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Product Description  Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Glass Lens Screen Replacement Repair Kit Black Replace your cracked or scratch glass with this screen. if you dropped your phone and cracked your outer glass but your LCD is in working condition then this parts is for you (Includes Logo) Features and Specifications Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Glass Lens Screeen Replacement Repair Kit Screen made out of High strength optically US Trusted Seller Free Warranty guaranteed parts Package Contents 1 x Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Front Glass Screen replacement Repair Kit Black 1 x Adhesive for front glass screen 1 x 7pc Tools Compatible Samsung Galaxy Note 5 All Models

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With devices like the Galaxy Note 8 becoming more display and less bezel, it’s essential to find the correct screen protector to defend the device from scratches and cracks. Here are four of the best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8… UAG Cases BodyGuardz Pure Arc Creating screen protectors, especially those made out of tempered glass, can be extremely difficult to do.

Thanks for the Note 8’s curved display, the screen protector also must curve just perfectly to make sure it stays in place and doesn’t leave any unsightly air gaps. The Pure Arc from BodyGuardz knows of these challenges and has created a product that it believes will act as a protective shield from minor scratches and damage. To make for a successful and smooth install, BodyGuardz includes a micro-fiber cleaning cloth, adhesive stickers to remove any stubborn dust, and an alignment tray, making it a breeze to install the screen protector itself.

Do take note with this screen protector and the other tempered glass ones on this list, you must give the adhesive at least 24 hours to fully secure to your Note 8. If you use the phone a lot or are rough with it before it’s fully set, there’s change that it could separate from the handset in the future. Buy the BodyGuardz Pure Arc curved tempered glass screen protector for $40. Griffin Survivor Glass The Griffin Survivor Glass is just like the above BodyGuardz tempered glass screen protector in that it covers the entire display, including the curved edges.

While it doesn’t come with an alignment tool, it is pretty easy to apply. Unlike plastic screen protectors that can bubble up and lay on the display incorrectly, Griffin’s glass option just needs to be aligned with the camera section and let go. After pressure is added to the top and bottom adhesive, it should be good to go. Buy the Griffin Survivor Glass curved glass screen protector for $35.

Tech21 Impact Shield The Tech21 Impact Shield is the only plastic screen protector on this list for it’s one of the best out there. It contains three layers of protection which includes a hard outside shell, an impact absorbing material in the middle, and a soft base that absorbs any remaining impact. And although it’s made out of plastic, it is durable and meant to be resistant from minor scratches.

With it in the box is an installation tool so that you don’t accidentally misalign the screen protector. And in case there are any bubbles under the plastic after following the installation steps, it comes with a smudger that’ll take care of anything hindering your experience. Buy the Tech21 Impact Shield Anti-Scratch screen protector for $40. BodyGuardz Pure Arc Privacy This screen protector is almost identical to the first one on this list.

There are two main differences, and the first has to do with its name: privacy. While smartphone manufacturers boast about wide viewing angles, sometimes you just don’t want someone to be able to look over your shoulder and see what’s on your screen. With the Pure Arc Privacy, that is no longer an issue. When installed correctly on the Note 8 using the included installation alignment tray, the display and its contents will only be visible to those looking at it directly.

Shift the screen to the left or right by a couple of degrees, and it’ll be completely blacked out. Buy the BodyGuardz Pure Arc Privacy screen protector for $40. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news: [embedded content]

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