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A patio screen is most commonly used for a front porch design, while other materials such as glass and curtains work just as well. Fiberglass screens are the most popular material to use for closed in porch remodeling because it is strong, dent resistant, and does not unravel easily. When picking a back or front porch screen material, consider using fabrics with thick threads. These types of fabrics are the best to use in outdoor living areas because they are the most durable types of screens and are designed specifically for outside use.

Another option to consider is plexiglass panels. Plexiglas is the top rated material amongst do it yourself to use on porch and patio screens in colder environments because they allow the warmth of the sun to pass through, but not the cold weather.

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Splendid Screened Porch With an appealing indoor/outdoor feel, the screened porch with a modern fireplace located off the back door of this updated Craftsman home invites visitors to sit back and get cozy. Comfortable Seating Two sofas with 4-inch-thick indoor/outdoor polyester cushions provide comfortable seating in this well-detailed screened porch. A 50-inch flat screen TV is hung behind one of the sofas on the exterior wall of the home, so guests can catch the big game or favorite HGTV show.

Three-Seat Sofas The three-seat indoor/outdoor sofas, constructed from shorea wood with a rough-hued wire-brushed finish that exposes the unique grain, offer a streamlined modern design with rustic warmth. User-Friendly Location This view shows the door into the home with a laundry room and drop zone right inside. An eco-concrete side table on one side of each sofa provide a spot for greenery and decorative accessories.

A Glimpse Inside A window in the screened porch offers a glimpse inside the home’s bunk room with desk area, space for sleeping and books for reading. Focal Point Fireplace The home’s historic fireplace was reopened and repaired to create a functional and stylish focal point that gives the screened porch a sense of coziness. Pretty Patchwork Tiles The fireplace surround is covered in beautiful antique blue patchwork tiles.

“Each one looks totally hand-painted and like it was made from scratch but it’s actually not,” says designer Brian Patrick Flynn. “They’re gigantic tiles that look like mosaics.” Fireplace Firebox The 36-inch black fireplace firebox incudes a natural gas log set that creates a sense of warmth for the screened porch. Casual Poufs A pair of 100-percent cotton square polka dot poufs offer flexible seating that can easily be moved around the screened porch.

Unique Design Details Fresh Flowers A simple glass vase with fresh flowers decorates the top of the large and functional coffee table that can be used to rest a beverage or reading material. Reading Time A one-light steel pharmacy floor lamp with oil-rubbed bronze finish for durability offers direct lighting for leisurely reading on one of the screened porch sofas. Go Online The relaxed screened porch also offers the perfect spot to catch up on the latest news and market numbers.

Attractive Area Rug An indoor/outdoor area rug in navy and gray offers a durable cushioned surface and touch of pattern under the screened porch seating area. Fine Mesh Screens Fine mesh screens keep pesky bugs out but allow fresh air inside and views to be enjoyed. Must-Have Ceiling Fan A large 72-inch lightweight ceiling fan keeps the screened porch cool on warm days and nights.  Light and Airy Space The tall height of the restored historic fireplace and the vaulted ceiling bring the eye up and make the screened porch feel light and airy.

Connecting Areas Homey Feel This side view of the staircase highlights some of the new flowers and plants that brighten up and upgrade the back of the home. Relaxed Urban Vibe This view from the backyard looking towards the rear of this Craftsman home shows the screened porch with covered patio below, two stylish spaces that fit with the relaxed urban vibe of the updated property.

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