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I had the same problem described here with Win8 and the error loop. I did not have a recent emergency restore disk or Win8 installation DVD. I had just installed Symantec System Restore Desktop trial and this problem occurred during the restart. (I had previously had no problem installing another version of SSR and had uninstalled it before installing the Desktop version.)After MANY attempts to reboot, and getting into the loop each time, I finally disconnected EVERYTHING from the computer.

With everything disconnected, including the power cord, I pushed and held the power on button for almost a minute then tried rebooting with just the monitors and keyboard attached. It appeared to start loading, momentarily showed the "OOPS"/gathering info, blue restarting screen then went into the black screen with the "Preparing automatic repair" notice.Then it actually changed to "Diagnosing..." and, as I recall (I was so shocked I didn't believe it) it said it was scanning the hard drive for errors and it could take an hour.

It didn't. After a minute it tried to restart but ended up on a blue Win8 screen with an apology for not being able to load Windows. It offered to go back to a previous Restore point or Cancel. It also noted only the system files would be affected and that recently installed program(s) might need to be reinstalled. I clicked "Restore" and after a quite a few minutes of disk activity and the black Logo screen (DELL) with the moving dots.

.. Win8 loaded and only a few minor changes were noted. Nothing spectacular except I needed to reinstall the program that may have caused the issue on restart after installing (Symantec System Restore Desktop Trial.) Hope this might help someone get out of the loop.

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MrBrightside1Dec 25, 2014, 7:20 AM laptop loads with the acer logo, says 'preparing automatic repair' then goes to a black screen. i tried using F8 etc to open safe mode but it doesnt seem to be working. one thing that does work is the function to turn the screen off using F6, but that is all. HELP, also, it is running windows 8, so are there any other methods of loading safe mode?

Wilma Lawrence

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