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Raw Netting Unfinished Mesh Fabric Shade Screens For Porch & Patio Insects and 80% sunblock Theater Scrims & Projection Screens Indoor / Outdoor use See More Products Garage Screens Gazebo Screens French Door Screens Open Decks HVAC Chiller Screens Industrial Netting Applications Tents & Awnings Boat Screens Pergola Screen Panels Screen Patio Pollen Protection Sorry it has taken me so long to let you know how the job came out.

Suffice it to say, I am extremely happy with the outcome. All the adjustments came out just as I wished, and the curtains are performing as advertised. I am really impressed with the magnetic closure system. It works perfectly. The dog learned how to use them in the first hour... Thanks so much for all your efforts. You guys really have the process down. You can list me as a happy customer. Best Regards – Bill, Houston We have an old farm house with a nice front porch, but for a couple months every summer we couldn't enjoy it because of the mosquitos.

This spring we ordered our curtains from you, they are  everything you advertised.  The installation was easy, and we have had dinner on the porch more times already this year then ever before.  I have told all of our friends about your product and your family run business. - Walt and Karen, Michigan The curtains turned out great.  They are well-made and beautiful.  Your website videos answered every question.

Installation was easy. You were wonderful to deal with. Last evening, my wife and I sat out on our porch.  Our grandson stopped by for a minute and stood outside the screens just to say Hello.  Mosquitos immediately swarmed around him... We sat on the porch without seeing a single mosquito... NOT ONE made it through the curtains... Thank you for an excellent product and being a company that DELIVERS on its promises.

- Bill Wausau, Wisconsin Kurt  thanks for my  winter curtains.  They are much more than I anticipated and exactly what I was looking for.  They were simple to install and they look great.  I am totally satisfied.  Thanks again for all your help.  I would definitely recommend this product to everyone looking to winterize their patio addition.

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Soft Top Screen Rooms Home Attached Screened Enclosures DIY Screened Enclosures and Patio Rooms     Do-it-yourself wall attached screen enclosure kits are designed to be easy to assemble. We provide lots of information below and are also available by phone. All Veranda Jardin home attached screen enclosure kits have strong, maintenance free aluminum frames and heavy duty vinyl tops.

Most screen enclosures are designed for 3 season use and are the ultimate in low-maintenance patio rooms. Strong aluminum framing with screens from top to bottom gives maximum bug protection. Spa enclosures and hard top screen rooms round out the line of backyard patio rooms and screen enclosures.             |   Our Represented Manufacturers are... Veranda Jardin Proudly made in Canada!  The Patio Plus by Jardin    Shown here.

.. GP2600-11 (11'3" x 26'3")  This system is shown with the taupe 1/3 size vinyl privacy panels in the bottom section and the 2/3 size Mylar clear window panels in the top section   Continue to scroll down for full description and pricing.       ■ Nation-wide factory to door delivery! ■ 4-5 week delivery times ■ Engineering not required for this temporary enclosure ■ Over 16 years experience in helping you do it yourself!   ■ Soft Top Screen Enclosure Systems ■ Limited 1 year warranty ■ Toll Free help line .

.. 1.800.922.4760 ■ Shipment tracking ■ Over 14 years supplying contractors, government, commercial, HOA's and commercial corporations... click   How to Measure *NOTE: Although there is a standard back wall height of 98" given in the pricing table below, we suggest you choose the best height - - to the inch - - for your application.The back-wall height requirements ("B")are as follows.

.. ■   Minimum for all projections = 91" ■   Maximum = 107" Patio Plus Pricing *All Units Come with aStandard 98" Back-Wall Height Price  ($) US  - Credit Card - You may receive an additional 5% discount on the pricingbelow by paying with a cashier's check! Model # Actual Size(with 74" x  44" frames) CProjection =Out from House AWidth =Along the House # of Screen Panels Unit Only Unit withMylar Windows(top & bottom) Unit withTop Mylar Windows& bottom Vinyl Panels GP-1000-07 7'6" 10' 7 $2668.

40 $3207.40 $3325.00 GP-1100-07 7'6" 11'3" 7 $3060.40 $3599.40 $3717.00 GP-1500-07 7'6" 15' 8 $3491.60 $4107.60 $4242.00 GP-1800-07 7'6" 18'9" 9 $3852.80 $4545.80 $4697.00 GP-2200-07 7'6" 22'6" 10 $4284.00 $5054.00 $5222.00 GP-2600-07 7'6" 26'3" 11 $4631.20 $5478.20 $5663.00 GP-3000-07 7'6" 30' 12 $5072.90 $5996.90 $6198.50 GP-3300-07 7'6" 33'9" 13 $5434.10 $6435.10 $6653.50 GP-3700-07 7'6" 37' 14 $5791.

80 $6869.80 $7105.00 . GP-1000-10 10' 10' 9 $3264.80 $3957.80 $4109.00 GP-1100-10 10' 11'3" 9 $3670.80 $4363.80 $4515.00 GP-1500-10 10' 15' 10 $4123.00 $4893.00 $5061.00 GP-1800-10 10' 18'9" 11 $4491.20 $5338.20 $5523.00 GP-2200-10 10' 22'6" 12 $4950.40 $5874.40 $6076.00 GP-2600-10 10' 26'3" 13 $5332.60 $6333.60 $6552.00 GP-3000-10 10' 30' 14 $5781.30 $6859.30 $7094.50 GP-3300-10 10' 33'9" 15 $6153.

00 $7308.00 $7560.00 GP-3700-10 10' 37' 16 $6535.20 $7767.20 $8036.00 . GP-1000-11 11'3" 10' 9 $3264.80 $3957.80 $4109.00 GP-1100-11 11'3" 11'3" 9 $3670.00 $4363.80 $4515.00 GP-1500-11 11'3" 15' 10 $4123.00 $4893.00 $5061.00 GP-1800-11 11'3" 18'9" 11 $4491.20 $5338.20 $5523.00 GP-2200-11 11'3" 22'6" 12 $4950.40 $5874.40 $6076.00 GP-2600-11 11'3" 26'3" 13 $5332.60 $6333.60 $6552.00 GP-3000-11 11'3" 30' 14 $5781.

30 $6859.30 $7094.50 GP-3300-11 11'3" 33'9" 15 $6153.00 $7308.00 $7560.00 GP-3700-11 11'3" 37' 16 $6535.20 $7767.20 $8036.00 *NOTE: Although there is a standard back wall height of 98" given in the above pricing table, we suggest you choose the best height - - to the inch - - for your application.                 The minimum back-wall height for all projections is 91". The maximum back wall height available is 107".

OR Get a 5% Discount by sending a Cashier's Check ■ Extruded aluminum framing in two colors ■ Pre-assembled and pre-screened framing ■ Precision stamped frame corners ■ 14 oz heavy duty heat sealed vinyl top ■ Built in roof tensioning system ■ Optional Clear Mylar window system   Read through the details and pricing, given below, of this high quality room. Then click on this link (click) for the picture page which shows you, by means of pictures, each aspect of the room you just read about!   General Information The horizontal support bar in each of the screen panels is placed at the 1/3 height from the bottom on all panels.

This means that you have a clear line of sight when seated. Smooth Rolling Sliding doors standard - specialized top rail roller system allows for a strong, easy sliding door. 1" GALVALUM roof rafters are standard, giving long lasting superior strength and durability The 5" overhang off the front of the system add elegance and functionality while stopping the rain from pouring down the front screens.

We have a roof tightening system built into the end of the roof rafters which extends 5" beyond the  screen walls providing a roof overhang. Roof tensioning system accessed from within the overhang using a large thumb nut for ease of operation. The combination of roof overhang, roof tensioning system and roof pitch means that water accumulation on the roof is virtually eliminated.  All panels are bolted together.

No silly cables or plastic pieces. The supplied hardware is stainless steel for maximum strength and weather-ability. The room MUST be screwed to a deck or patio. PVC rails are supplied and are easily attached to your existing deck or patio. The pre-assembled frames easily sit inside the rail and are then they themselves are screwed into place. Special system available for Trailers (no extra holes in your trailer wall) Attaches to your home or cottage wall The triple ply, heat sealed (welded joints), 14 ounce soft vinyl roof is made to last! Our 14 ounce vinyl tops are made in our own factory.

 We use a heavier, stronger vinyl with a smoother surface than our leading competitors and the vinyl panels are heat sealed  together in both the free standing and wall attached units, not sewn. Vinyl Top Color Choices - Hunter Green, Dark Blue, Gray, Taupe, Terra Cotta or White A full set of clear or vinyl windbreaker and privacy panels available to enclose your unit from the weather. Check out our Options Page for details and pricing.

Simply snap them in behind the screen. Screen Panels are a 1/8" thick extruded aluminum - light weight, but very strong. Panels are 44" in width and 74" high with pre-installed fiberglass screening, top to bottom. The supporting bar is positioned at bottom third of panel for maximum viewing pleasure. The height of the screen panels gives easy walk through and allows for a cooler room on the hot sunny days.

The frame is 1-1/8" wide x 3/4" thick aluminum with baked on enamel finish - in white or taupe. Total height of each frame is 74" with 2" header rail on top. The room SHOULD be screwed to a deck or patio for maximum strength in summer storms. This is a very high quality, long lasting patio room that is easily assembled within a few hours. The unit comes with instructions. Frame color choices are White or Taupe (dark brown) - see below.

  Full one year warranty. OR Get a 5% Discount by sending a Cashier's Check  Prices are in $US for Delivery Included in the contiguous USA                                                                                      Top of Page Vinyl Top Colors   Frame Details  Frame measures 1-1/8" wide x 3/4" extruded aluminum with baked on enamel finish - in white or taupe.

Extrusion is 1/8" thick 44" sliding door is standard Full one year warranty. All pricing in ($) US Dollars The triple ply, heat sealed (welded joints), 14 ounce soft vinyl roof is made to last!Vinyl Color Choices - Green, Blue, Gray, Taupe, Burgundy, Terra Cotta & White We carry over 100 different combinations of gazebos in sizes and colors designed to fit most decks and patios. If you don't see it here, call us, we will be pleased to advise and assist.

Obtaining and understanding the need for permits (if applicable) is the buyers responsibility. Compare our manufacturers!  COMPARE... Free Standing Screen Enclosures COMPARE... Wall Attached | 3 Sided Units Remember - - All pricing includes delivery to your home and prices are in US Dollars for delivery to addresses within the contiguous US*. Other related items our customers have purchased.


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