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  NOTE: All Standard Colors are suitable for Outdoor Use Fluroescent Colors are for Indoor Use Only Fluroescent Colors will fade if Used Outdoors Colors will vary depending on the percentage of Colored Concentrate or Pigment added and  the Photoluminescent Base Ink Color Used Consult Technical Data and Material Data Sheets prior to using any Allureglow USA Products For Technical Assistance Call (888) 493-4569 Below are various examples of Screen Printing done with the Allureglow USA System, utilizing different colors, types of inks and mesh sizes Yo Dude Printed with Allureglow USA  Discharge Ink 110 Mesh Angry Birds printed with Allureglow USA Plastisol Ink 160 Mesh WestCoast Customs Shirt printed with Alluregow USA Discharge Ink 110 Mesh      The above shirts were printed with Allureglow USA Softhand Plastisol Ink using 160 Mesh The above shirts were printed with Allureglow USA Discharge Ink using 110 Mesh       The above Shirts were printed with  Allureglow USA Phthalate Free Plastisol Ink and  Allureglow USA CPM-7000 Black Concentrate using 110 Mesh Yes your eyes are correct, the Ink is Black  in daylight and Glows Green or Aqua in the Dark.

  The same color can be done in any of our Allureglow USA Inks The Motorcross Jersey Below is the same Allureglow USA Phthalate Free Plastisol Ink and Allureglow USA CPM-7000 Black Color Concentrate and CPM 1000 White Color Concentrate along with our Allureglow USA A9-2045-S Aqua Glow Pigment.  The Glow Intensity is the Highest and Longest of any in the Industry   

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The primary intent of latest pc display savers is amusement and from time to time even, protection. Having said that, they have been at first built to avert phosphor burn-in on plasma computer screens too as CRT products. Display savers aided to prevent these unfavorable outcomes by quickly altering the photographs in the event the personal computer was not being used.

Allow me to convey to you of the mind boosting approach I had stumbled on soon after loading a really huge number of illustrations or photos into My Pictures file, which was instantly hooked, probably like your laptop established up, to my screen saver application. Right after sitting and seeing it at some point, I famous the way it spurred on my brain and greater my spatial reasoning before creating periods. It genuinely helped and that i was shocked.

717 Ultimate Black (Formerly know as "Jet Black") is a non-phthalate, high pigment, fast flashing, low tack, high performance, plastisol screen printing ink. It provides a deep black color that is very creamy, short bodied and is easy to print on automatic or manual presses. 717 Ultimate Black achieves excellent penetration into fabrics when printing through fine mesh counts.717 Ultimate Black was formulated to make printing opaque black easy, so hard printing is less tiring. The result is...

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If you’re prepared to personalize your desktop or monitor saver, or are prepared on a regular basis than the usual photo wallpaper, a awesome screen saver is perfect for you.