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The principal reason of latest laptop display savers is enjoyment and occasionally even, protection. Nevertheless, they had been to begin with designed to avert phosphor burn-in on plasma laptop or computer screens at the same time as CRT equipment. Display savers served to avoid these negative outcomes by quickly altering the pictures in the event the laptop was not getting used.

Let me explain to you of the brain boosting method I had stumbled upon following loading an incredibly large amount of visuals into My Pictures file, which was instantly hooked, most likely like your pc established up, to my display saver application. Immediately after sitting and looking at it one day, I observed how it spurred on my brain and amplified my spatial reasoning before creating sessions. It actually assisted and that i was shocked.

Warning: please refer to the video above for installation instructions. Although the video mentions the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the procedure is exactly the same. We very strongly recommend watching the video before you attempt installation.  Signature Dome Glass construction covers your entire display Far from only covering part of your display, the Dome Glass protector covers even the curved edges of the LG V30's glorious screen.

This means you can rest easy, reassured that your phone is safe from drops, knocks and life's trials and tribulations while this protector is applied. Full adhesive and ultraviolet light installation guarantees total protection This ultra-tough, form-fitting screen protector from Whitestone utilises an ingenious method of installation, which involves a clean, grippy adhesive and ultraviolet light "curing" for bonding.

Using the easy step-by-step guide video featured on this page, installing and securing the screen protector is a breeze - in no time at all, you'll have tough, resilient protection for every inch of your device's precious display. Even better, the Whitestone Dome Full Cover Glass Screen Protector features an additional adhesive tube, should you have any problems on your first application. 9H hardness for superior scratch and shock resistance Your phone is subjected to many dangers throughout the day - even if you take every precaution to keep your device safe, you could still accidentally scratch the screen with a key or coin while your phone is in a pocket, for example.

This screen protector is constructed from tempered glass with a 9H hardness, guaranteeing safety from life's rigours. Can be applied to a broken screen You may think there's no point in applying a screen protector to an already broken LG V30 screen - but repairs to your display can be costly, and you'll want to avoid further damage wherever possible. Due to the UV "curing" process and adhesive quality used in the installation of this protector, you can even apply Dome Glass to damaged or broken glass displays - halting any break in its tracks and ensuring protection from extra cracks or blemishes.

Oleophobic surface-coating provides fingerprint resistance With an oleophobic surface-coating, fingerprint marks will be greatly reduced so your beautifully clear screen can be viewed without visual distractions. Maintains perfect touch sensitivity You'll barely even notice the difference with this protector applied - although you certainly will if you drop or scratch the screen in any way. While the Dome Glass is on your screen, you can be sure of absolutely no change in the sensitivity of your screen, allowing you to talk, type and interact with your device just as you normally would.

Cuts blue light by 25% to protect your eyes With Dome Glass, your screen isn't the only thing that will enjoy increased protection. Your eyes will thank you due to Dome Glass's 25% reduction in harmful blue light emitted by your display - sleep easier at night and keep your vision healthy with Whitestone. Easy to remove The Whitestone Dome Full Cover Glass Screen Protector is very simple to remove should the occasion arise to change it in the future.

By carefully using your fingernail or a business card, you can remove the edges of the screen protector away from your display. Give the screen a little wipe and it will be as good as new. Key Details Part No Dome Glass LG V30 Colour Clear

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