Laptop Stuck On Hp Logo Boot Screen

Picture of Laptop Stuck On Hp Logo Boot Screen

Hello!I actually believe I found the solution to this problem. You are correct that it only appears to happen after imaging, and only on computers with the new SecureStart feature. I was able to fix it on all three computers where it occured using the following steps. From what I can tell the issue stems from SureStart not being compatible with images that were created while "SecureBoot" is disabled within the BIOS.

On all the computers I had SecureBoot disabled and Legacy Support enabled so I could boot into a PE for imaging. 1) Open up the computer ***If the 850 is like the 840s, then beware because they hid a screw under the SD card slot 2) Disconnect the CMOS Battery, battery, and AC Adapter.  ***The unit should now POST/boot with just the AC Adapter attached 3) Press escape at startup to trigger boot options 4) Press F10 to enter the BIOS 5) Re-enable SecureBoot & disable Legacy Support (You can accomplish this also by setting the BIOS back to defaults) 6) Reatch the CMOS battery 7) Put the computer back together and you should be good to go! The above worked for me everytime in two seperate BIOS versions.

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Hello Ricardojerimie,  When turning your laptop on the screen just lights up blank with no actual images, is that correct? I will be happy to help you. Can you please provide the full make and model of the computer you have, If you are unsure where to locate that information have a look at this link for help if needed. Please respond back at your earliest convenience. Thanks Clicking the White Kudos star on the left is a way to say Thanks!Clicking the 'Accept as Solution' button is a way to let others know which steps helped solve the problem!

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