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It is easily to activate or customize the screen saver in Windows-8 / 10 or 8.1 via the screen saver "screen saver settings" in Win 8.1/ 10 / 8! Please start the screen saver settings in Windows-8/8.1 via: the key combination [Win-Logo]+[R], then simply type the command: control desk.cpl,,1 (... See Image-1 Arrow-1),or the command:control.exe desk.cpl,screensaver,@screensaver (... See Image-1 Arrow-1).

In win 8, 8.1 "screen saver settings" Window (Image-1),you can easily adjust (customize, activate, disable) the Windows 8 screen saver.You can also, via the Windows 8 desktop click, customize the screen saver.Please press the key combination [Win-Logo]+[D]. Right-clicking via mouse on the desktop to display the context menu. Here simply select "Personalize" to open the window with the "Personalize" Window.

Here at the bottom right area please click "Screen Saver".PS: The default screensaver folder in windows 8 is C:\Windows\System32 and the file extension is *.scr(Image-1) Windows 8 activate screen saver, turn off or on FAQ 47: Updated on: June 24th 2015 14:37

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The key reason of up to date personal computer display screen savers is leisure and at times even, protection. Nonetheless, they were being originally built to avert phosphor burn-in on plasma computer displays as well as CRT devices. Monitor savers assisted to forestall these detrimental results by instantly altering the images when the computer system was not getting used.

Let me convey to you of the mind maximizing system I had stumbled on right after loading a very significant number of photographs into My Pictures file, which was instantly hooked, maybe like your computer set up, to my screen saver program. Immediately after sitting down and looking at it one day, I pointed out how it spurred on my brain and amplified my spatial reasoning ahead of planning periods. It definitely assisted and i was astonished.

Bypass Factory Reset Protection from Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus 2017 [Latest Method] In this latest FRP deactivation method, I will show you how to bypass the Google account or unlock FRP. Free and easy, on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus G950F, G950FD, G955F, G955FD (Android Nougat 7.0) using Odin software. These days Android users don’t realize that Factory Reset Protection (FRP) rests in their devices till the time they need to provide the initial Google Account username and password for restoring their smartphone or other Android device.

You can follow the deemed tutorial to understand the FRP bypassing in an exuberant(easy) way. The tutorial will include the explanation regarding the working of the FRP, how you may enable or disable the same, you can also learn to bypass the FRP process in case you have forgotten your Google account’s password. What is FRP Security Feature? Since the inception of the Lollipop in the Android devices, the Factory Reset Protection i.

e. FRP has made an alluring appearance in the devices. The majority of the stock android phones have this security feature, not only in Lollipop – 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2 but in Android Marshmallow 6.0-6.0.1 and Nougat 7.0–7.1.2. It activates after the factory reset (or hard reset) of your phone. During the post reset initial setup, the phone will pop up for the Google Account’s username & password.

You may follow the page for more: Bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Galaxy Phones Latest Method Why FRP feature is important for Android Device? The prime objective of the FRP feature is to make sure that nobody may wipe-out the data at ease in case your phone has been stolen or misplaced. The feature shields your device from the external intrusion, which is a great deal. What comes as a sad news that the feature may be annoying to many smartphone users.

What if you forget Gmail ID or Password of Google Account? It is possible that you might forget that the feature has been enabled on your phone and you might pass the device to any of your friends. In this way, you can share your Google account’s details with others, for temporary basis though. What comes as a great news is that users can always disable the FRP feature on their respective devices.

Is it Possible to Bypass Google Account from Smartphone or Tablet? There is a glitch that may allow us to bypass the revolutionary FRP feature in our android phone, unlike Apple’s iCloud activation. You can now bypass the Factory reset protection for the brands like “Samsung Galaxy J5, J7, A3, A5, A7, Note 5, Note 7, S6 Edge, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, LG, Motorola, Sony Xperia, Alcatel, Huawei, HTC, ZTE” and various other local Chinese brand devices respectively.

If you feel stuck in between the process, try the following for the successful bypass of the Factory Reset Protection. You may use guide for other Samsung Galaxy Devices from here: Bypass Google Account On “Samsung Galaxy J7 PRIME 2016, A9 PRO, A8, A7, A5, ON8, ON7 PRO, On Nxt” Unlock FRP Google Account We tested this unlock FRP or Bypass Google Account latest method successfully on Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F (Android 7.

0 Nougat) with “Security Patch Level 01 June 2017” but this also should work on: Samsung Galaxy S8 G950FD Samsung Galaxy S8+ G955F, G955FD Samsung Galaxy G950U (USA); G950A (AT&T); G950P (Sprint); G950T (T-Mobile); G950V (Verizon); DOWNLOAD LINKS: Samsung Android Drivers Odin for S8, S8 COMBINATION for S8 G950F/G950FD COMBINATION for S8+ G955F/G955FD ROMANIAN file for S8 G950F Follow these step to Bypass Google Account FRP lock from Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus: 1.

First download and install Odin Software into your computer: ODIN Software Download After installation, open Odin and click on “AP button” then you must select “Custom ROM COMBINATION File” Which you downloaded before for ‘Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus‘. It will take a few minutes to load the COMBINATION file completely into Odin. Once the file loaded to Odin, Power Off the phone and put it on the Download Mode.

How to Put Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 PLUS into Download Mode? Power Off Samsung S8 or S8 Plus Phone. Press “Volume Down + Bixby + Power Button” simultaneously. Release the buttons until you see WARNING logo on the Screen. Then Press “VOLUME UP” to pur your phone into Download Mode. 2. Then connect your Phone with the Computer using USB data cable. (If your device doesn’t recognize by the computer, Download and Install Latest SAMSUNG USB DRIVERS and connect it again) Once the phone connected with computer, Click on “Start Button” from Odin and wait until the Unlock FRP from Samsung S8 or S8 Plus first update completes.

Just after few minutes, In Odin the status will indicate “PASS!” with big green button. It means the Update has been completed now disconnect your phone from USB cable and wait a few seconds. 3. Now you’ve access to the Menu of your phone, Tap on the MENU  and go to Settings. Inside Settings scroll down and select “Developer Options” and make sure USB Debugging is enabled. Power Off the Phone > and Put your Phone in to Download Mode again.

Go to SamFirmware, Type and search the model number of your Samsung S8 or S8+ phone here. (To check the Model Number of your device, Look at the backside of your phone) 4. These are the Samsung Galaxy S8 model numbers: SM-G950W8, SM-G9500, SM-G9508, SM-G950F, SM-G950 S/K/L, SM-G950FD, SM-G950AZ, SM-G950A, SM-G950T1, SM-G950P, SM-G950T, SM-G950V, or SM-G950U. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus models are: SM-G955W8, SM-G9550, SM-G9558, SM-G955F, SM-G955 S/K/L, SM-G955FD, SM-G955AZ, SM-G955A, SM-G955T1, SM-G955P, SM-G955T, SM-G955V, and SM-G955U.

After searching the model number, Select your country and click on the latest Firmware. Scroll down and click on Regular Download > DOWNLOAD. It will take a couple of minutes to completely download the file. 5. Once your file downloaded extract it from Winrar and put it on the desktop. Then open Odin Software again and click on “BL” which is (boot-loader) and upload the BL file.  Just like that click on (AP, CL, CSC and upload their files according to their button tag) respectively.

It’s time to connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus with the computer again using USB data cable. Click over “START” button from Odin and wait until this process completes the update into your phone. In few minutes Odin will indicate the completion of update with a “Green PASS! Button”. Now you can remove your phone from USB cable and wait until the phone restarts. Congratulations! now you can complete the initial setup of your phone and I’m sure there won’t be any Google Verifying Page or FRP locked screen anymore.

Last Words: This is the latest method to remove Factory Reset Protection from Samsung Galaxy S8 G950FD or Samsung Galaxy S8+ G955F, G955FD. If you still need any help regarding any problem feel free to comment below or email us. Summary Article Name Bypass Google Account FRP from Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus [Updated] Description How to bypass google account or Factory Reset Protection from Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus.

Latest method to remove and deactivate FRP from Samsung Galaxy. Author George Matthew

Wilma Lawrence

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