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Advertisement One of the perks of having an Android device is that you can natively add widgets to your home screen 6 Handy Android Widgets for Your Homescreen 6 Handy Android Widgets for Your Homescreen The Android homescreen is a central hub for your most used apps and folders. It is also a great location for placing widgets that provide a quick overview of what is going on in the... Read More .

Some widgets are highly specific and only useful situationally, but then there are those amazing widgets that everyone should consider using 8 Unmissable Widgets For All Android Versions (Even If Your Phone Is Old) 8 Unmissable Widgets For All Android Versions (Even If Your Phone Is Old) Android 4.0 has been out for some time now yet, according to usage studies, a large number of devices still run version 2.

x. This can make buying widget apps frustrating. The latest and greatest may... Read More . But did you know that widgets can be used on your lock screen, too? Lock screen widgets were introduced in Android Jelly Bean 4.2 as a way to interact with your device without having to unlock it. If you guard your phone with a lock screen, it can be annoying to unlock every time you want to check the weather or toggle your wireless.

Disabling the lock screen isn’t always an option. Fortunately, these lock screen widgets will solve that problem once and for all. As its name suggest, DashClock is a dashboard clock that’s meant to be a replacement for the default Android lock screen clock. When considered on that merit alone, DashClock is already a fantastic widget. The clock is likely prettier than whatever came default on your device, and since the lock screen is probably the most-viewed screen in all of Android, it really makes a difference.

But DashClock’s main selling point is its extensibility. Using what are called “extensions,” you can add more details to your DashClock widget. By default, DashClock contains extensions for upcoming calendar appointments, upcoming alarms, missed calls, unread text messages, and unread Gmail messages. Other apps can provide their own extensions if they want – the Shuttle Player Shuttle Player: The Robust and Feature-Complete Music Experience [Android] Shuttle Player: The Robust and Feature-Complete Music Experience [Android] Finding that one perfect music player can be tough.

Finding one that's free? Nearly impossible. Rocket Player has been my near-perfect choice for the past few months, but I recently found a successor: Shuttle Player.... Read More extension is great – which just makes DashClock plain awesome. For those of you who mainly use your phone for its intended purpose – actually calling your contacts – the Simple Dialer Widget will be a godsend. Basically, this widget adds the phone keypad and contacts list to your lock screen so that you don’t have to go through the motions of unlocking your device before making a call.

It literally puts a dialer on your lock screen. The dialer comes with three tabs: the keypad, the call log, and the contacts list. Everything you need is available right on the widget. Your Android phone can finally compete with the old-school brick phones and flip phones when it comes to quickly making a phone call. One thing to keep in mind is that this will allow anyone to pick up your phone and make quick calls, too.

Not exactly world-shattering, but still a consideration you’ll want to make. With Google Reader’s recent demise, we’ve gone over all of the great Google Reader alternatives Google Reader's End Is Nigh: Prepare With These Alternative RSS Readers Google Reader's End Is Nigh: Prepare With These Alternative RSS Readers Google Reader is dead. By July the Internet's premier RSS service is shutting down forever, leaving users to find a replacement on their own.

If you're looking for an equivalent to Google these are just... Read More that you can choose to fill the leftover void. But what if you want instant, convenient RSS updates right on your phone without having to look further than the lock screen? That’s where the Simple RSS Widget comes in handy. The Simple RSS Widget displays a real-time list of all the RSS feeds being tracked in the widget’s options.

If you have tons of feeds to track, fear not – the widget allows you to easily import subscriptions. The widget is scrollable, resizable, customizable in terms of display, and can handle multiple feeds. I’ve reviewed my fair share of Android weather apps Predict The Future (Of Weather) With These 7 Awesome Weather Apps [Android] Predict The Future (Of Weather) With These 7 Awesome Weather Apps [Android] Correctly predicting the weather is about as easy as eating a handful of screws, yet we keep attempting it day after day.

Sometimes we get it right; most times we don’t. However, weather information is... Read More , but here’s one that has recently been making splashes: 1Weather. It has a sleek modern design that I absolutely love and it comes with a lock screen widget that puts current weather data right at the tip of your fingers. It’s new, it’s frequently updated, and it’s beautiful – what’s not to love? Just to be clear, this is not only a widget but a full-blown app.

It has real-time weather updates, notifications, hourly forecasts, home screen widgets, and it can even integrate with DashClock. Be aware that depending on your location the accuracy and precision of weather data may or may not live up to the standards held by other weather apps. Extended Controls is the only lock screen widget on this list that costs money, but at $0.99 USD it’s extremely cheap and worth every penny.

This is one of the best settings apps in all of Google Play. The setup is easy and with one tap you can toggle dozens of different settings. Without doubt, every power user needs to install Extended Controls right away. As if the long list of settings wasn’t enough, the Extended Controls aesthetics can be customized: custom backgrounds, widget transparency, various icons, various widget sizes, personalized colors and labels, and more.

Conclusion To be honest, I learned about lock screen widgets not long before writing this article, but I can safely say that they’ve revolutionized my Android experience. The convenience factor of my phone has doubled and I could not be happier. The widgets listed above are immensely useful and everyone would do well to give them a try. How do you like lock screen widgets? Which ones do you use? Which ones would you recommend? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments! Scribblenauts Showdown Is a Party Game for Creative PeopleNever Forget Where You Parked Again With These 5 Android Apps 19 comments Write a Comment

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The key intent of up to date laptop display savers is leisure and occasionally even, stability. Nonetheless, they were at first meant to avert phosphor burn-in on plasma computer system screens at the same time as CRT gadgets. Display screen savers helped to circumvent these damaging results by quickly altering the pictures in the event the pc wasn't being used.

Let me convey to you of a brain improving tactic I'd stumbled upon following loading an exceedingly large amount of pictures into My Pictures file, which was mechanically hooked, perhaps like your computer set up, to my monitor saver application. Soon after sitting down and looking at it one day, I famous the way it spurred on my brain and greater my spatial reasoning ahead of designing periods. It seriously assisted and i was stunned.

Home › Home Security › Upgrade Front Door Locks With Keyless Door Locks An electronic keypad entry system solves all those missing key problems Install an electronic keypad entry lockset Photo 1: Mount the keypad Hold the keypad upright and slide the battery cable over the top of the dead bolt and the driver bar through the center slot of the dead bolt. Photo 2: Install the inside mounting plate Pull the battery cable through, then hold the keypad and the inside mounting plate together while you tighten the screws.

Photo 3: Connect the battery Hook up the battery and snap it into place, make sure the keypad and inside plate are level, then screw on the cover plate. What with friends, contractors, pet sitters and others, it’s easy to lose track of extra house keys. For better control of who can get in and out—and a permanent solution to the lost-key problem with kids—replace one of your dead bolt locks with an electronic keypad entry ($100 to $200 at home centers).

Instead of using a key, you just punch in a four-digit number, so you don’t have to worry about being locked out. You can pick your own number and change it anytime. You can also program in additional four-digit codes for visitors, then delete them later. Start by removing the old dead bolt (and the handle if you’re replacing it). Set the new dead bolt to match the existing 2-3/8-in. or 2-3/4-in.

“backset” (measured from the door edge to the center of the dead bolt hole), then install it in the deadbolt hole. Make sure that “TOP” is facing up and that the bolt is fully retracted. Install the outside keypad first (Photo 1), then secure it in place with the inside mounting plate (Photo 2). Connect the wires to the battery and tuck them out of the way before attaching the inside cover plate (Photo 3).

(Note: We used a Schlage lock; other manufacturers may have different installation procedures.) With the door open, check to make sure the dead bolt extends and retracts smoothly. If it doesn’t, disassemble the lock and make sure the parts were installed correctly. To unlock the dead bolt, just punch in the code and turn the latch. The lock we installed comes preprogrammed with two unique user codes.

To change them or add more, follow the lock’s programming instructions. The lock will send a signal when the battery needs replacing. A key is also included in case the lock ever malfunctions or loses battery power and needs to be opened manually. One big caution: Don’t lose the programming guide. It contains the user codes, programming codes and instructions for changing codes. Required Tools for this Project Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration.

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