Insignia Tv Troubleshooting Black Screen

Picture of Insignia Tv Troubleshooting Black Screen

Hello sheets and KDHALEY,Welcome to Community@Insignia™!I apologize for being kind of generic in my reply since I don't have model numbers to provide more specific information. From your descriptions it sounds like your TVs will both require repairs. If your TV is 37" or less, you may obtain service by carrying the TV in to the place of purchase. Remember to bring along your original receipt for warranty validation.

If your TV is larger than 37", please call or Product Support team to schedule a technician to visit your home. Repair costs depend upon the parts and labor required to complete the repair, so that information can only be provided after diagnostics are performed. If your TV is still within the warranty time frame, you should incur no cost for repairs. I hope this helps.Regards,JohnInsignia™ Support

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Question Why is my TV screen blank? Answer If you are not getting a picture on your TV screen, then the best course of action is to verify whether or not the TV is at fault. One easy way of doing this is by pressing the Menu or Input buttons on your remote. If either of those menus display on the screen then it is most likely a connection or setup issue. If the menus appear then it is possible that the TV is simply not on the proper input.

You should verify your connections and consult the manual for your TV, for a complete listing of inputs and the associated names in the input menu. If you can verify that the TV is on the proper inputs and that the connections are secure, then it is most probable that the source device is malfunctioning. The best way to test this is to either move the current connection to another input of the same type on the TV, or test another similar device in the same input.

If no devices work on any inputs then please contact Insignia support at (877) 467-4289 to discuss service options. If the menus do not appear when you press Menu or Input on your remote, then the next step is to power cycle the remote and try again.To power cycle the remote, remove the batteries, and while they are out press every button on the remote. After this is done, reinsert the batteries making sure to take note of the orientation of positive and negative.

If the menus still do not respond, you can also try replacing the batteries to ensure that they have sufficient charge.If after this the menus still do not respond then the best course of action is to contact Insignia support at (877) 467-4289 to discuss service options.

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