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The next step involves entering the terminal and typing things. This may seem daunting to some and others feel like the terminal is only for 1337 hackers. These are both false expectations as it is really quite simple as long as you follow instructions. I would highly recommend to SSH for this next step, as it saves a considerable amount of time, although it is not necessary. SSH'ing is the act of wirelessly tapping into your Pi through your home computer; therefore it must be connected to the same network as your computer.

You must have the Pi connected to internet for this, most easily through ethernet. If you are going to SSH, follow this tutorial to get started. If you aren't going to SSH, plug in a keyboard and access the terminal by selecting the "exit" option. Sign into the Pi. Username is "xbian" and Password is "raspberry". Anything in brackets you type into the console; do not include the brackets. type [sudo stop xbmc] and then [wget https://github.

com/brantje/xbian-touch/raw/master... after that crazy looking code goes by, type [sudo sh install.sh] Now follow the on screen instructions, you will have to calibrate the touch screen. Once done, type [sudo reboot] If you have issues, refer to this, it may help to perform the manual version (I chose the easier automatic version at the bottom of the page). It is the source of this wonderful method.

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Note: Raspberry Pi Board and Raspberry Pi LCD Touch Screen are sold separately. Case compatible only with the Official Raspberry Pi 7" LCD Touch Screen.

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