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Editors' note, December 9, 2016:The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead. After some handsets from both the initial run and from a second run of replacement phones caught fire, Samsung yanked it entirely. Samsung stopped making it, you can't buy it from legitimate sellers and, depending on where you live, your carrier may even send angel of death software to brick existing Note 7 phones to keep you from using it.

(In the US, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint will send out this software. Verizon will not.)Samsung says that 93 percent of its US customers have now returned the potentially faulty device, which is also banned from all airplanes in this country and many others. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has gone further, saying, "Consumers should power down and stop using all Galaxy Note 7s."We completely agree.

You shouldn't buy a Galaxy Note 7, even if you can still find one. And if you still own one, you should immediately turn it off and exchange it for a different, non-Note 7 phone. Around the world, carriers and retailers will exchange your Note 7 for phones of equal value on the same network. Here's everything you need to know about the disastrous Note 7 debacle. And here are phones we suggest you get instead: 9 Note 7 alternatives.

Earlier versions of this review follow.When we first reviewed the Galaxy Note 7 in August, we found it to be one of the best phones of the year. A big beautiful AMOLED screen, excellent camera, some truly useful S-Pen tools and a big battery that lasted for hours. And then a few dozen of those batteries burst into flames.The new Note 7 has a green battery icon. Samsung Since then, Samsung has initiated one of the biggest recalls in consumer electronics history, and recalled more than 2.

5 million Note 7 phones globally. And now, the company has a replacement batch ready: more than half a million new Note 7s, with batteries that Samsung says don't have the defect that caused the fires in the first round.So: if you want a big-screen Android phone, the corrected Note 7 is the way to go, right?Not so fast. Samsung needs to rebuild trust here, and we're not ready to just endorse the corrected phone and call it a day.

To that end, we're waiting at least until the end of October to see if any further reports of Note 7 issues crop up. (We're also testing corrected Note 7 phones in the wild, but just because we don't see a problem with our new review samples doesn't mean that there aren't any outstanding issues. After all, the original battery issue appeared in only a small fraction of the phones shipped from the original batch.

)In the meantime, we're keeping this updated review here -- unrated -- while we continue to seek out real-world feedback on users' experience with the corrected version of the Note 7. The 5.7-inch, stylus-slinging Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a damn fine phone. Its sexy wraparound glass, precise S Pen and brilliant screen would impress anyone, but it's ideal for artists, architects and people who would rather write by hand than type on a screen.

It has a gorgeous, symmetrical design that looks particularly stunning in Coral Blue. It takes great photos and has both the water resistance and expandable memory slot that last year's Galaxy Note 5 lacked (oh yeah, there is no Note 6). Battery life goes on and on -- but not as long as for the Galaxy S7 Edge -- and you can charge up wirelessly. This is Samsung's ultimate phone, with all the Edge's curved-screen goodies and more: 64GB of storage instead of the Edge's 32GB.

An iris scanner for unlocking the phone with your eyes. A good, refreshed take on Android. A USB-C charger port that also charges up your other devices (you should buy a USB 3.1 cable for faster data speeds). New pen tricks to magnify, translate languages and make an animated GIF. A nighttime filter you can schedule to automatically give your weary, screen-staring eyes a break. The question you have to ask yourself is how much all this is worth to you.

Because the Note 7 is one of the most expensive phones you can buy. It's comparable to Apple's large-screen iPhone 6S Plus (the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are right around the corner), but costs more than the already pricey Edge, and it's twice the price of the OnePlus 3, a CNET Editors' Choice winner for its excellence as an all-round midprice phone. In the US, promotions that bundle a free memory card or Samsung wearable help soothe the sting.

There's also some question about the Note 7's fragility. Although it survived all but the meanest splats in our dedicated drop test, the screen of my review unit mysteriously cracked in my purse. And reports of manufacturing mayhem that's reportedly caused some units to explode en route to customers are putting the brakes on shipments for now. For the record, none of our three review units has exploded or experienced similar trauma.

The Note 7 lets you leave your laptop behind more often. Josh Miller/CNET As much as I loved my time with the compelling, beautiful, functional Note 7 -- and I really did -- I hesitate to recommend it to anyone who isn't serious about using that digital S Pen to draw, write and navigate on the phone.

The S Pen has some minor issues, too. It isn't perfect at everything. Sometimes wielding the stylus feels natural; other times tapping and typing make more sense. (Though it does make really great annotated photos, Snapchat snaps and social-media GIFs.) At the end of the day, most people can easily live without the Note 7, especially with the capable S7 Edge a near doppelganger. If you're ready to move on from the Note 4, switching to the Note 7 gets you more storage and power, an upgradable Android version and a far better S Pen.

If you're happy with the Note 5, wait a year. If not, with the Note 7 you get waterproofing, expandable storage and software shortcuts on those curved edges. With its elevated features and fee, the Note 7 is for buyers who delight in rarified details. Buy it and you get an excellent phone -- but if you aren't going to use that pen, forget it.Samsung Galaxy Note 7 pricing and availability Sale date Price Colors US August 19 $834-$880 (varies by carrier) Blue, black and silver UK September 2 £700* Blue, black and silver AU August 19 AU$1,349 Black, silver and gold *Provisional, based on one prominent retailer.

Using the new S Pen stylus: It's smooth, precise, tricked-out Without the S Pen, the Note 7 is just a refined S7 Edge with steeper curved sides. This year's digital stylus has a fine, precise point and senses 4,096 levels of pressure, double last year's model. I wrote countless notes and a haiku, doodled all over, even handed the phone to CNET's art director for his professional assessment. And? It's very good.

But, compared with a 10-inch tablet, the screen is a small for creating fine art, though it handles notes and more casual drawings very well.You can sketch some really cool things with the Note 7. CNET's art director, Marc Mendell, put my doodles to shame. Josh Miller/CNET A few things bothered me about execution.

Including the Note Edge, this is the seventh Note phone ever made, so all S Pen maneuvers should be flawless by now. But I still found it hard to paint an entire canvas without onscreen buttons getting in the way (they'll move if you get it right). It's easy to accidentally exit or press unintended controls that mysteriously shift the layout into something you don't want. That's frustrating, especially when you can't figure out how to resume the original canvas.

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What is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Big phones weren’t big until the original Samsung Galaxy Note came along. Its radical resizing of the smartphone was bonkers to some, but a revelation to others. The phablet was born, people criticised it, but now every manufacturer makes one – even Apple with its iPhone 6S Plus and upcoming iPhone 7 Plus. Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Read our hands-on review The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 proves that Samsung still makes big phones properly, rather than just stretching a smaller phone to a bigger size.

It’s got stiff competition from the HTC 10, incoming Nexus devices and the Galaxy S7 Edge, but the Note 7 is the one to beat – even if its price can only be described as eye-watering. WATCH: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Design and Build While the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might look like a minor tweaking of the design formula started with the Galaxy Note 5 and improved with the Galaxy S7 earlier in 2016, it’s actually a big signal of intent.

For the first time, Samsung has released a phone with only the option of a dual-curved-edge screen. This isn’t like the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, nor the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Samsung is giving you one curvaceous option and saying that the curved-edge ‘experiment’ is now complete. This is the path the Korean company wants to take. Related: Best Android phones I wouldn’t be surprised if next year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 takes a similar approach and ditches the flat version, going curvy all the way.

The Galaxy Note 7 is the pinnacle of Samsung’s design and is the culmination of everything the company’s learned since ditching faux-leather and plastic disguised as metal. The curved display is the headline trait, but even that’s come a long way since it was first used on the ill-fated Galaxy Note Edge. It’s even been improved over the one on the Galaxy S7 Edge, as the curve is less obvious and, well, less curvy.

It juts down at a steeper angle and takes less screen real estate away, but it’s just as eye-catching as ever. Following the curve on the front is a similar roundedness to the back, which was a small design alteration introduced on the Galaxy Note 5. The biggest achievement here is just how comfortable the phone feels, considering it has a 5.7-inch screen. It’s smaller in every dimension than both the iPhone 6S Plus and Huawei Nexus 6P, making it easier to hold and use than both of those phones.

This is huge, because finally you get all the benefits of the big screen without worrying about juggling it in your hands. The Note series has always been marketed as more of a ‘business’ device, and while this is just marketing speak that isn’t really relevant, it feeds into the design. The Note 7 is more straight and boxy than the rounded Galaxy S7 brothers, which are a little more fun to look at.

Related: Best phablets to buy right now It’s still completely formed from metal and glass, and stands out as being the best-looking phone you can buy right now. It’s more ergonomic than the HTC 10, less boring than the iPhone 6S and not as sharp as the Nexus 6P. It’s also water-resistant enough to be dunked in the bath for about 30 minutes. Another ‘first’ for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Gorilla Glass 5.

This glass not only covers the front, but the back too, and it should protect the phone if you happen to drop it – which no doubt you will at some point. I’ve been vocal in the past about how my biggest annoyance with these flagship phones is their delicate nature. Buy Now: Galaxy Note 7 at from $903 I’ve dropped my Galaxy S7 Edge from about 2ft onto a wooden floor and it caused a snaking crack down the back, while a colleague dropped one from a similar height onto concrete and destroyed the whole front.

Thankfully, and I’m sure the Samsung PR folk will be happy to hear this, I haven’t dropped the Note 7. Yet. So I can’t really say if Gorilla Glass 5 is a whole heap better than 4, but I’ll definitely update this review once I’ve used it for a few months (and probably dropped it). Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Display Its size was once the story with the Note series. Its size set it apart. It was huge, unmanageable, basically a tablet.

How big was the display on the original Note? It was 5.3 inches. That’s now considered small. And while the Note’s display has grown to 5.7 inches, it’s no longer the differentiator. Other phones, such as the Nexus 6P, are the same size, and while the iPhone 6S Plus has a smaller display, it has a bigger footprint. But even though it may not stand out for its size, the Note 7 does so because of its quality – something arguably much more important.

Like all of Samsung’s flagships, and even some of its cheaper phones like the Galaxy J3, the starting point is the Super AMOLED panel. It might not have the viewing angles you get with an IPS LCD, but the oomph and joyous colours more than make up for that. Samsung’s honed this display technology over time and it’s now the best it’s ever been. (uswitch type=table brand=Samsung model=Galaxy_Note_7 limit=1) Colours are strong and vibrant, blacks are dark and there’s no muddiness in the whites.

It’s a joy to look at, and its brightness means it’s perfectly viewable even in direct sunlight. This is the brightest phone screen I’ve ever used, and it’s mightily impressive. There are some minor reflections if you look very closely near the edge of the display, but it doesn’t affect use. Related: Note 7 vs Nexus 6P Instead of upping the resolution to 4K – something that was heavily rumoured – Samsung has kept it at quad-HD.

With a pixel density of 518ppi, individual pixels are impossible to spot, even if you get really close. While it hasn’t added 4K, it has added HDR (high dynamic range). Well, Samsung calls it ‘Mobile HDR’, but it works in a similar way to how it functions on an HDR-compatible television. It’s a display tech that improves contrast while retaining extra detail in the brightest and darkest areas of the picture.

Many in the TrustedReviews office will tell you that HDR is more important than 4K. It’s a big deal. Most HDR content comes from a service, such as Amazon Video or Netflix, piped through a dedicated box or supported television. The new Xbox One S, for example, can play both HDR content and games if you’ve got the right television to display them It works a bit differently on the Note 7, though.

Along with streaming actual HDR content, there’s a mode that bursts into life when a supported app is opened. Start up Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime or the dedicated video app and a ‘Video enhancer mode’ will kick in. This simulates the idea of HDR, boosting the brightness and fiddling about with the contrast settings. It does make a very visible difference, but at times It can be a little jarring.

The move from a typical phone screen to one that feels like it’s trying to sear your retinas is odd, but the results are great. I do feel this would work better on a tablet, as that’s meant to be used for media, whereas I rarely sit back and watch anything other than YouTube on my phone. Still, it’s typical of the Note series to deliver something we haven’t seen before, perhaps as some sort of trial.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this tech trickle down to the Galaxy S8, and hopefully the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S2. Related: What is HDR? Just like the Galaxy S7, the Note 7 has an ‘Always-on display’. Even when the phone is locked, a clock and a row of notification icons glow on the screen. The bonus with AMOLED tech is that it only needs to light up individual pixels, so there’s not a huge drain on battery from this feature.

My biggest issue with the original way the AOD worked has been resolved, as it’ll now display icons from every app rather than just Samsung’s own. It’s a nice, if unessential, feature that can be both annoying and useful. But at least you can turn it off.

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