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I'm a little confused. I don't belive this PC has HDMI ports. It has USB. Is your adapter a USB to VGA adapter? Have you tried running a Microsoft System Restore to role your PC settings back to before this started? ...an HP employee just trying to help where I can, but not speaking on behalf of HP.

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The main goal of up to date computer monitor savers is leisure and occasionally even, stability. Having said that, they were to begin with created to avert phosphor burn-in on plasma laptop or computer monitors also as CRT devices. Display screen savers aided to prevent these unfavorable results by routinely altering the pictures if the computer system wasn't getting used.

Allow me to explain to you of a brain boosting method I had stumbled on soon after loading a very large number of illustrations or photos into My Pictures file, which was mechanically hooked, perhaps like your laptop established up, to my screen saver software. Just after sitting and looking at it someday, I mentioned how it spurred on my mind and greater my spatial reasoning before planning classes. It seriously helped and i was astonished.

Hi All but particularly Hi to all HP SUPPORT AGENTS This problem is now solved but I will give some background here. I also state (HP marketing please take notice) thatI WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT!! I have 3 printers that were designed to fail, deliberately sabotaged by HP. I have this all-in-one, deliberately designed by HP to fail. I took my all-in-one to an HP service centre. They asured me (without even powering up the unit) that the problem was the mother board.

They gave me a repair price that was more than the cost of a brand new unit my queery "how do you know without looking" was answered by " happens often enough that we know" total BS!! and in this forum I expected better from HP support agents like mechpilot. It is iIntensley frustrating when a supposeddly knowledgeable individual from HP support cannot read the title and then point members in te wrong direction.

so to the power-on problem for HP Pavilion 23 All-in-One power light is o at thback where you plug in the power supply but nothing happens when you press the on switch at the side of the unit steps to follow to fix the problem 1 remove back cover 2 Ground yourself appropriately so you do not destroy something with static electricity 3 remove metal cover from the mother board 4 locate the swich on the edge of the mother board 5 loc ate solder points for the switch 6 short out the switch 7 test and reasembele PARTLY DISCHARGED iC THE CAUSE? DUNO! BUT THE SYMPTOMS POINTED TO A SWITHCH OR CLOSELY RELATED FUSE OR DIODE.

sounds risky? sure is! but what have you got to lose?? I had a useless pile of junk anyway. HP designed to fail. mY EXPERINCES lead me to the conclusion that HP is designing in delibarate fails via software as they do in their current crop of printers. to put a 2 cent swith that is the weakest and most likely to fail part on the mother board is a designed obsolesence feature. then be told "buya motherboard or buy a new computer" #$@%&*&%$#!!! n  AAARGH!!! F$%K HP.

F$%K HP. F$%K HP.

Wilma Lawrence

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