How To Fix Black Spot On Lcd Screen

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Justin5609Sep 29, 2013, 3:46 PM A friend of mine asked me to check out this problem with her laptop screen, I'm assuming it's a large amount of dead pixels from some sort of physical damage? Anyway to fix this or does the screen next to be replaced?

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Ok.... look. I am working on a PhD in Robotics and hold an MS in electrical engineering. These spots will go away, but only after many on/off + rgb + bl cycles UNLESS the screen is cracked. Electrons displace themselves from each other. At some point, something got squished. My advice, use your device SPARINGLY but DO USE IT. Turn on the display at least once a day, no more than a dozen, for a few weeks.

If the spots are growing, you may have a seal problem preventing the screen aligning itself. If they are EXACTLY the same. New screen bezel, sorry. Finally, NEVER .... never never EVER let the device completely discharge. Connecting power after that is kind of kicking the problem in the teeth.

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