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Perhaps it happened when you plugged in or detached an external monitor. Maybe you just hit the wrong key somehow, but now your Windows desktop is sideways, positioned in portrait mode while your screen is in landscape (horizontal) view. You can't even read the text without tilting your head or turning your display on its side.  Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to fix a sideways screen in Windows; these methods work in Windows 7, 8 and 10.

  Rotate Screen with a Keyboard Shortcut Hit CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow and your Windows desktop should return to landscape mode. You can rotate the screen to portrait or upside-down landscape, by hitting CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow, Right Arrow or Down arrow. Fix Sideways Screen With Display Settings Menu If, for some reason, the shortcut keys don't work (and they should), try this method. 1. Right click on the desktop and selct Display settings.

2. Choose a screen to fix if you have multiple monitors attached. Skip this step if you have only one. 3. Select Landscape from the orientation menu. 4. Click Apply (or OK) 5. Click Keep Changes when prompted. Windows 10 Annoyances and Problems Windows 10 Annoyances and Problems Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director The official Geeks Geek, as his weekly column is titled, Avram Piltch has guided the editorial and production of Laptopmag.

com since 2007. With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of LAPTOP's real-world benchmarks, including the LAPTOP Battery Test. He holds a master’s degree in English from NYU. Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director on

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OMG!!!  Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!  I was talking on the phone, holding my Kindle Fire and had my laptop in my lap.  The Kindle dropped out of my hands and when I looked up - everything was UPSIDE DOWN on my computer screen.  I panicked!!!  thinking "OMG, what have I done, now?!?"  It took me a few tries to get to this site - but once I did, my problem was solved!!!  Thanks, again.

Wilma Lawrence

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