Samsung Tv Has Horizontal Lines On The Screen

Picture of Samsung Tv Has Horizontal Lines On The Screen

You may encounter different variations of lines on the TV screen. If you are experiencing this difficulty, simply follow the steps below:   Step 1:   Check whether the lines on the screen are moving or permanent.   Step 2:   If the lines sway, check the input source (HDMI 1, Video, PC, etc.) and connection to see if they are properly connected. Disconnect and re-connect the video cable/HDMI to check if the issue is resolved.

  Step 3:   Pull up the Menu screen and check whether the issue persists.    Step 4:   Perform a Picture Test by going to Menu → Support → Self Diagnosis → Picture Test and follow the prompts.            Step 5:   If no horizontal lines are seen on the image then the issue is not associated with your television, please refer to your Satellite or Cable Service Provider for further checking.

  Step 6:   If there are still lines on the screen, please also try a different input source.    Step 7:   If the lines stay on the screen no matter what input source you use, inquire about the warranty and service booking process for the unit as it may require service. You may call the Samsung Customer Care hotline for further assistance. To look for a Service Centre near your area click here.

    Note:    ●    If the lines are permanent on all channels and all sources then the TV requires service. If it happens intermittently, it could be a possible software issue. Check for software updates available for the unit.   ●    If the above troubleshooting did not resolve the issue, please contact Samsung Customer Care using one of the options below.  

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a horizontal line (s) is usually an indication of a "bad panel" which isn't economically repairable. Most of these kinds of sets use what are called "bonded tab" cables which is flat cabling "heat bonded" to the sides and bottom of the panel. Those connections may develop issued over time such that the bonding (or some associated IC drivers on the cable) has an issue. Some people have had some limited success with placing some thermal padding on the bond areas to improve pressure on the bond (and reduce heating effects) resulting in the line (s) disappearing if they are lucky.

... probably temporarily as the issue isn't really fixed. Of course, you need to dissemble the frame / back of the set to get access to the area. Probably not the answer you are hoping for... sorry.

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