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Learn How To Screen Print With Catspit Productions, LLCStarting a Screen Printing Business Starting Your Own Screen Printing Business: Common Pitfalls One of the wondrous aspects of screen printing tee shirts is the wide attraction it has to all types of people. Many people around the world discover screen printing tee shirts and think about starting their own business. What most people don't understand is what it takes and how to get started.

Furthermore the learning curve that is involved is often discovered after the purchase of expensive equipment. But, starting your own tee shirt printing business is possible with the right equipment and knowledge. The first pitfall in starting your own screen printing business is thinking you can make any kind of custom printed garments with computer generated heat transfers. This is most often the starting place for people with limited funds to purchase equipment.

Many heat press vendors and suppliers make it look like you can do just about anything with heat transfers and the truth is there are many things that can be decorated with heat transfers. And many people have successful businesses selling heat transferred products. The catch is knowing what works well with heat transferring. But the most important thing to know about computer generated heat transfers is that they do not work well on dark garments.

To learn more about this, please read the article; Can You Start A Custom Printed Apparel Business With Heat Transfers?". You may also learn all about the different kinds of heat transfers here; Transfer Articles. The second pitfall to starting your own screen printing business is buying a start up package without understanding the learning curve involved with screen printing garments. Thousands of people buy start up kits with the promise of being able to generate extra income from home in their spare time.

It is true that many screen printing businesses start this way. But it is also a fact that most of those start up kits end up lying dormant in storage. You can find a lot of used equipment like this available for sale. It is important to understand that learning how to screen print tee shirts takes more than just good equipment. It takes skills and knowledge that cannot be learned overnight. There are many different facets to screen printing and each particular product may require certain knowledge in order to print correctly.

Knowing what types of inks to use on different garments is very important and even knowing how to achieve special effects can be necessary. And we are just talking about the screen printing part of the process here. You must remember there is design and artwork involved too. This is the third pitfall in starting to screen print. Creating artwork for screen printing is different from other types of printing and if your art is not set up correctly; you will have a very difficult time achieving the look you want in your printing.

Artwork can make or break you in screen printing. Incorrect set up in art can waste labor time as well as consumables. In the end it also will produce an inferior print. So understanding how to create your art for film positives and screen making is absolutely critical. In fact learning about artwork for screen printing is in itself an entirely different subject and must be learned alongside the actual screen printing skills needed to print tee shirts.

Once you understand what you are getting into, you have to take the time to decide what your ultimate end goals are. This could be like creating a business plan, which is recommended. But this business plan is related to you in that you have to decide what kind of custom printing service you wish to offer your customers and how far are you willing to go with the business endeavor. Printing tee shirts takes al lot of manual labor and time.

You have to be prepared to work hard and stick with it. It also takes a decent amount of equipment to be able to work efficiently and produce quality printed products. By knowing what you wish to accomplish business wise and physically produce, you will be better able to purchase your equipment without wasting money. This leads us to another consideration often overlooked by beginners. The equipment needed for commercial screen printing requires a good amount of space and may even need special electrical, waste disposal and ventilation accommodations.

Screen printing tee shirts is considered a semi industrial business in most cities. It is important to research zoning laws as well as environmental regulations for the physical location of your printing. It is also recommended to allow enough space not only for the safe and efficient operation of the equipment but for the sorting and processing of garments to be printed. You would be surprised about how much space hoodies can take up in the shop! After you have all the aforementioned issues sorted out, you will need to consider how to promote your screen printing business in your area.

Many people have the fortune of starting out with a niche or a preexisting social network which enables them to get a good start with promoting their business by word of mouth. Word of mouth is a big part of getting additional business therefore it is an absolute must to produce a high quality product at a competitive price. If you have such a social network to take advantage of, then you are in a good position to offer custom printed goods with minimal investments in advertising or marketing.

You may even be able to build your business right in your garage. For those of you who are less fortunate in the social networking area, marketing and advertising may be a necessary part of your business budget. Visibility is also an important tool to be used in promoting your screen printing business. A lot of the time people come into a screen printing store on a whim. Having a good location for a storefront can be valuable.

But it also can be a down fall if your overhead is too high. You don't want to be printing shirts just to make equipment financing and rental payments. It is easy to see that there are many things to consider altogether in order to start a screen printing business. You have to balance financial budgets with business goals and provide numerous supporting skills to make things function. Hard work, dedication and perseverance are all a must.

Like many businesses, this one will not become successful overnight. Unless you have a stroke of luck, which is possible. BACK TO SCREEN PRINTING ARTICLE ARCHIVE PAGE

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How much Money can you make in a screen printing business? At least $100,000 a year. You can usually print at least 180 shirts per hour and because the Trooper is an automatic press, you can print 180 - 6 color shirts an hour. An average price for a 1 color print on a 100% cotton t-shirt ranges from $5.50 to $9.00 depending on the number of shirts in the order and you charge much more for a 6 color shirt.

An order for 72 shirts would take less than 25 minutes to print and you would charge at least $8.00 per shirt for 6 colors or $576.00. $144.00 72 shirts would cost about $2.00 each when you buy in dozens. $ 21.00 Screen making materials average about 3.50 per screen. $ 3.60 Calculate ink cost at $.05 per shirt $ 1.00 Lights and electricity $169.60 Total cost of materials. It will also take you about an hour to make a screen, and only a little longer to make more screens.

You charge $576.00 minus the materials cost ($169.60) and you pay yourself $402.40 for a job that takes less than 2 hours to produce.  One job like this per day and you're making $100,000+ a year. How much does it cost to start a screen printing business? The short answer is about $10 per day or just $212 per month. For the cost of an average car payment, here is a machine that actually makes you money when you run it! A 5 year bank loan for $10,000 at 10% interest only costs $212.

47 per month - much less than another employee. That's only $10 per day to be able to print at least 100 - 6 color shirts an hour. Even if you only print 212 shirts per month and only make a dollar a shirt, it's smart business to go automatic. What are you waiting for? Your banker will understand the return on investment. What is the average cost of running a screen printing business? T-Shirts Wholesale cost for shirts is about $24.

00 per doz. for 100% heavy weight white cotton t-shirts. Price varies depending on how many you buy at a time. Silk Screens Pre-stretched screens cost about $25. You can change the images and use the screen over and over again. It is very reasonable to reuse a screen more than 20 times Silk Screen Making You will use about $1.50 worth of materials to make a screen. Screen making goes faster if you prepare screens ahead of time so they are ready-to-expose when a suprise job arrives.

The most time consuming part of making screens is waiting for them to dry. Screen Printing Ink You will get thousands of prints from a gallon of ink, but we suggest calculating costs at $.05 per shirt. Business Utilities Electricity, Shop space, Lights, Heat should be calculated and added for the space you use. Time & Labor It does take time to make screens and print a job. If you clean, reclaim or coat several screens at a time, you are more productive.

Assuming you have ready to expose screens on the shelf, you can expose and prepare a screen for printing in less than an hour. What are the benefits of owning screen printing business? Everybody loves t-shirts and there is strong market for small jobs big companies don't want. You can print in a very small space, and earn hundreds of dollars an hour right in your own home. As a middleman, you only order and print what the customer has actually ordered.

Carry little or no inventory - Local distributor can deliver blank shirts in 1 day. Brand name shirts add recognition to what you sell. Tax benefits can help reduce your taxes, even as you make more money. How to market a screen printing business? Every person you meet is now a potential customer. You must reach these people and get them to buy. You must identify anyone else selling a similar product.

You must make the service that comes with your product different & have more value. Don't worry that your new business is not unique - buyers are looking for screen printers. Every person in town needs to know that you can print on: GARMENTS T-Shirts Fleece Jackets Golf Shirts Uniforms Aprons Caps Heat Transfers Bandanas Sweatbands UNUSUAL MATERIALS Athletic Bags Can wraps Horse blankets Seat Cushions Ties Tote Bags Towels Umbrellas FLAT MATERIALS Binders Bumper Stickers Corrugated Boxes Frisbees Key Chains Mugs Mirrors Name tags Notebooks Pens Political Posters Real Estate Signs Get out a calendar and list EVERY event and holiday you can think of - so you can be ready and ahead of time to sell and take orders for screen printing.

Get your shirt and design ideas ready to sell. SPECIAL EVENTS Church Functions Class Trips Concerts Conventions Craft Fairs Ethnic Festivals Flea Markets Fund-Raisers Open House Parades Parties Picnics Political Campaigns Radio & TV Promotions Running Marathons HOLIDAYS Cinco de Mayo Company Anniversaries Earth Day Father's Day Flag Day Fourth of July Halloween Landmark Birthdays Mother's Day Saint Patrick's Day Thanksgiving Valentines Day Veterans Day Wedding Anniversaries Xmas List every sporting season that will need uniforms and team support items like t-shirt, caps and pennants.

Sports teams always wait until the last minute and have trouble organizing sizes, printed images and how team members will pay. You organize it ahead of time, deliver on time and you will get the order now and in years to come. SPORTS TEAMS Basketball Baseball Bowling Cheerleaders Double Dutch Football Gymnastics Intramural Teams Little League School Sports Soccer Softball Volleyball CLUBS Boys Clubs Car clubs Churches Country Clubs Kawanis Clubs Lions Clubs Marching Band Motorcycle clubs Rotary Clubs Sailing Clubs School Clubs Scouts Ski Clubs BUSINESSES Car Dealers Cycling Shops Fire Depts.

Freight Gift Shops Hotels/Motels Lawn Maintenance Military Musical Groups Restaurants Retailers Home Improvement Unions Utilities Hand tag every shirt with a business card that guarantees quality. That card will eventually get into the hands of buyers.

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