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Retractable screen doors work the same way as spring-tension window shades. A spring inside of a roll is turned to create tension that allows you to open and close the screen door with ease. These doors are often custom made to fit your doorway. When the mesh or screen of your retractable screen door becomes severely frayed or ripped, you will need to replace it with a new one. Inspect your retractable screen door.

If it closes by pulling the handle all the way to the sill, you will need to remove the tracks from the screen housing to replace the screen. Remove the screws on the retractable screen door housing with a screwdriver and take the retractable screen door and its housing off the wall. Set the screws on masking tape to hold them together and avoid losing them. Remove the screws from the top and bottom track housing, if necessary.

Pull the tracks off of the housing. Set the retractable screen door onto a flat, soft surface, such as a carpeted floor. Remove the screws on the right end cap of the retractable screen housing, which may be marked R. Pull off the right end cap. Remove the screws from the left pull handle end cap -- opposite the right or R end cap position on the retractable screen housing -- with a screwdriver.

Remove the left pull handle end cap. Gently slide the pull handle off the old retractable screen end spline. Remove the old screen roll from the housing. Remove the plastic gear or ball bearing from the end of the screen roll and take out the ball bearing by grasping it with needle-nose pliers and pulling it off the pin on the end of the screen door roll. If your screen roll does not have plastic gear or a ball bearing on the round pin end, you can skip this step.

Insert the plastic gear or ball bearing from the old retractable screen door onto the round pin end of the new retractable screen door roll, if necessary. Look for the square-shaped tension pin on the end of the new screen door roll. Set the left end of the screen door housing against a wall to prevent it from shifting while you install the new retractable screen door roll. Insert the square tension pin into the slot on the interior of the left end cap while tilting up the opposite end of the retractable screen door roll.

Turn the retractable screen door roll nine times in a clockwise direction to wind up the spring located in the interior of the retractable screen door and create tension in the roll. Insert the R or right end cap onto the screen housing and the round pin on the end of the retractable screen door roll. Attach the right end cap with one screw to the housing to loosely hold it in place. Peel off the tape, holding the end of the screen door onto the retractable screen door roll.

Unwind 18 inches of the screen door off the roll. Wrap the screen door end around the housing twice and set the housing flat on your work surface to hold the screen in place around the housing. Attach the second screw of the R or right end cap with a screwdriver to firmly secure it to the housing. Slide the pull handle onto the spline located on the free end of the retractable screen door.

Insert the left pull handle end cap onto the pull handle and attach it with screws. Unwind the wrapped screen housing and check that it is between the flange on the edge of the right end cap and the side edge of the housing. If it is not, gently move the screen door edge over to slide it into position. Slide the bead of the screen track, if you removed it, through the notch on the back of the pull handle and screen housing.

When done correctly, the screen track will lie flat against the back of the screen housing. Reattach the screen track to the housing with the screws. Reinstall the retractable screen door onto your wall with the screws. Try to open and close your new retractable screen door to ensure that it operates smoothly and does not bunch up or catch. If it does, loosen the housing screws by 1/4 turn, because they may be overtightened.

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