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Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we aim to help our readers who own the #Samsung #Galaxy #Note5 fix the problems that they are experiencing with their phone. Today we will tackle the Galaxy Note 5 screen has purple blue patch issue & other related problems. Having a Super AMOLED display has made this phone quite attractive to a lot of consumers. This screen technology is more energy efficient compared to LED displays and does not require any back lighting making the screen have a high contrast level.

While the display of this phone is one of the best in the market it is in no way perfect as some issues can also occur which we will be addressing today. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy Note 5 screen has purple blue patch issue & other related problems. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 5  or any other Android device for that matter then feel free to contact us using this form.

We will be more than happy to assist you with any concern that you may have with your device. This is a free service we are offering with no strings attached. We however ask that when you do contact us try to be as detailed as possible so that an accurate assessment can be made and the correct solution can be given.   If you would like to browse the previous parts in this series then check out this link.

  You may also reach us at our Facebook and Google+ social media accounts. Note 5 Screen Has Purple Blue Patch Problem: I dropped my phone from a very short height but on a concrete road. It was so that there was a small corner of the screen (where it had impacted ) got a chemical spill sort of purple blue patch. However over night the purple blue patch grew and covered the whole screen in a way that i can not use it properly any more.

Please give me a solution. Could you also tell me how much would it cost me approximately to fix this problem. Solution: Right now no amount of software troubleshooting will be able to bring back the condition of the display. The purple blue patch that you see on the phone screen means that the display is broken and needs to be replaced. I recommend that you bring your phone to a service center and have the display replaced.

Note 5 Keeps On Freezing Problem: Hi  My samsung note 5 keeps on freezing. after turning it on and the moment it displays the samsung logo the screen freezes. when i wake it up it displays the swipe option and screen freezes. tried safe mode and force reboot but same issue. I read a lot of discussion but so far there has been no fix to the problem. Solution: If the problem still occurs even when you start the phone in Safe Mode then it’s possible that the problem is caused by some form of corrupt data.

Perform the following troubleshooting steps listed below to fix this problem. Try wiping the cache partition of your phone from the recover mode. Backup your phone data then do a factory reset. If the problem still occurs then we might be looking at a hardware issue. I recommend that you bring your phone to a service center and have it checked if this is the case. Note 5 Parts Of Screen Not Recognizing Touch Problem: Certain parts of my screen doesn’t recognize touch, but only while I’m in a call.

Functions perfectly other than that Solution: What you need to do first in this case is to check if an app you installed in your phone is causing the problem. To do this you have to start your phone in Safe Mode. When the phone works in this mode only the pre-installed apps are allowed to run. If the issue does not occur in this mode then it could be caused by an app you downloaded. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

If however the problem occurs in Safe Mode then you should proceed with the troubleshooting steps listed below. Wipe the cache partition of your phone from the recovery mode. Backup your phone data then do a factory reset. If the above steps fails to fix the problem then could be caused by a defective digitizer. You will need to bring your phone to a service center and have it checked if this is the case.

Note 5 Screen Unresponsive After Charging Port Replacement Problem: Hi — I was having trouble with my USB port — wouldn’t charge my phone. I replaced the usb and have success! The phone charges. But now the touch screen is unresponsive. Display is perfect — all of the buttons are connected and working. Absolutely 0 response to touch input. Is it possible I messed up the digitizer? Thanks. Selecting Nougat because I have no clue.

Solution: Try unseating the connection wire of the display and motherboard then connect it again. Once this is done check if the issue still occurs. If it does then I recommend you try doing a factory reset from the recovery mode. Take note that this will erase your phone data. If the problem still occurs after this then the digitizer of the phone might be damaged. You will have to bring your phone to a service center and have it checked if this is the case.

Note 5 Screen Is Black After Nougat Update Problem: I am using note 5 dual sim. After I update to Nougat, my home and lock screen became all black. Even if i change the wallpaper it will still black. I also don’t have the notification at the top of my phone. Like the battery % shortcuts etc. even the recent applications are not showing when i press the left side of the home button. What should i do? Solution: Try doing a simulated battery pull on your phone by pressing and holding both power and volume down buttons for at least 10 seconds.

Your phone should restart after this. If the problem still persists then I would recommend that you do a factory reset. You can do the reset from the recovery mode. Take note that the reset will erase your phone data. Note 5 Only works With S Pen Problem: I can turn my phone on and off and I can see what is happening on my screen perfectly, but when I try to type with my fingers, the screen doesn’t respond.

I can only type and use my phone with my S Pen Solution: It looks like the problem is caused by a damaged digitizer. To check if this is the cas you will have to do a factory reset. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing the reset. Once the reset is complete check if the issue still occurs. If it still does then this is most likely a digitizer problem already. You will need to bring your phone to a service center and have it checked if this is the case.

Note 5 Screen Mirroring To TV Problem: Please help. I don’t have wifi available but do have 4G data on my Note 5 Samsung phone. I also have a brand new Samsung TV. I cannot figure out screen mirroring using data. Do I need a cable to plug into the TV and phone to connect the two devices?? Please let me know. Also, I’m not sure if marshmallow is the diversion of my device but it is a current Note 5 Solution: Screen mirroring allows you to display the exact contents of your phone to your TV.

This however requires that your phone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. As of now you won’t be able to mirror the content of your phone using your mobile data subscription. Engage with us Feel free to send us your questions, suggestions and problems you’ve encountered while using your Android phone. We support every Android device that is available in the market today. And don’t worry, we won’t charge you a single penny for your questions.

Contact us using this form. We read every message we receive can’t guarantee a quick response. If we were able to help you, please help us spread the word by sharing our posts with your friends.

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