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Mr Shield For Lenovo Yoga 3 pro [Will Not For Yoga 900] 13.3 inch Anti-Glare [Matte] Screen Protector [3-PACK] with Lifetime Replacement Warranty

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The primary intent of up to date laptop display screen savers is enjoyment and from time to time even, safety. On the other hand, they were being to begin with made to avert phosphor burn-in on plasma computer displays at the same time as CRT products. Monitor savers served to avoid these adverse effects by mechanically altering the images when the laptop or computer wasn't being used.

Let me inform you of the mind improving approach I'd stumbled on just after loading a really massive number of images into My Pictures file, which was mechanically hooked, perhaps like your pc set up, to my display screen saver system. Immediately after sitting down and seeing it in the future, I famous the way it spurred on my brain and increased my spatial reasoning prior to coming up with classes. It really assisted and that i was impressed.

× Lenovo Yoga 900 Screen Replacement Service Price: U$389.99 Close Lenovo Yoga 900 Screen Replacement Service $389.99 × Lenovo Yoga 900 Screen Replacement Part Only Price: U$299.99 Close Lenovo Yoga 900 Screen Replacement Part Only $299.99 Lenovo Yoga 900 Screen Replacement The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 900 screen replacement part that we sell includes a brand new LCD screen + Digitizer (Touch screen).

 Our parts also come with a No Dead Pixel Guarantee and a 6-month warranty. These are genuine new LCDs, not aftermarket or cloned products.This is the part needed when you break or crack your front glass, which includes the digitizer. In some cases you will just damage the digitizer and your LCD screen will be still visible and functional and you will not be able to use the touch functionality.

However, it is not possible to replace just the LCD as the Digitizer and LCD are one piece and cannot be separated. In order to perform this repair, you will need a prying tool and a heat gun to separate your old screen from the back casing because there is glue holding it in place. This makes it more difficult to separate than conventional screens with bezels. For this reason, we are pricing a slightly higher repair price for this screen replacement.

This repair is similar to the screen placement shown here. We will be uploading a how-to repair video for this screen on youtube, stay tuned!  The part number for this LCD Screen is LTN133YL05 5D10H54967.  Feel free to contact us with any specific questions regarding any of our repairs through our Contact Us form.

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