Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent With Screened Porch

Picture of Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent With Screened Porch

As a tent camping family, we typically need two tents for four of us to sleep comfortably. Although you could sleep eight in this tent, it would be crowded. However, it is perfect for a group of four to six. The directions for set up were brief, yet easy to follow. My husband and I set it up, together, in a matter of about 15 minutes the first time. The light-weight material makes this tent easy to handle.

However, we did experience a rip in the casing when we were installing the initial pole (A) and decided that the casing should have been reinforced. I would highly recommend using a tarp under this tent to make sure you do not puncture the floor and to protect your supplies from the damp ground. (However, I would recommend using a tarp with ANY tent, not just this one.) We were impressed with the height of this tent; we could easily stand in it.

We also liked the room divider. This could be used to provide privacy in the night. It could also be used to separate the sleeping section from the living/dining section. Just pull back the fly cover to expose a screened in room. Finally, this tent was easy to take down and pack back into the duffle bag it arrived in. We will be using this tent and looking forward to creating family memories on our next outing!

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In this impressive collection of tents from Academy Sports + Outdoors, you'll find the gear you need to stay comfortable in the wild. There's so much in nature to experience. From hidden waterfalls that empty into a swimmable lagoon, to shooting stars that reflect over a pristine bay on a moonless night and breathtaking vistas that provide an unobstructed view of the desert plain below, it's all out there for you to discover.

With the right camping tents, gear and know-how, you and your party can spend days, or even weeks, comfortably living in the wild. Like all other offerings from Academy, outdoor tents are available at unbelievable everyday low prices. This makes camping a very affordable option, especially when compared to vacationing in a resort complex or staying at a downtown hotel. Get your crew together and make memories you'll reflect on for the rest of your life with these premium tents for camping.

Choose from a range of brilliant designs, each with their own perks. Hikers looking to spend a night or two on a mountainside should select lightweight backpack tents that are easy to transport and provide shelter for one or two people. Dome tents are a more spacious option, but are a little bit more difficult to carry. For a weeklong vacation, screen houses and cabin tents will have your family camping in style.

Truck tents are another option that's great for camping in areas accessible by vehicle. Like all products from Academy, portable tents in this assortment are manufactured from high-quality materials and built to last. Made by industry-leading companies, they are tested to handle the harsh realities of life in the field. They'll keep out bugs, rain and moisture, and have you quickly snoring away under the night sky once it's time to turn in.

Shop today and find the affordable tents for you.

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