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The Protection of Tomorrow is Here Today. Why Invisible First-Defense+ Liquid Glass-Screen Protector? $100 Screen Protect+ Replacement Guarantee Universal fit, ideal for curved screens Easy, bubble-free application Scratch resistant and anti-bacterial Offers greater protection with a smoother touch Nano technology creates an invisible protective coating 9H (Sapphire) hardness Includes: 1 Invisible First-Defense+ Nano-Liquid Towelette Cleaning Kit Registration Instructions* For answers to frequently asked questions, visit Invisible First-Defense+ Liquid Glass-Screen Protector FAQ's.

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The key objective of latest computer system display screen savers is leisure and at times even, protection. Even so, they were being originally built to avert phosphor burn-in on plasma computer system screens in addition as CRT products. Display savers assisted to circumvent these unfavorable results by immediately altering the photographs when the computer was not being used.

Let me convey to you of a brain improving method I had stumbled on soon after loading an incredibly huge variety of images into My Pictures file, which was immediately hooked, potentially like your personal computer established up, to my screen saver system. Soon after sitting and seeing it at some point, I famous the way it spurred on my brain and increased my spatial reasoning prior to coming up with classes. It truly assisted and that i was shocked.

• What is Nanotechnology?• How does it work?• Is it harmful to my device?• Can I take it off?• Can I use it all over the phone?• Does Invisible First-Defense+ make my device anti-bacterial?• My screen is cracked; can I still use Invisible First-Defense+?• Will Invisible First-Defense+ affect the manufacturer's warranty?• How to apply Invisible First-Defense+ to your device?• How many devices can one pack coat? Return to Invisible First-Defense NanoGlass-Screen Protector What is Nanotechnology?nano|tech|nol|ogy:  Science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers.

Nanotechnology can take different forms in many different areas, but here at Qmadix, we take advantage of the enhanced abilities of the nanoscale: higher strength, lighter weight, and increased control. We combine those abilities with German engineering to create Invisible First-Defense+. The first nanolayer to be available for your mobile screen to coat, protect, and repel. Return to Top How does it work?Start with SiO2 that is 500 times thinner than one human hair to form a nanotechnology layer.

The SiO2 fills in the pores of the glass creating an invisible coating to protect the screen. This bond creates the perfect screen protector for any device and provides better protection than your standard tempered glass. Return to Top Is it harmful to my device?No, and there lies the greatness in Invisible First-Defense+. It has been designed, tested, and retested to ensure that it does not have any negative impact on your device.

Its goal is to protect your phone without impacting your phone's performance in any way. In fact, you will be able to notice better touch responsiveness once applied. Return to Top Can I take it off?Interesting but why? Why would you want to take off the best screen protector on the market with the highest rated hardness for ultimate protection? Invisible First-Defense+ is designed to protect your screen without being noticed.

In fact, you may forget that it is on your device. But rest assured that it is doing its job, providing you the best protection on the market. Return to Top Can I use it all over the phone?Invisible First-Defense+ is designed to specifically bond with the glass surface of your phone. We do not recommend using it on plastic, rubber or metal. Return to Top Does Invisible First-Defense+ make my device anti-bacterial?Yes.

By applying the cleaner to your phone you are killing off any existing bacteria and germs while wiping away all grease and oil from your fingers. This process cleans and sanitizes your screen before applying the nanolayer that will repel 99.9% of germs and bacteria by creating a thin invisible protective layer. Return to Top My screen is cracked; can I still use Invisible First-Defense+?No, it is not advisable to put any liquid screen protector onto a cracked screen.

If your device is already cracked, the screen will further weaken and deteriorate. It is always advised to replace your screen first and then apply Invisible First-Defense+. Return to Top Will Invisible First-Defense+ affect the manufacturer's warranty?No, it will not. Invisible First-Defense+ only enhances your screen with added 9H Hardness protection. All internal components will never be damaged or affected, thereby removing the risks of any warranty issues.

How to apply Invisible First-Defense+ to your device? Use the enclosed cleaning wipe. This accomplishes two things: first it removes all germs, dirt, and grease that may be on your phone and second, it will prep your phone for the magic to happen. Dry your device with the micro-fiber cloth. Then apply the pre-treated swab over the entire screen using a circular motion. The pre-treated swab contains our German engineered formula that will be absorbed into the screen.

Wait five minutes then polish the screen with the micro-fiber cloth and it is ready for normal use. The nanotechnology fully cures in 48 hours. How many devices can one pack coat?One pack is designed to cover one device with up to a 10" screen size. We do not recommend trying to coat more than one device as this may not generate the desired result and could void your claim.

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