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Roll-Away™ retractable window screens and screen doors are designed to look good in your home while providing comfort, convenience, and freedom from flies and other insects. Sliding into their housings, they disappear, exposing the view from your windows and doors. Employing the highest quality materials with recognized engineering skill, Roll-Away™ products are easily installed and will last the lifetime of the building when properly maintained.

Roll-Away™ window screens and doors enhance the beauty and dignity of a well-planned home. Window Screens CUSTOM MADE TO FIT Roll-Away™ window coverings are custom made and are available to fit practically every type and size window. When not in use they are rolled up like a regular shade, giving an unobstructed view. EASY TO INSTALL With a complete hardware package and instructions, the typical Roll-Away™ product can be installed in minutes, not hours.

Plus, it's reversible design allows for a more flexible and quality installation in your home. EASY TO OPERATE When the dual locks of the draw bar are released, our product can be easily positioned at stops every 12 inches apart. The drawbar moves freely in aluminum extruded guides and latches positively on the window sill with engineered locking mechanisms. RETRACTABLE When not in use, our product is concealed in an overhead housing which contains a spring, roller and bearing assembly for smooth operation.

INSECT PROTECTION Roll-Away™ products are designed to provide you with complete insect protection using brush seals along the guides and draw bar, coupled with either fiberglass or long lasting bronze screening material. Screen Doors SELF LATCHING Prevents accidental closing when touching screen. Positive secondary lock keeps product locked from inside of house. EASY LATCH Magnetic latch styles make closing simple but effective.

Keeps insects out with positive full length magnetic seal. FITS ALMOST EVERY TYPE OF DOOR Engineered with a patented (no. 6.463,983) guide and installation system that keeps the door free from binding and periodic adjustment. LOWEST COST PER YEAR Outlasts standard offerings by years. When not in use Roll-Away™ products are rolled up in the housing, away from dirt and damage.

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Roll-Away Retractable Window Screens are Custom Made to Your Sizes.Extruded Aluminum Guides on Each Side Allow Smooth Operation.Recommended for Very Smooth Sliding Operation.The Series 4000 Retractable Window Screen Features:- Compact 1 13/16" Wide by 1 7/8" Tall Top Roller Housing.- Easy to Install and Maintenance Free.- Special Heavy Duty Charcoal Fiberglass Screen Fabric.- Fingertip Magnetic Latching Control.

- Slide it Down When Your Window is Open.- Slide it up into Housing, Away From Dirt, Damage and Oxidation.- Lasts Longer, Admits 20% More Light than Outside Window Screens.Available in Bronze, White, Satin, Black, Desert Sand or Almond finishes.MEASURING GUIDE - 4000 SERIES RETRACTABLE SCREEN

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