

It was fine an hour and a half earlier. They kept asking over and over if there was physical damage. The only damage could have been caused by a manufacturer's defect. I couldn't get anywhere with their customer support on the phone. So I got on their website and did a live chat with a lady named Sarbita **. She had me send a picture of the line on my TV to She then proceed to send me a link for a service technician to set up an appointment, and that it would take a few days to be contacted.

On 1/2/2018 I received a phone call from a man named Schelumiel from Samsung. He explained to me that everything would be taken care of and he kept repeating this to me. I asked him since this phone call was recorded if I could get a copy of the conversation. He said that I could get a copy and gave me a reference number for our conversation. He then said I had to call 1-800-726-7864 to get my appointment set up.

So I called this number and a man named Jose answered the phone. I said that Schelumiel to me to call to get a service appointment set up. This man was so unprofessional and argumentative. After he wouldn't set up the service appointment, I asked for a Manager. I was then put on hold and no one came back to the phone. I have since researched Samsung and how they service their warranties. They are many complaints on Yelp.

com,,, and many other websites. This company sells billions of dollars worth of equipment in the USA, but they do not stand behind their warranties. The United States government needs to investigate Samsung's business practices. I have never ever dealt with a company that is this incompetent. Now I have a 5 month old TV that I spent $768 on, and it has a white line on the screen.

I live on a fixed income and can't afford to buy another TV, but that isn't the point, the point is they need to honor their warranties.

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Is it possible to fix a deep scratch on a Samsung 65 inch curved SUHD TV? The tv is not cracked nor have any lines. It's just solution; Is it possible to fix a ...

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