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  THE LATEST NORTH KOREA NEWS FROM MAILONLINE19/01/18 18:27Cargo ships have been photographed docking in North Korean ports to take on coal, which has then been brought to Vietnam and Russia or unloaded onto other ships mid-sea, the Wall Street Journal reports. All cargo ships, six in total, are all either Chinese-owned or operated, and were tracked by the U.S. using satellite technology. The ships would reportedly turn off their identifying transmitter devices when entering Korean ports and turn then back on as they left, according to the officials that spoke to the WSJ. US officials claim Chinese companies violate North Korea sanctions18/01/18 17:11Trump accused Russia is of helping North Korea get supplies in violation of international sanctions and said Pyongyang is getting 'closer every day' to being able to fire a long-range missile at the U.S. Trump says Russia helping N.Korea skirt sanctions; Pyongyang...17/01/18 19:04North and South Korea have agreed to form their first joint Olympic team and march together during the opening ceremony, they announced today.

North and South Korea agree to form joint Olympic team17/01/18 16:24The B-52H Stratofortress bombers and approximately 300 airmen from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana arrived in Guam on Tuesday, in 'routine' support of US Pacific Command. Air Force deploys six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to Guam17/01/18 15:30Crowds of women applauded Kim Jong-un as he visited the newly modeled Teacher Training College in Pyongyang at the start of the New Year.

Throngs of North Korean women sob as Kim Jong Un visits local college17/01/18 12:36Japanese public broadcaster NHK says its erroneous alert of a North Korean missile fired at Japan was sent by a staff member who meant to file a different news flash. Japanese public TV says staffer sent missile alert in error17/01/18 07:47Pressure on North Korea must be kept up despite the tentative truce with Seoul, Boris Johnson insisted at a two-day summit with his counterparts in Vancouver, Canada.

Keep pressure up on North Korea, Boris Johnson tells summit16/01/18 21:57The spread of radical Islam coupled with weak governments using religious tensions to bolster their power were the two main drivers of Christian repression, the report found. The 50 most dangerous countries in the world to be a Christian16/01/18 15:18Pictures show the flat-bottomed fishing vessel capsized on the beach in Kanazawa, central Japan.

Eight bodies found as North Korean 'ghost ship' washes ashore in Japan16/01/18 14:57Japan's NHK broadcaster sent out a false North Korean missile warning today but corrected the error within minutes, it claimed. Japanese TV issues false North Korea missile alarm16/01/18 13:43North Korea's state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun published the remark and said that Trump has the mental functions 'of a preschooler' and is showing 'the symptoms of dementia'.

North Korea calls Trump a 'lunatic' over nuclear button tweet16/01/18 00:19The US State Department published an update to its website warning Americans planning to travel to North Korea to make funeral arrangements and draft a will first. US says Americans should plan funeral before visiting North Korea15/01/18 17:31Dr Sig Hecker, who was in charge of designing nuclear weapons for the US for 11 years, was shown around North Korea seven times and given inconceivable access to a nuclear plant.

US scientist reveals he held Kim Jong-un's plutonium15/01/18 14:54Officials from the two Koreas met Monday to work out details about North Korea's plan to send an art troupe to the South during next month's Winter Olympics. North and South Koreans meet and shake hands across table13/01/18 15:57Nam Sung Wook said the dictator's hot temper was obvious from his early years and makes him impossible to negotiate with.

The security professor presented his findings today. Kim Jong-un screamed foul-mouthed abuse at a girlfriend13/01/18 14:16A career intelligence official was reportedly asked by the President about her ethnicity after a briefing last fall, asking why the 'pretty Korean lady' wasn't heading talks with Pyongyang. More insensitive remarks by the President surface12/01/18 14:41In-Bum Chun, the former deputy commander of South Korea's army, has described the difficulty of overthrowing Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

South Korean general's warning about Kim Jong-un's 'cult'11/01/18 20:52North Korea has found good material to attack U.S. President Donald Trump: Michael Wolff's bombshell new book, 'Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.' North Korea mocks 'massively humiliated' Trump following book release11/01/18 19:43Analysis released by the US-Korea Institute says that increased activity at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site in the North is consistent with it wanting to use the plant for future nuclear testing.

Satellite images show more activity at North Korea nuclear test site10/01/18 19:58South Korean President Moon Jae-In said on Wednesday that President Donald Trump deserves credit for helping to spark talks with North Korea as conversation between the nations started yesterday. South Korea's president says Trump helped spark talks with the North10/01/18 15:11Donald Trump (pictured) does not read, knows no history and his tweet boasting that his nuclear button is 'much bigger and more powerful' than Kim's apparently sums up the depths of the man.

Is Donald Trump's crazy war mongering paying off09/01/18 19:01Pyongyang and Seoul have been holding the first inter-Korean talks in more than two years in an attempt to diffuse tension in the region. North Korea's weapons ONLY aimed at US, Pyongyang warns09/01/18 10:02The explosion of light across large parts of Russia sparked fears of a US attack on North Korea but was also blamed on a UFO visitation or a meteor exploding in the atmosphere.

Bright flash over Russia sparks fears of a US strike on North Korea09/01/18 07:09The Trump administration is deliberating the pros and cons of a possible strike on North Korea in what officials are calling a high-risk retaliation of future weapon tests, the Wall Street Journal claims. US officials debating a 'limited' strike on North Korea08/01/18 23:55Pope Francis has appealed for all nations to ease tensions with North Korea and support a ban on all nuclear weapons in his annual 'state of the world' address on Monday.

Pope Francis calls for countries to ease North Korea tensions08/01/18 13:10Chungnam State University professor Cho Dong-uk said that Kim's voice in his New Year's speech was weak - an indication that his kidneys aren't functioning as well as his other organs. Kim Jong-Un's weakened VOICE could be a sign of weak kidneys08/01/18 02:24Intelligence agencies thought North Korea was still at least four years away from developing a missile that could reach the US, the New York Times claims in a new report.

US intelligence agencies underestimated North Korea06/01/18 16:12The increased chances of the North's participation in the games in the South reflect lowering tensions between Pyongyang and the rest of the world - with talks between the North and the South due soon. North Korea 'likely' to join the February Winter Games, officials say05/01/18 21:50Analysts have warned Kim Jong-Un could be laying a trap for the US and the South after Seoul said talks will be held with the North on January 9 in Panmunjom, the truce village in the DMZ.

Kim Jong-un is 'setting a trap for the US and South Korea'05/01/18 21:10Alaska Airlines, Hawaii Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates and Etihad were also singled out for praise by leading aviation group, which produces an annual safety report. Safest airlines in the world revealed, with BA and Qantas in top 2005/01/18 18:08North and South Korea will hold official talks on January 9, South Korea's unification ministry said on Friday.

Pyongyang accepts South Korea's offer of talks05/01/18 17:04The images show vehicle tire tracks and that a weather shelter has been moved on the launch pad at a facility in Sohae, North Pyongan, which could indicate that an engine test may be in the near future. Photos suggest Kim Jong-un preparing ANOTHER missile test05/01/18 16:43Days after a former top US military officer warned that United States is now closer than it has ever been to war with North Korea , radiation experts will give a talk on how to survive a nuclear bomb.

CDC to give talk on how to survive a nuclear bomb05/01/18 11:49The so-called ‘prepper business’, which markets emergency kits for doomsday scenarios like an atomic bomb explosion or a nuclear meltdown, has been flourishing thanks to President Trump. Trump's North Korea tweets fuel growth of 'preppers' businesses04/01/18 17:48Trump took credit for anticipated talks between North Korea and South Korea on Thursday after claiming earlier in the week that diplomatic relations may or may not be productive.

Trump takes credit for talks on Korean Peninsula04/01/18 14:04Satellite images show damage caused by a failed test launch that struck Tokchon, a city of 200,000 in North Korea's interior, according to a US government official. Did North Korea accidentally hit one of its own cities with a missile?04/01/18 12:34More than 200 Australian visas have been issued to North Koreans in the past five financial years, the Department of Immigration has revealed.

 Over the past 12 months alone, at least 25 have been issued. North Koreans granted 204 Australian visas over past five years04/01/18 04:13Trump took a slap at Kim following the tyrant's claim that he has a nuclear button on his desk. Now Trump will sit down with Pentagon chief James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Trump huddles with Mattis & Tillerson amid North Korea flare-up03/01/18 21:58Donald Trump has boasted that he has a bigger and more powerful 'nuclear button' than North Korean leader Kim Jong Un - but the US president does not have a physical button in Washington.

There is NO 'nuclear button' on Trump's desk03/01/18 21:58Donald Trump fired off a warning tweet to North Korea, taunting leader Kim Jong Un who said in his New Year speech that Americans should be aware he has a 'button' for nuclear weapons. Trump threatens to blow up North Korea, after Kim Jong-un's warning 03/01/18 21:51Aiming a swipe at its rival's mascot on Wednesday morning, KFC parodied President Donald Trump's warning to North Korea as it said: 'I too have a burger on my desk, but mine is a box meal which is bigger'.

KFC mocks McDonald's in Trump nuclear button tweet parody03/01/18 18:16The hotline, cut by Pyongyang in 2016, was due to be restored this morning after Seoul proposed high-level talks in response to an olive branch from the North Korean dictator. Kim Jong-un reopens hotline with South Korea02/01/18 23:17North Korean soldiers are being given months off to scrounge around fields in a desperate bid to find food, new reports from inside the reclusive state has revealed.

North Korean soldiers made to steal food from starving civilians02/01/18 23:10The tyrant raised eyebrows after deploying a snappy new wardrobe for his New Year's address in North Korea's capital Pyongyang. Kim Jong-un wears grey suit ‘to soften his image’02/01/18 21:13'Soldiers are dangerously fleeing to South Korea. Rocket man now wants to talk to South Korea for first time,' Trump assessed.

'Perhaps that is good news, perhaps not - we will see!'' South Korea offers talks with North on Olympic cooperation02/01/18 18:16The 37-acre Munsu Water Park in Pyongyang, boasts indoor and outdoor pools, wave machines, lazy rivers, a range of slides, and a two-storey gym and was built on the orders of Kim Jong-Un. Inside Kim Jong-Un's water park for the North Korean elite02/01/18 18:11The intrepid explorers were taking part in the annual bath tub race in Poole, Dorset, where teams race through the harbour on their homemade rafts.

Raft crew dressed as North Korea's Kim Jong-un rescued from lifeboat02/01/18 13:20Kim Jong-un reportedly ordered North Korean scientists to construct the Unha-4 missile, an upgraded version of a three-stage rocket launched in February 2016. Kim Jong-un to build North Korea’s largest rocket yet02/01/18 02:02On New Year's Day, Kim Jong-un said the US will never be able to start a war against North Korea now that his country has developed the capability to hit all of the U.

S. mainland with its nuclear weapons. North Korea rings in New Year with nuclear threat to US01/01/18 01:40The United States is now closer than it has ever been to a nuclear war with North Korea, a former top US military officer warned Sunday, saying he saw little prospect of a diplomatic solution. Mullen: U.S., North Korea closer to nuclear war than we have ever been31/12/17 14:56Kim Jong-un has vowed to hang on to his nuclear weapons as long as the United States continues to conduct military drills with South Korea in a new statement released today.

North Korea vows to hang on to its nuclear weapons30/12/17 20:28North Korean despot Kim Jong-un received a standing ovation after he attended a concert in Pyongyang along with his sister Kim Yo Jong, circled. Kim Jong-un attends music concert in Pyongyang29/12/17 20:26North Korea was able to develop its ballistic missile programme with Russian technology clandestinely acquired in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has been claimed.

Russia helped North Korea acquire missile technology documents reveal29/12/17 17:49Donald Trump has said China has been 'caught red handed' breaking sanctions on North Korea after a Chinese ship was intercepted transferring oil to a North Korean vessel, which Beijing has denied. Sanctions busting Hong-Kong based ship is seized by South Korea29/12/17 12:27Officials said the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile would be powerful enough to reach the U.

S. mainland, but it broke apart and splashed down in waters near Japan. North Korea releases stamps celebrating failed missile launch29/12/17 11:48The defector, believed to be in his 50s, was a nuclear scientist and researcher at the physics center of the State Academy of Sciences in Pyongyang before fleeing earlier this year. North Korean nuclear scientist who defected to China kills himself29/12/17 06:10Trump hinted at a possible confrontation in a Thursday tweet that said: 'There will never be a friendly solution to the North Korea problem if this continues to happen!' Trump says he's 'very disappointed' in China after oil smuggling claim28/12/17 08:37Overhead images appear to show ships from the two countries shackled together for a fuel transfer in the West Sea off China.

China ships 'selling oil to sanction-hit North Korea'27/12/17 19:25The four are among 30 former residents of Kilju county, an area in North Korea that includes the nuclear test site Punggye-ri, who have been examined by South Korean scientists. N.Korean defectors may have been exposed to radiation, says South27/12/17 11:41Kim Yo-jong was given a place on an elevated platform just five seats away from the tyrant during a party conference watched by hundreds in the North Korean capital Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-un's sister may be part of North Korean despot's inner circle26/12/17 18:15'We define this "sanctions resolution" rigged up by the US and its followers as a grave infringement upon the sovereignty of our Republic, as an act of war' North Korea's foreign ministry said in Sunday. North Korea says it's a 'pipe dream' to think it will give up nukes26/12/17 17:18The unidentified soldier, believed to be the man who defected in November this year, would have been either exposed to or vaccinated against anthrax before he defected to South Korea.

North Korean defector has ANTHRAX antibodies in his bloodstream26/12/17 16:35Moscow has long called for the two sides to hold negotiations aimed at reducing tensions over the nuclear and missile programme North Korea is pursuing in defiance of years of UN resolutions. Kremlin says Putin is ready to mediate North Korea-US talks26/12/17 13:03The 33-year-old wants to rebuild Wonsan on North Korea's east coast by demolishing its centre and replacing it with five star skyscraper hotels and department stores for his elite.

Kim Jong-un's plans for a 'dream city' holiday resort26/12/17 11:03Pyongyang is under multiple UN sanctions over its nuclear and missile tests and is prohibited from carrying out any launch using ballistic missile technology including satellites. N. Korea preparing to launch satellite: report26/12/17 02:25The North Korean capital was dusted with snow as the temperature plummeted below freezing when thousands of people lined the streets to dance in front of the Monument to Party Founding yesterday.

Festival marks 100 year anniversary of Kim Jong-un's gran's birth24/12/17 11:07North Korea's foreign ministry issued the statement today, threatening to punish those who supported the measure to limit access to refined petroleum products and crude oil. Kim Jong-un blasts UN oil sanctions against North Korea22/12/17 16:04Kim Yo-jong was given a place on an elevated platform just five seats away from the tyrant during a party conference watched by hundreds in the North Korean capital Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-un's sister sits just yards from the tyrant after promotion22/12/17 13:27The United States is preparing plans to deliver a 'bloody nose' military attack against North Korea's nuclear program amid fears diplomacy won't get Pyongyang to the negotiating table. US preparing plans to deliver 'bloody nose' to North Korea22/12/17 13:11It's the sixth year in a row that the defence budget has risen and comes after North Korea fired two missiles over Japan this year and vowed to 'sink it into the sea.

' Japan approves record defence budget to tackle North Korea22/12/17 13:05North Korea's foreign ministry hit out at the US President's 'criminal' new national security document calling it a 'proclamation of aggression aimed at holding sway over the world'. North Korea accuses Trump of seeking 'total subordination'22/12/17 11:51North Korea is conducting biological weapons experiments to test the possibility of loading anthrax-laden warheads on its intercontinental ballistic missiles, it has emerged.

Kim Jong-un is testing new warheads loaded with ANTHRAX21/12/17 08:50The 'low-ranking' soldier was spotted by South Korean soldiers using surveillance equipment as he crossed the land border near Yeoncheon and made his way to a guard post. North Korean soldier defects to the South21/12/17 06:44The US military is reportedly training for a mission with its South Korean counterparts to land on North Korean soil and remove 'weapons of mass destruction in case of conflict'.

US military forces training to capture North Korean nuclear missiles20/12/17 16:48Technology experts have also warned that North Korea's cyber army is doubly lethal because there is little chance to hit back against it given its lack of connectivity. North Korea's cyber army 'bigger threat than nukes', experts warn 20/12/17 16:00A North Korean soldier shot while escaping to South Korea has been given a life time supply of Choco Pies, a snack popular in both nations, after he asked for them following surgery.

North Korean defector shot at border gets Choco Pies for lifetime20/12/17 10:37Cecilia O’Hare, 48, from Coventry, was just three months old when her father Hwang Won boarded a flight from north-east South Korea to the capital Seoul on December 11, 1969. Woman whose father was kidnapped by North Korea pleads for release20/12/17 00:09The army of 'robots', as they were described by the North Korean defector now in South London, live and die for the hermit nation's dictator and would be prepared to do anything for him.

Kim Jong-un has a platoon of 'brainwashed' suicide bomber soldiers19/12/17 20:14More than a third of hospital trusts had their systems crippled while nearly 7,000 NHS appointments were cancelled in the attack in May. North Korean gang Lazarus behind NHS cyber attack19/12/17 18:47The unnamed executive allegedly took responsibility for setbacks at the Punggye-ri nuclear base in North Korea which led to the date of a rocket launch being pushed back.

Kim Jong-un 'executes' ANOTHER official over a launch delay

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