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Screen recording on iOS isn’t a new feature by any means. There have been both official and unofficial ways of doing so for quite some time. The difference today is that iOS 11 is the first of Apple’s mobile operating systems to introduce screen recording as a built-in feature. We’re only in the first beta stages of iOS 11, so this feature could change or even be revoked before the final release, but it’s a great feature that has been a long time coming.

Let’s take a look at how you can enable screen recording on iOS 11, why you would want to, and some recording tips. Once enabled on your device, screen recording will simply be a swipe and tap away. Automate weight logging w/ Health and Siri Before iOS 11, users who wanted to screen record their iOS devices had to rely on hacks or QuickTime on a Mac to get the footage.

iOS 11 changes that by building in the screen recording functionality with a toggle in Control Center. The feature is a welcome addition to iOS as it opens the door for so much more on the device. With screen recording on iOS 11 you’ll be able to help family members with their application woes, record bugs to send to developers, or even create application walkthrough videos on the go. Enabling screen recording on iOS 11 Launch Settings, and select Control Center Scroll down in the list and add Screen Recording Close Settings (Click to expand image) Swipe-up from the bottom of the display to reveal Control Center Tap Screen Recording button to immediately begin recording (or 3D Touch to bring up menu) (Click to expand image) Screen recording tips Because screen recording on iOS 11 records everything you do, it’ll also capture those moments when you close Control Center or stop a recording.

To make your videos look a bit cleaner, be sure to trim the first and last few seconds of the video in the Photos app. iOS 11 Screen Recording Trimming Beginning and End of videos Another potential annoyance in screen recording will be push notifications. Turn on Do Not Disturb, or set your device into AirPlane Mode to put those on pause and stop visual interruptions in your recording. When you start a screen recording on your iOS device, it’ll also capture your current status bar.

That means low battery levels, and low-signal strength as well. If you want to go for a clean look of 100% battery and full signal, your best option is to plug it into your Mac. Follow the instructions listed here, as if you were going to record on your Mac, but start the recording from your iOS device instead. Using this approach will make iOS show your battery as 100%, full carrier signal, etc.

If you’re going through this much effort though, it might just be easier to record and edit after on your Mac. Clean Status Bar using QuickTime Note: There are some apps in the App Store that does this, but this is a free alternative method. On iOS 11 beta 1 screen recording only captures what’s on your display, not the sound coming from the application you’re looking at. You have the option to enable recording from the microphone though.

To do that, 3D Touch the screen recording toggle in Control Center and select Microphone Audio at the bottom of the view. iOS 11 Screen Recording Microphone Audio Why you would want to screen record on iOS The obvious benefit of screen recording on iOS is that you’ll be able to share what you see on-screen with others. Trying to figure out what’s “broken” in your family member’s Facebook app? Have them record the screen as they see the issue.

Trying to teach someone how to navigate through a list of menu items? Record a video of you, with microphone audio recording enabled, and walk them through it step by step. The benefits of screen recording on iOS 11 also means third-party apps will have to rethink privacy within their ephemeral content services. While not the company’s main directive, apps like Instagram and Snapchat might want to look into educating users on the changes that built-in screen recording will bring.

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By Monica Chin2017-09-22 15:46:53 UTC iOS 11 is finally available for everyone, and it promises a new look not only for our iPhones, but a whole bunch of new features. One of those is Screen Recording, where you can record a video of what you're doing onscreen. You can even narrate it, too. Here's how to record your screen with iOS 11:. 1. Add the feature to Control Center by going to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap the green button next to Screen Recording.

  Image: monica chin/mashable 2. To start a recording, pull up your Control Center by swiping upwards from the bottom of your screen. Once you've added it, the Screen Recording button will be in the bottom left corner.  Image: monica chin/mashable 3. When you start a recording, you'll see an option beneath the Start Recording button to turn Microphone Audio on or off. Tap the button to turn audio on before you start recording.

Image: monica chin/mashable 4. The microphone button will turn red when you record, indicating that audio is being captured. To end your video, press — you guessed it — Stop Recording. Image: monica chin/mashable 5. Screen recordings get saved on your Camera Roll, like everything else. Head to the Photos app to view and trim your recording. One thing the screen recording does is put a red strip in the status bar at the top of your screen, which is unavoidable since it serves to remind you the screen recording is active.

If you want to remove it, though, there are a few video cropping apps you can use, just be warned you'll also lose the status bar. Image: monica chin/mashable 6. Text, email, or Tweet your recording from your Camera Roll the same way you would a regular video. You can now brag to your friends about your iPhone prowess, and you'll have a recording to prove it.  Image: monica chin/mashable

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