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Gunnar Haid From Google Reviews It’s hard to find a phone repair shop. There are so many if them, all competing on price and not necessarily on quality or service. On top of that, how often does one need a phone repaired? So repeat business is also not something most phone repair shops will focus on. Let me do my bit and help out someone, who so obviously does things differently. These guys were fantastic in their communication, in their patience, knowledge, work quality, service and, believe it or not, with all that they were the best at pricing.

I can only recommend them and hope that they will prosper and stay in business. I know where my next repair will be done, no more shopping around. Click Here To Read More …

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Galaxy S7 repair The certification for dust and waterproofing on the Samsung Galaxy S7, plus the ability to expand storage, are welcome returns, and make this a more robust and versatile smartphone. Having said that, things can still go wrong, and you can’t afford to be without your Galaxy S7 for long if you are to keep up with events, friends and family. If you have encountered a problem with your smartphone, you need to get an expert opinion and a repair straight away.

That’s where the PhoneMend network of mobile phone repair technicians comes into its own. With repair centres spread across all areas of the UK, diagnostics and repairs, or Galaxy S7 screen replacement services, are never too hard to find. PhoneMend network members offer great value, and rapid specialist support services for Samsung phones. You can trust them to quickly work out what’s gone wrong, and then repair it for you – often while you wait.

We’ve made it easy to get in touch with the PhoneMend repair technicians; we simply ask for your location to enable us to find a selection of the repair centres closest to you. We give you all the contact details and a list of services, and you then have a choice of requesting a free, no-obligation quote online, or contacting the repair centre directly to talk to someone about your Samsung phone repair.

You’ll be happy that you did. About Galaxy S7 The Samsung Galaxy S7, along with the Galaxy S7 Edge version, were revealed as the successors to the S6 range by Samsung Electronics at the February 2016 Mobile World Congress. These Android smartphones were then released in Europe during the next month. The Galaxy S7 was based on the design of the S6 with improvements, such as the restoration of the dustproof and waterproof certification, which on this phone was achieved by the addition of sealed ports rather than protective flaps.

Another welcome return was expandable storage, making this model popular with power users. With a metal and glass construction similar to the S6, the Galaxy S7 has a slimmer camera protrusion and a more squared Home button, and is available in gold and black. This smartphone does not have a user-replaceable battery, but the battery capacity has been increased over that of the S6, and the phone still supports wireless charging, which goes some way to mitigate the issue.

Over 13 million Galaxy S7 devices were sold within the first 6 months. Galaxy S7 repairs Galaxy S7 screen replacement and repairs Battery replacement Microphone, speaker, earpiece repair Front and rear camera repairs Rear glass repair and replacement Diagnostic services (software or hardware) Vibration motor repair Power button repair Volume control repair Water damage repair Repair options Walk in Our walk in repair service is when you bring your Samsung Galaxy S7 to us.

We will fix it in front of you in about 30 minutes while you wait... Call Out Our technician will come to your work or home to repair your Samsung Galaxy S7. We will fix it in front of you in about 30 minutes while you carry on with your day... Mail in Post your Samsung Galaxy S7 to us. We will repair it on the same day. You’ll receive it back the next day via tracked and insured return delivery.

.. You have selected: Galaxy S7 repair These are all the other Samsung devices our technicians can repair:

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