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iPhone X owners who smash their screen will have to pay almost twice as much to repair it compared to other models. Apple has revealed it will charge £286.44 to repair an iPhone X that isn’t covered by a warranty. This marks a sharp increase from the next most expensive models to repair, such as the iPhones 8, 7 and 6 Plus, which cost £176.44. The cheapest models to repair are the iPhones 6 and SE at £136.

44. The flagship iPhone X, which went on pre-order today, is the most expensive phone Apple has made, with prices starting at £999 and going up to £1,149 for the higher spec model. Demand for the new phone has been high with the wait for delivery rising to around six weekswithin minutes of the pre-orders opening. Key features | iPhone X The X is the first iPhone to have an edge-to-edge 5.

8" 'Super Retina' screen and Apple has reportedly struggled with supply shortages for the new OLED screens.  UK customers are also facing considerably higher costs to repair their iPhone X screens than owners in the US, where it will be $279 (£212). Apple is yet to respond to a request for comment from the Telegraph over the difference in screen repair costs. In the past the company has cited foreign exchange rates, distribution costs and taxes as reasons for higher UK prices.

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I Want Cheap iPhone Screen Repair, Can’t you Help? To touch upon the previously mentioned statement, we can certainly help you get cheap iPhone screen repairs, you just have to be willing to do more of the work yourself. We could even supply you with the parts. The tools to repair screens, however, may be a bit harder to come by. If you check on the internet for screen repair kits you’ll see a broad range of products.

Quality is a factor, so please don’t let price be the only thing that drives your decision. Sure, cheap iPhone screen repairs would be amazing, but what we sacrifice in professionalism can end up costing more money in the long run. Just like you are certainly capable of changing the oil in your vehicle, sometimes the convenience of a trained mechanic can save you time and money, even in the short term.

The same is true for iPhone screen repair services. Let us save you time and money, so by that token, maybe we are the way to go for cheap screen repair 🙂 Cheers.

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