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Enter to Win. A $25 gift certificate is awarded for every 100 likes. There are 2 ways to measure for your door.The third is for prehung door units Exact Door Size: If your door opening is square and you are certain of the exact size of the door you need to accommodate your opening, you can simply supply us with the height and width measurements of the door size you want below. Keep in mind that your doors will be made exactly to this size with no subtractions from the height or width.

Finished Opening size: If you have an older home in which the threshold or door opening may be out of square, you need to take the measurement of the finished opening. From the exact position where the door will be hung within the jamb take the following 4 measurements shown by the chart below. Your door will be made approximately ¼" smaller on both the width and height of these measurements which will minimize the amount of trimming (if any) you or your builder will have to perform during installation.

Your Door Opening: There are four simple measurements to be taken:To determine the size of your door you will need to measure the opening into which the door will go from wood frame to wood frame by taking four simple measurements illustrated in the Door Chart. A - B  ____ C - D  ____ E - F  ____ G - H  ____ Rough Opening Size: For pre-hung doors and entire entrance units requiring a jambs or frames, we need the measurements of your rough opening.

Rough opening measurements are taken from the inside of the framing lumber, both horizontally and vertically. It is easiest to do this when there is no door installed. If a pre-hung door or entrance unit occupies the current rough opening and is being replaced, the rough opening measurement can also be taken by removing any necessary moldings which may be preventing one from seeing the actual lumber frame surrounding the door.

Measuring for arch and round top screen doors is more involved than with standard screen doors. First take your standard width measurement. Then you must measure your height from the bottom up to the beginning of the arch (Height A). Then measure the height from the bottom to the peak of the arch in the very middle (Height B). Radius: If you know the radius please tell us. If not don't worry, the radius can be derived from your measurements.

Some situations may require you to send a pattern. A - Outside width of brick molding / trim.B - Width of brick molding.C - Exact height of inside opening from the sill to inside of brick molding.

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Enter to Win. A $25 gift certificate is awarded for every 100 likes. Vintage Doors screen doors feature a removable screen insert which can be replaced by an optional tempered glass or Plexiglas storm insert to help you to keep out old man winter and making it a snap to stain or paint your door. Screen and storm inserts are only visible from the interior view of the screen door. Both inserts are cased with a ¾ aluminum frame (white or bronze).

Inserts are housed within a separate ¾ wooden framework/decorative molding which surround the perimeter of the door's openings. This is the wooden area to the right of the white or bronze frame shown in the photos to the right. The screen or storm is sandwiched into this housing by several small flush clips as shown in both photos on the right. Screen & Storm inserts are made with your choice of a white or bronze frame - shown above.

Screen/storm doors feature a one piece insert on the inside of the door itself. Oversized doors may require a two piece, split set-up. Even if your door size does not require it, you may opt to have a two piece set-up for a small fee. A two piece screen/storm set-up is ideal if you have pets that may rip or scratch the screen or for kids who may push on the screen itself. If a replacement is needed, only one out of the two inserts will need to be replaced, rather than the entire insert for a one piece set-up.

Standard One Piece Set-up Optional Two Piece Set-up Outside view (left); Inside view (right) Easy Removal and Installation of Screen and Storm Inserts PVC Cloth Screen Metal Wire Screen Tempered Glass Storm Inserts Plexiglas Storm Inserts $125 for doors up to 36" x 84" $125 - $145 for oversized doors depending on size two piece storm prices may vary $125 for doors up to 36" x 84" Not available for some oversized doors.

Clear Tempered Glass or Plexiglas is standard. Clear Clear Beveled Beveled Glue Chip Custom Etched Acid Etched Low E Tempered Glass V-Grooved Storm Insert Designs Mt Bryce Mt Dawson Mt Findlay Mt Holmes Mt Ida Mt Julian Mt Revelstoke Mt Robson Mt St Nicholas Mt Steeke Mt Teare Fixed Glass Options (non removable) Pattern glass is not an option with our removable storm inserts but is an option that can be permanently installed and makes for a very unique and elegant pantry door in your kitchen.

See All Permament Installation Glass Options Twilight Screen DoorTempered Glass Storm Insert Installed

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