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It is always great to have a tool to record your screen, whether you want to create video tutorials, record your video conference, take a couple of screenshots, or show your friends something. However, one of the main issues with many freeware is that they come with watermarks. There’s nothing worse than recording a video and seeing a huge watermark somewhere on the screen, distracting you from the content you want to show your friends, family, or colleagues.

If you are just as fed up as the majority of people experiencing this issue, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will show you the five best free screen recorders with no watermark for you to capture your screen with ease. Free Screen Recorder Online Free Screen Recorder Online is a brilliant, browser-based free screen recorder without watermark from AceThinker. Once you have clicked the Start button, it will let you choose the region of the screen you wish to record or record the full screen with it.

It also allows for both video and audio to be recorded simultaneously, which is a huge plus for video tutorials. Along with these great features, this online tool also allows you to edit the videos, save them, or upload them straight to a number of different platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo, while also allowing you to add them to Google Drive and Dropbox. You can follow the steps below to record video with no watermark using this free app.

Step1 Launch Free Screen Recorder Online Click the “Start Recording” button located in the middle of the Free Online Screen Recorder page to launch the app. If this is you first time using the application, you will be prompted to click the “Download Launcher” button after the initial click. Go ahead and do this, as it does not pose a security issue. Once done, head back to the website and look for the Online Launcher prompt.

Use the “remember my choice for online launcher links” before clicking the launcher button. Step2 Configure the Recording Settings Now you can choose the settings you want before starting the recording. General: Besides being able to set the default output directory, you can also create keyboard shortcuts for functions that include start/stop recording, pause/resume recording, and show/hide toolbar.

Recording: There are a lot of different options to choose from that will help you get exactly what you want for your video. You can select formats, bitrate, quality, frame rate, mouse styles, and more. Click “OK” after choosing your settings. Once that is done, you can select the region you wish to capture, as well as an audio input source. The menu for audio input will give you the option of system sound, microphone, both, or neither.

Step3 Start to Record Your Screen Recording time is unlimited and pushing the red “REC” button gets it started. If you are unhappy with anything, click the “Pause” button followed by the “Cross” button. This will deliver a pop-up that give you the option to “Start Over” with a new recording. If you hit “Delete” instead, the program will be stopped and your current recording session will be deleted.

If any time you want to stop and save what you have recorded, hit the blue “Pause” button and the green “Check” mark beside the button. You can then preview your content using the built-in media player. Note: To use this free online screen recorder, you need to make sure that you have a stable and fast Internet connection so that the recording can be done smoothly. If you need to record while there is no Internet, you can turn to the desktop version – Screen Grabber Pro.

TinyTake TinyTake is another free no-watermark screen capture program that will allow anyone to record the computer screen and audio at the same time. This program offers the option of recording the full screen or a region that they choose along with the webcam. Similar to other free screen capture programs, it also allows users to add annotations to the screen recording. Although you can add more storage to the amount of space you receive with this product, you either have to pay for it or recommend a friend because this comes with only 2 GB of free storage.

This program also caps the video recording at ten minutes per video. Step1 Launch TinyTake and Start to Capture a Video Download and install Tinytake on your computer and then launch it. Note that it requires you to log in. If you don’t have a Tinytake account, you can register one using your email address. After that, you can use the CTRL + V keyboard shortcut or choose Capture Video from the menu to initiate the video recording.

Step2 Record and Save the Video The next step is to draw the region you want to show in the video and then click Start Recording to record your computer screen. When the recording is done, click Finish to stop it. If you wish to save or share the video, click the Save Icon or Save & Share. Clicking on the X will close the video without sharing. ActivePresenter Like other programs, Atomi offers a free version of a screen recorder called ActivePresenter.

If you want something minimalistic, this is the program for you. Unlike other free screen recording software without a watermark, this program does not offer as much, but it does have a paid program that offers much more. If you are looking for something to edit or add annotations with, then this is not the program for you. However, if you wish to capture your screen with relative ease and use the footage you recorded, then this would be a perfect program for you.

Step1 Select the Area for Capture You can choose to record the full screen or a certain region. If you select a custom dimension, you are free to set he position, and frame size to create a custom capture size. There are also many different preset sizes offered by ActivePresenter. If need be, you can lock in your chosen capture frame. Step2 Choose an Audio Input If you are doing audio narration, select the recording device and volume level.

Use the Record Audio Systems option if you want to record sound as you capture video. If you have unused apps that make noise, be sure to switch them off before recording, otherwise that sound will be picked up. Once you have everything set up the way you want it, click the “Start Recording” button to begin. Step3 Frame Capture When you click on the Start Recording button, a green capture frame will appear.

This should be used as a guide to let you know that everything inside the frame is being recorded. If you are unhappy with the settings, it’s easy to move the frame to your desired position. Step4 Complete the Recording When the recording is over, pressing CTRL + END will stop everything. Alternatively, clicking on the ActivePresenter icon and choosing STOP from the pop-up dialog will also complete the process.

Ezvid Ezvid is another screen capture program that is free of watermarks. It lets you record both the screen and audio at the same time. The free version of this product also has a much longer cap on recording than other free programs at 45 minutes per video. Along with this feature, the free version offers you the ability to annotate the videos in real-time, which is very useful when doing tutorials.

Unfortunately, this program allows for direct uploads to YouTube only, which could cause an issue if you prefer to use a platform other than YouTube. The program has very few customizable settings as well, which means you would possibly also need a video converter. Step1 Click Capture Screen to Start the Recording Download the latest Ezvid screen recorder and install it on your computer. Once installed, open it and click the Capture Screen icon to start recording your computer screen.

Step2 Stop and Save the Recording The recording will start in a few seconds. All the activities happening on your computer screen will be captured. When the recording is OK, click the Stop icon to end the recording and Ezvid will then process the video and reflect it on the timeline, where you can edit and preview the video. Icecream Screen Recorder Icecream Screen Recorder is one of the better free, no-watermark screen recording software.

This program not only allows for selected-region and full-screen recording but also for recording audio as well. Additionally, like the better free recorders, this program allows users to annotate videos in real-time. It also gives users the opportunity to take screenshots of the recording and add hotkey configuration. Some of the disadvantages of this program is that it does not allow the use of videos for commercial purposes, which could stop many people from using the software.

The program also allows only 5 minutes of recording per video, which isn’t enough for many people who plan to use this. Step1 Confirm the Settings Download and install Icecream Screen Recorder from its official website or any reliable downloading website. Launch it and click settings to set the video format, video capture path, audio source, hotkeys, etc. according to your screen recording needs.

Don’t forget to click Save Settings after your selection. Step2 Select the Recording Area On the main interface, click Capture Video and choose a recording mode from the drop-down list. As you see, you can either record in full screen, capture just a custom area, record around mouse, etc. Anyway, just select the one depending on what you need. Here we take Custom Area as an example: drag the mouse cursor to select the area that will be shown in the video.

Step3 Capture and Save the Video Now click the Rec button to start recording your screen. When you’re done with the recording, click the Stop button and name the file to save it to you local disc. Conclusion While all of the programs have their benefits, the free screen recorder from AceThinker offers the most for anyone who wants to do advanced screen recording. Everything it offers in the free version is superior to others.

If you are not computer savvy and want to keep it simple, then ActivePresenter is the one for you because of how simple it is to use and its minimalism. Either way, I advise you to download all of them and try them out to see which suits you best. It’s always great to have options when, and the fact these are all free gives you the chance to try them out and see which one is the best fit for you.

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The principal intent of contemporary laptop screen savers is enjoyment and at times even, protection. On the other hand, they were being to begin with created to avert phosphor burn-in on plasma personal computer monitors too as CRT gadgets. Monitor savers served to circumvent these unfavorable results by mechanically altering the pictures in the event the personal computer wasn't being used.

Allow me to notify you of the mind improving tactic I had stumbled on right after loading an exceedingly significant amount of visuals into My Pictures file, which was mechanically hooked, potentially like your laptop or computer established up, to my screen saver software. Immediately after sitting and looking at it at some point, I mentioned the way it spurred on my brain and elevated my spatial reasoning ahead of creating sessions. It genuinely served and i was shocked.

With a growing number of tasks that should be done on your computer, the number of helpful software is also increasing. There are free programs that you can use at no cost, as well as paid ones in which you pay for the licenses. However, if you’re a student or just on a budget, most likely you would like to save some money. In this case, giveaway websites will come to your rescue. Such resources offer licenses for the paid programs at no cost, and you can own a shareware program legally and for free.

The majority of giveaway offer you free or discounted licenses at certain terms. You can use the programs for free, however the updates and the tech support is not included for the giveaway versions of the programs. If you’re interested in this kind of deal, check out the list of 20 software giveaway websites we reviewed. # Title Our review 1 Softpedia Softpedia is a website that allows you to download all sorts of software, and it also has a giveaway section.

Softpedia doesn’t post the giveaways that often and they usually have a limited number of licenses they give out. 2 Giveaway of the Day Giveaway of the Day is probably the most popular resource among the giveaway websites. You can find Windows, Android, and iPhone program giveaways along with games. 3 SharewareOnSale SharewareOnSale is another mogul of the giveaway websites. There are programs for Windows and Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad, and games as well.

4 Windows Deal Windows Deal is a well-known software giveaway website that offers both a 100% discount and lesser discounts for the programs as well. Obviously, the website offers Windows programs only. 5 BitsDuJour BitsDuJour is a popular giveaway website that offers not only giveaways and discounts for Mac, Windows, and iOS programs, but free eBooks as well. There are exclusive deals along with the forum available on the website.

6 Giveaway Club Giveaway Club only offers Windows programs and games giveaways. Its major pro is that you can check out the upcoming deals and giveaways, which is very convenient. 7 This is a software download portal that has a giveaway section. It has various terms of receiving the license, e.g. you have to wait for a period of time, like their page, or log in to the account to use the offer.

8 MalwareTips Forum MalwareTips has a forum with a “Giveaway, Promotions and Contests” discussion board where you can find trusted deals and giveaway offers for the software. 9 Raymond.CC Raymond also has a forum with a corresponding board called “Freebies, Giveaways and Deals” that you can check out for the best offers for the programs. 10 TopSoftBargains Giveaways TopSoftBargains provides both discounts (30% and up) and giveaways of programs.

You can sort the deals by the type of software and select the giveaways only. 11 Giveaway Radar Giveaway Radar is a very convenient website that collects the most relevant giveaway offers from websites that offer such deals. 12 Freesharewares Freesharewares is a website that offers giveaways for the software once every 5-10 days. 13 Buzz99 Buzz99 is a giveaway website that also doesn’t post deals that often; however, there are some offers that might be interesting to you.

14 Geekiest.Net Geekiest.Net is a nice resource of daily deals and offers for Windows, Android, Windows Phones programs, and apps and games. 15 TopWareSale TopWareSale is a software giveaway website where you can find programs that are completely free, and the programs have impressive discounts as well. 16 Techno360 Techno360 offers software giveaway deals quite often. Make sure your AdBlock is off, though; otherwise you won’t be able to open the website.

17 Tickcoupon Giveaway Tickcoupon’s giveaway section provides coupon codes that offer discounts for programs, giveaway deals, and regular news from software developers regarding promos and deals. 18 TechTipLib TechTipLib is a great resource not only for giveaways of all sorts, but for various tech tips and tricks. The only con is that you have to like the website’s social accounts to use the giveaway offers.

19 Daily Software Giveaway Daily Software Giveaway turned out to be a website that posts discounts for software, but not the giveaways. Anyway, it might be useful when you’re looking for a deal for some programs. 20 UniqueFree UniqueFree is one of those software giveaway websites that require you to like their account to be able to enjoy the deals. However, there might be some good offers worthy of using.

Although the software giveaways might have their own terms or restrictions, it’s always nice to use some programs legally and at zero cost. If you’re looking for more ways to multiply your savings and pay less, check out our online shopping tips. Similiar Articles

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