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12 Months Warranty ​Hassle free warranty, All screen came with 12 months Warranty, which does not include physical or water damage.  Battery and others will come with 180 days warranty.  Quality Parts make it big difference in Repair We do use the original quality parts in the market.  We might be a few dollars more than others, but it’s because we care about the quality and your satisfaction more than the price.

  In the long run, quality repair will definitely save you more. Trust us, we get a handful of nonqualified and unprofessional repairs everyday WE Care Our team is trained to do more than just fixing a particular issue as you asked.  We want to restore the device back to the original condition as much as possible.  For example, special tools are used on 95% of all the iPhones we do to adjust and align the dented corner or damage metal frame before we install a brand new screen.

 Most device shops can’t even tell it has been repaired before. We do more because WE CARE!

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316 575 7th AveFl 3New York City, NY 10018 (917) 668-2222 Yelp won't allow me to write a SECOND review so I am updating my previous review from 9/19/17 (OG review below update) 12/11/17 Update! So I have been back twice now and we need to add an EXTRA STAR to the review. Right before Thanksgiving my wife's phone was having major charging issues. Brought it in and they figured out quick that the battery was completely dead.

Replaced that with no issues, but over the following weeks her iPhone wasn't charging properly and then barely charged at all. Had to bring in again this past weekend (Yes, they are open Saturdays!) to the Grand Central location. Well, Jean & Jonathan saved the day. They saw that the charger port was still under warranty and swapped in a new port in a very short time. Thanks again, Guys!!!!! --------- OG 9/19/17 Review Only 5 Stars possible? Not enough! So I've had plenty of iPhone cracked screens and other issues, but THESE GUYS really knock it out of the park.

I had a cracked screen on my iPhone where I could barely navigate the apps and keyboard anymore. In addition, I was having difficulty charging the phone because the outlet was wonky. That and my headphone jack was always dying so I'd have to restart my phone to answer calls. For not much $, these fixed all 3 problems in less than an hour! plus I was told I had multiple warranties, one for each of the fixes.

Was so thrilled I told my wife who was taking her phone in for some similar issues (cracked screen, horrible navigation, charging issues) and they fixed her iPhone in no time flat for not much $. This is your best choice in NYC for solid iPhone repair and Peace Of Mind! So I came here again yesterday, waited a longer than normal and after it was all done was unhappy with my screen replacement. BUT.

I am honestly really impressed with this whole team. Multiple people reached out to remedy the situation. Offered services above and beyond what they're required to. So the issue was fixed and I am very happy with everything. Really excellent customer service! My screen replacement is top notch quality! Once again, the guys at iPhone Expert NYC saved the day. For 24 hours my phone was stuck @ the apple screen.

I tried a soft reset. A hard reset. Binged some Game of Thrones. Tried to act like I didn't care about not having a phone. Then came to terms and brought the phone to the guys. I wasn't hopeful, but they did it. I don't know what exactly, but they fixed it, saved all my data, and gave me a little update. Woot! Sigh. of. Relief. It's so nice to deal with a business who's practice it is to be courteous, fair, and meet high standards! Refreshing & a relief that these guys are around.

(Thanks, Andy!) A+++++++ I was so hesitant to fix my screen for the longest time-thinking I could wait til the new phone comes out... but my screen literally stopped working. I asked around for some recommendations, looked on yelp and found this place right by my office. The building is hidden under scaffolding at the moment. The shop is located on the third floor. There's a receptionist when you get off the elevator to the right - just have to let her know you're there to get your phone fixed and the engineer comes to get you.

Andy the senior engineer helped me - gave me a quick consultation on what repairs needed to be done on my phone; my LCD was also broken causing glares in the screen. After all was said and done, I sat outside for 20 minutes and then, IT WAS FIXED! It looked brand new, worked 100% - quick, easy, and painless. The price too was less expensive than other competitors I've seen/heard of. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone! Very happy with the repair of my screen! Best price in the city, which includes a 1 year warranty.

You really can't get that anywhere else. They know what they are doing. I highly recommend! Absolutely the best and half the price of the Apple Store. Great service! Brought in an iPhone 7 plus yesterday and they literally broke it. Phone took 12 minutes to turn on, none of the apps worked and the service was all messed up. Verizon did not take it for a swap in. These guys are not experts or professionals, go through Asurion.

Thank you so much for my phone repair! Fixed my screen(not only cracked but also changing colors and the touch was not working) but also gave me a great price and a phone screen for protection! Super sweet and done in twenty minutes(I think even 15)! Thanks! Great place. I dropped and smashed the screen on my iPhone. I walked in and waited, and it was fixed in less than 20 minutes - as good as new.

Really friendly people and great service. Oh and bottled water while you wait. Nice touch!! Recommended My screen broke on my SE. After reading reviews and experiencing them myself, I had to leave one of my own! The guy who helped me was really nice and I had to wait maybe 10 minutes for my phone. I paid in cash ($75) and he was so thoughtful to include the glass screen protector on my phone at no extra cost.

I would recommend this place to anyone in the city. Update: Once again, service was amazing and Andy gave me a discount for my second repair. My phone is good as new! Thanks Andy!!! Amazing, fast service. I have used these guys twice, and most recently for a cracked iPhone 6. They were quick and fast at responding. After my initial repair I had 2 other issues that could or couldn't have been related to the cracked screen, and they still repaired and replaced parts, free of charge after I contacted them.

I highly recommend and will continue to use iPhone Expert NYC! Phone was fixed in under a half hour. He waved the sales tax because I was able to pay cash. Phone is as good as new. Would definitely recommend! Brought in an iPhone with a cracked screen and huge black blobs of LCD fluid all over the display. 20 minutes, a new LCD display, and $109 later, my phone is like brand new, with a new tempered glass screen protector to boot.

Very happy with service and value. I had an amazing experience here! Customer service was amazing! Not only did my phone repair happen very quickly they provide a warranty, screen protector and case. Very reasonably priced. Another customer came in while I waited with a re-cracked screen protector blaming them. It was pretty obvious she broke the screen protector again but they handled it better than I've ever seen.

He had the patience of a saint even when she was not being very nice. They replaced her screen protector without a fuss I'll def be recommending them to any and everyone! The other Yelp reviews don't lie! Great, super fast service. They even threw in a screen protector. Thanks you guys! I was taken care of by an individual by the name of Andy. The entire service was nothing short of amazing ! Andy got my cracked iPhone 6s screen fixed within the matter of 20 minutes , while I hung out in the lounge by his office.

I had a glitch in my phone a couple days after. I brought my phone back and Andy took care of it with no hesitation and of course just as time efficient as the first fix. I had a pretty crappy case and Andy informed me it wouldn't protect my phone for long and provided me with a brand new one. Amazing ! If you're reading this Andy, you're customer service is on point ! And for that I will forever refer your services! .

.. did I mention we also receive a warranty that last 12 months !? You guys are the best ! I knew I had to come here when my bf shattered his screen and started carrying that shit around in a Ziploc bag and I wasn't having any of that. Plus, I needed a screen protector. We called several places, but they were quoting upwards of $130. Some of them even charged more than Apple did for screen replacements, which I thought was ridiculous.

A new phone seemed to be imminent at that rate until I heard about this place through a friend. Get the voucher, and check in to take advantage of their offers. My boyfriend got his screen replaced, got protectors for the both of us as well as a new case for him for $85. This was all done in about 10 minutes. Overall, highly recommended. Great response by Andy via the Yelp message feature. Came in at 5:15 with a cracked iPhone 6s screen left at 5:40 with a perfectly working phone.

Maybe my wife will now learn she does need he life proof case after all. Don't waste money at Apple, this place is legit. I had my iPhone 6 screen repaired here around 9 months ago. It was replaced quickly, and worked well. A couple weeks ago, the display started showing weird white streaks covering half the screen. I brought my phone back and they replaced the screen with a new one for free, without me even asking.

I definitely recommend them. Really wonderful experience having my iPhone screen fixed here! It took less than 30 minutes, and they even threw in a a free screen protector and case. Great customer service and super efficient. I've already recommended their services to all of my iPhone- clumsy friends and will definitely be back :)

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