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The papers are signed, the keys are handed over, and now you are the proud owner of your first home. Granted it requires a little work, but you knew that going in and the patio door leading to the backyard was the first thing on your list of things to replace. As you sit in your kitchen, your browse eBay listings and discover that, reliable sellers provide you with a plethora of design styles to consider.

With a variety of considerations, you decide on an elegant looking French patio door that will enhance your rooms natural light, while adding character to your home. To coordinate with your door, you search through multiple pieces of hardware to complete the look you have in mind. After having chosen a patio door lock and a stylish door handle, you are able to checkout. Now, after the patio door has been installed, you happily nod your head, as you think about the door that was once there and how it does not compare to your newly installed one.

Shop the extensive inventory of home improvement supplies including building and hardware supplies!

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Here you will find the ideal variety of dog doors, cat doors, patio pet doors, automatic and electronic pet doors, pet screen doors and every other imaginable door for your doggie or kitty. This includes specialty products such as window sash doors, dual pane sliding glass patio door inserts and dual flap doors for extreme “ruff“ weather. The doors offered on our website are either manufactured by our company, here in the USA or provided by one of a few very select hand-picked pet door manufacturers.

There are countless other websites that offer products made by everyone and his dog. High Tech Pet Store is different. We've made sure we have a product to meet every conceivable need by offering the highest quality pet doors manufactured by our company or manufactured to our exact specifications by the highest quality pet door makers in the world. But, we've purposely excluded the products that have received the highest number of failures and customer complaints.

Note that we do not carry Johnson, Petsafe Freedom Door, Plexidor, Hale, Staywell or Solo automatic pet doors as we have carefully evaluated these brands and found them to be below the standard of excellence our exceedingly discriminating customers expect. We have included products made by our friends at Patio Pacific (, and Ideal Fast Fit Pet doors. These products are of superlative quality coupled with a long track record of customer performance.

We invite you to shop and compare quality and features. We guarantee that you will find the best values by far in the very wide selection which we are pleased to present to you below.Whether you're looking for a doggie door for extreme weather door, or a cat door for that well-fed, slightly oversized kitty. You will find the pet door you need right here. Installation options include door mounted pet doors, wall mounted pet doors, as well as window sash mounts, even doors for dog kennels.

Finding the perfect size is easy. Most of our dog and cat door models come in cat size, small, medium, large, extra large and super large (for that dog that is easily mistaken for a horse). All of our products come with simple, easy to understand, step by step instructions on how to install a pet door. You'll be surprised how quick, easy our pet doors are to install.If you're looking for a pet door for a sliding glass patio door, we have designed the absolute best sliding glass inserts that come as a self-contained unit ready to quickly drop into your aluminum or vinyl sliding glass patio door.

We also feature our all new E-Glass, heavy duty, energy efficient patio panels with "Low-e" energy saving dual pane glass that provides superior thermal insulation helping to keep your home nice and cool in the summer and toasty warm in winter.If you need a pet door for extreme weather or require superior draft resistance, we offer the Ideal double flap "Ruff Weather" door, the product that sets the industry standard for harsh weather pet doors.

We also offer the Patio Pacific Endura flap door, an innovative design that provides excellent wind and weather resistance with an extremely durable, well insulated flap. Add to that our pet doors for screen doors and our complete line of kennel doors and you'll agree that High Tech Pet offers the best and widest selection of pet doors on the planet!High Tech Pet doors are sold online by every major pet products retailer in the US and throughout the world including The Home Depot, Lowes, Petsmart, Petco, Walmart, Sam's Club, Amazon, Drs.

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