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In this buying guide we’ll explain why you need a screen protector for the Galaxy Note 8 and share a list of the best screen protectors available. A good glass protector can keep your screen scratch free and the phone looking nice and new. With a big 6.3-inch curved glass display a screen protector is probably a good idea. Samsung’s phone is durable, but it’s far from scratch-proof. Not to mention the curved edge can easily get damaged.

That’s why we recommend getting a quality screen protector for your phone. Read: 25 Best Galaxy Note 8 Cases There are several styles of Note 8 screen protectors to choose from. Some are cheap films while others are expensive tempered glass. We’ve found some priced under $8, and others for $12, which is much cheaper than the $200 plus it will cost to replace a damaged display. High-end reputable brands have more expensive options that cost upwards of $50.

Galaxy Note 8 screen protector When it comes to buying a screen protector for devices with a curved screen, like the Galaxy Note 8, we recommend reading reviews first. That’s because some don’t seem to fit the curve perfectly. Resulting in a less than ideal user experience. Now that the phone is a few months old we have a better idea of what works, and what doesn’t. As a result, we’ve gathered a list of Galaxy Note 8 screen protectors from brands we know, use and trust.

Ones that fit right, and keep the screen safe. Read: 10 Things the Galaxy Note 8 Can Do We recommend investing in a screen protector to keep the big 6.3-inch screen safe on your $950 smartphone. Even spending $7-8 on a cheap film is better than nothing, especially if you don’t keep it in a case. The more expensive models use reinforced and tempered glass. Tempered glass is both scratch and shatter resistant.

Even if you buy a case, we still suggest getting a screen protector. That’s because a case won’t protect your phone in a purse or pocket full of keys, or from life’s daily hazards. As more companies release protection we’ll add them to this list. For now, consider popular brands like GLEP, Spigen, or ZAGG’s InvisibleShield from our roundup below. Spigen NeoFlex 2-Pack Spigen was one of the first companies to offer durable tempered glass screen protectors.

However, what we're recommending today isn't made from glass. Instead, our choice is the NeoFlex film from Spigen. They're a trusted brand, and you'll get two in case you need an extra.  Some screen protectors don't apply right on curved screens like the Galaxy Note 8, and the touch response has issues or the protector won't stay on. As a result, Spigen went back to older (and cheaper) films, but these still offer plenty of protection.

  The NeoFlex film can absorb impact from drops and other situations and is highly scratch resistant. And while it may not save the screen from a huge fall, it will keep it scratch-free.  Spigen promises a bubble-free, rainbow-free easy installation using a wet application method. It also claims 99.9% clarity, and works even with a case installed. Give it a try today.  Buy it on Amazon for $7.99 (2-Pack)

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What are the best screen protectors for keeping my Galaxy Note 8 scratch-free? The Galaxy Note 8 is a pretty marvelous phone. With a slightly larger screen than the Galaxy S8 Plus, it's the largest Samsung phone of 2017... and also the most expensive. You're definitely going to want to keep that screen in pristine condition. More often than not your best choice for a screen protector is a tempered glass option, but phones with curved edges like the Note 8 can cause issues.

Several users in the Galaxy Note 8 forum have reported adhesion issues with some of the tempered screen protectors here. Others have complained that both tempered glass and film screen protectors drastically change the feel of using the S-Pen. It's all a matter of trying out a few different styles and seeing what works best for you and the other accessories you may have. Lets dive in! Whitestone Dome Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector This one was recommended by a contingent in the Note 8 forums and was a popular option for the Galaxy S8.

The Whitestone Dome Glass uses a special UV machine (included) and a liquid adhesive during installation that manages to achieve full-screen adhesion where other screen protectors might only adhere around the edges. It's a premium option all around that's compatible with more rigid cases or ones that don't touch the front glass at all. It goes on crystal clear and shouldn't affect your touch sensitivity at all.

Most importantly it's tough enough to take the abuse of a drop so your phone's screen doesn't. It's a $45 accessory, but it comes with that little UV machine for installing it and is arguably your best bet if you're serious about protecting your Note 8 above all else. See at Amazon BodyGuardz Pure Arc Tempered Glass Screen Protector Another quality tempered glass option comes from BodyGuardz. This one was recommended in the forums as the brand has a solid track record for making tempered glass screen protectors for curved screens.

The adhesive is around the edges of the screen protector, so you'll need to make sure to apply pressure around the edges and not the center. The kit comes with a cleaning cloth for the screen and installation instructions. It'll work with BodyGuardz cases and OtterBoxes, but you'll want to be careful testing other makes. This is a premium $40 product that's backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee along with a 30-day money back guarantee, so it's a great option if you're on the fence about tempered glass screen protectors.

See at BodyGuardz amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 8 Tempered glass is typically your best bet for a screen protector, but the curved edges of most new phones make it difficult for accessory makers to deliver full edge-to-edge protection. amFilm has a tempered glass solution which uses slightly curved slabs to achieve the perfect fit for the Note 8. You receive everything you need for a clean and accurate installation, including an installation guide tray along with the prerequisite wet/dry wipes and dust removal stickers.

The adhesive portion of the screen protector is around the edges with a dot matrix on the display itself which helps maintain the touch sensitivity so you can use your finger or S-Pen flawlessly. You can order this kit for just $13 and be one of the first to get this screen protector kit when it starts shipping on Sept. 6. See at Amazon Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector for the Galaxy Note 8 [2-pack] Spigen typically offers a quality line of tempered glass screen protectors for the latest flagship phones, but for the Note 8 they've opted for a flexible screen protector made of TPU.

It's a wet installation here, which typically guarantees reliable adhesion without any bubbles or that dreaded halo or rainbow effect. Spigen gives you everything you need for a perfect installation — a dust removal sticker, the solution spray, a silicone squeeze card. You also get two screen protectors which is especially important with non-tempered glass screen protectors that are more prone to collecting scratches.

Let the NeoFlex take the daily abuse and wear and tear so your Note 8 screen does not, then replace it with the back up when it's time for a fresh one. If you have any issues with the installation process or the quality of the screen, Spigen offers a lifetime warranty on its products so reach out to them and they'll gladly send out a new one. As you'd expect, these $9 screen protectors are case friendly, and Spigen actually recommends installing them with your case on the phone for the best fit.

See at Amazon LK Flexible TPU Screen Protectors for Galaxy Note 8 [3-pack] LK offers the best value with a 3-pack of screen protectors made of TPU and PET materials for just $8. It's a dry installation here, so there's no need to mess with messy spray. They are case-compatible and easy to install if you follow the included instructions. LK (which stands for Lightning Knight) backs their products with a lifetime warranty and no-hassle replacements which is super rad.

While other screen protectors have a big cutout around the top for the front-facing camera and ear speaker, LK has opted for precise cutouts around each which should help you when lining things up. If you mess up, simply try again with one of the included spares — that's the benefit of buying your screen protectors in bulk. See at Amazon IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector If your biggest pet peeves with screen protectors is that they don't provide full screen protection and they're too tricky to install perfectly, you'll want to check out the IQ Shield LiQuidSkin screen protector for the Note 8.

This is a flexible film screen protector that only leaves a fraction of a millimeter gap around the edge of the screen. It's a wet-install method which is a little more involved than other film options, but if you spend the time and get it right using the included installation guide you should be left with outstanding scratch protection for your phone. IQ Shield backs all their products with a lifetime replacement warranty and guarantees that you'll be satisfied with their product.

Available for just $8, you really don't have much to lose here. See at Amazon Do you go naked? Protecting an expensive new phone makes sense to us, but we always hear from those who swear they don't need a screen protector. Got any near-miss stories? Ever had a screen protector saved the day on a nasty drop? We want know in the comments! Update, December 29: Added the IQ LiQuidSkin to our list, and updated the pricing information across all these great options.

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