Iphone 5s Home Button Not Working After Screen Replacement

Picture of Iphone 5s Home Button Not Working After Screen Replacement

Sometimes when i replace a digitizer, i will accidentally bent one of the home button contacts out of place... check the "metal prongs" coming out of the backside of the lcd/digitizer assembly, they should be straight and be sticking out enough so that they can touch the metal pads on the dock flex cable. Also i like to scrape the metal pads on the dock flex cable a little bit to get a better connection.

- you can test wether the problem is the dock cable or the home button by bridging the home button pads with a paper clip, while the screen lcd is plugged in you should see the iPhone act as if the home button was pressed if the dock connector/logic board is working fine. home button contact pads should be to the Right of the text "J3".

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agh. i was sweating bullets for a bit with this problem. ultimately, I touched the two gold prongs down by the lightning port, as stated above. i was touching only one, like a dummy, with the screwdriver. then, i got my head straight and realized i'm supposed to touch them simultaneously with the screwdriver. once I did this, the home button activated on the screen. i can't believe my phone is still operating.

. the screen had become unglued from the screen assembly, and overall my battery replacement was a messy sweaty nervous affair. thank goodness i stumbled on this fix.. which would be obvious for an electrician, but not for me.

Wilma Lawrence

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